Respect. Now. Always

Monash Residential Services (MRS) is committed to ending sexual assault and harassment on campus. Working closely with Respect. Now. Always (RNA) at Monash University, the MRS RNA committee membership is made up of MRS residents and led by members of our Residential Support Team and MRS Senior Management.

As the committee continues to raise awareness of the importance of consent, creating cultures that are free from discrimination and harassment and how we can all work to stop Gender Based Violence (GBV), this page will highlight our success in this space.

In 2021, the MRS RNA Committee has worked towards creating awareness of GBV through presentations and discussions in all MRS Halls'. Over 260 residents have been reached through these sessions. 
The RNA Committee has recently achieved a significant goal, putting together a successful proposal to have all MRS vending machines include personal care items. This goal facilitates easy access to these products for all residents.

Respect Now Always