Student engagement and development

games room

Living on campus is about so much more than 'just a room'. Here at Monash Residential Services you join a supportive, inclusive community of friends who'll help you grow and develop.

From the moment you come here you’ll be supported – first with our Orientation and Transition programs, and then along the way with a whole host of services providing personal guidance.

We provide leadership and development opportunities to extend your skills and experience. Plus, each residence runs its own social and events program, with everything from food nights, sporting competitions, community events and movie nights for you to get involved in.

An opportunity to grow

Living on campus gives you the chance to learn beyond the classroom. You’ll be surrounded by students from around the world, so you'll quickly learn to engage with people from diverse backgrounds – an essential life skill. In an increasingly globalised workforce, intercultural competency is a core skill for all emerging professionals.

Living away from home, you'll also hone those more mundane, but fundamentally important life skills, like washing, ironing, and cleaning. And by cooking together you’ll learn fantastic new recipes and sample delicious food.

If there's something you're passionate about, or you’ve got a hobby you want to pursue (like gardening, cooking or volunteering work) our Residential Support Team will help make it a part of your experience, and give you a chance to share your passion with other residents.

Our residents are fundamental to the development programs offered in our communities. Core programs like Res Start, AlcoCups, Drink Smart-Drink Safe and Sexpectations have all been developed by our residents who are passionate about learning from each other.

If you are excited about campus life, do check out our on-campus accommodation options to find an accommodation that suits your needs.