Diversity and inclusion framework

Monash University recognises diversity to be one of our greatest assets. Where you Belong is a strategic planning document that will position MRS in diversity and inclusion best practice and ensure that both our staff and residents make a positive impact not only during their time with us, but in their future endeavours too.

Who we are
15 Communities
- 7 Urban Community
- 8 Residential Village

- Webinars for prospective overseas students


Living Options
- Studio apartments
- Traditional Halls
- Shared houses/flats

Off-campus support
For students and staff at:
- Alfred
- Caulfield
- Clayton
- Parkville
- Peninsula

In Hall
Residential Support Staff

Accessible accommodation
Accommodation options for on and off-campus students

Growing and learning

We prioritise this by:

  • Providing extensive training opportunities to staff, student leaders and residents
  • Facilitating community building programs
  • Implementing Gender Equality campaigns
  • Live in Residential Support teams providing 24/7 support
  • Events and hall programs that celebrate history, culture and diversity
The way we work

We prioritise this by:

  • Providing a resident focus approach to service delivery
  • Ensuring our processes and procedures are transparent and equitable
  • Assisting residents with off campus accommodation and tenancy advice
  • Training our staff and student leaders in diversity and inclusion
The strength of a team

We prioritise this by:

  • Gender representation in residential teams
  • Providing 24/7 security support and referring residents to the Safer Community Unit when necessary
  • Supporting residents to engage with the appropriate services such as Monash Connect, Career Connect, University Health Services and Disability Support Services
  • Empowering our resident led committees to coordinate inclusive social events that are accessible and enjoyable for all residents
  • Ensuring our communities are diverse in terms of demographics and experiences.
Caring for ourselves and others

We prioritise this by:

  • Providing training and awareness campaigns
  • Supporting residents from under represented communities
  • Promoting leadership and development opportunities
  • Providing accessible on and off campus accommodation options
  • Providing a range of residential scholarships
Diversity and inclusion at MRS means.....
“People of different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life coming together to share in a sense of community enjoyment, learning from and sharing with each other.”
- 2019 resident - Jackomos Hall
“Our RA program really outlines MRS’ commitment to Diversity and Inclusion as from day 1, we are taught valuable skills that help us foster the best environment for our residents.”
- 2019 resident - Farrer Hall