International students

international students

We understand living and studying in Australia as an international student can be an exciting but also challenging experience. You can choose to live on campus in accommodation provided by the university or off campus. If you choose to live off campus, we can help you by providing advice on accommodation styles, rental tips and more.

We are passionate about creating a sense of community for our students - it is at the heart of our vision. Community means belonging, diversity, support, safety and friendships. Our community is made up of students from across Australia and around the world.  We are home to over 70 nationalities.

One of the wonderful aspects of being an international student living on campus is that you will be exposed to other residents with a huge variety of cultural and social experiences. A significant number of our students come from around the world on an exchange or study abroad program for six months to a year.

Students transferring their degree from Monash University Malaysia can also choose on-campus accommodation.

We offer a range of on-campus accommodation options across many campuses, providing you with a convenient, safe and enjoyable living environment. Currently, we provide on-campus accommodation at our Clayton and Peninsula campuses - although many of our Caulfield students live on campus at Clayton and use the free Monash inter-campus shuttle bus service.

The secure living environment is supported by a 24-hour Monash security presence and close proximity to campus facilities ensures each resident has easy access to classes, libraries and the vibrant life of Monash University.

Our pricing is highly competitive compared with the external rental market, as all bedrooms are fully furnished with all utilities and internet included.

Every on-campus residence has a long list of activities to help you make new friends, stay connected, form study groups and achieve academic outcomes. The friends you make in residence may become life-long connections and networks.

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