Social Engagement & Activities

One of the best aspects of living on campus is the social engagement, residential activities and events.

You're supported from the very first day!

Orientation and transition

Our Orientation Program is packed with loads of fun activities to help you settle into your new community and make new friends!

The MRS Orientation Programs allows you to:

  • Engage with the community
  • Make new friends
  • Meet the Residential Support Team
  • Settle into your new home
  • Join in the many fun activities and events

Residential Programs

Each hall delivers a program of events. These programs are unique to each hall, however there are some which are common. There are also MRS wide events to  encourage residents from all halls to connect.

Depending on the current level of restrictions, residential support programs including orientation and social events may look a little different, as we continue to adapt our operations in response to COVID-19. Certain events or programs may be delivered in innovative ways, and we encourage you to make the most of the opportunities available to engage with your community.

Check out some of the residential programs run in 2020.

When there are no health related restrictions in place many of the activities are also built around the community coming together to share a meal and some of the different residential programs and activities include:

Daniel Van Tubbergh
October 2020

The programs and activities run by MRS, the Res Support Team, and the Hall Society have made the year significantly easier. So far, my favourite event has been run by the Hall Society through the House Party app. This gave me the chance to video call with other residents from around the hall, play games with them and get to know them better. This was honestly so fun and allowed me to meet and connect with so many new people!

Despite not being able to interact with other residents physically, the Residential Support Team, and the Hall Society have adapted the programs and engagement opportunities  and have done an amazing job of helping myself and other residents build connections throughout the hall. These programs have honestly managed to help retain the sense of community which we live on campus for!"


ResStart is an online resource for when you are starting out at Monash University.

Developed by our past residents, ResStart helps to answer questions about accommodation and living on campus.

It is part of our comprehensive Orientation and Transition program and provides useful tips, stories from residents, and interesting videos, so have a good look around.

Check out ResStart