Briggs Hall Residential Support Team

Farid Samadifar Briggs Hall College HeadFarid Samadifar - College Head, Briggs Hall

Farid moved to Australia to complete his masters at Monash University in 2006. Having a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, Farid has decided to start a new path in education: Business! And has completed 2 masters in International Business and Business Law.

During his time at Monash University as a student, Farid has been involved in different aspects of University life. He was with Monash Postgraduate Association as the Caulfield Campus Representative in 2007 and 2008, Graduate School of Business as the Orientation Program Coordinator in 2008, a Mentor to new International Students with International Student Support Unit in 2007, 2008, and 2009. He has done all these voluntary activities to get the taste of different cultures.

Farid also has been part of Monash Residential Services family since 2009, when he joined as the Residential Support Assistant of International Mews at Caulfield Campus.

In 2018, he returned to Briggs Hall and commenced his role as the College Head of Briggs Hall. With his Residential Support Team, Farid is excited to be a part of such a friendly and inclusive community and hopes to meet with you all soon!

Briggs Deputy College Head - NickNick van Agtmaal - Deputy College Head, Briggs Hall

Nick is originally from country Victoria, and first moved to Clayton to study a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) double degree. Whilst studying Nick spend a numbers of years at Roberts Hall, Briggs Hall and abroad in Denmark, as a resident, RA, RSA and exchange student!

Currently working as a Transport Engineer in Melbourne, Nick has enjoyed getting into the detail of both large and small local infrastructure projects. Nick is passionate about personal and professional development opportunities, and has worked or volunteered in various positions from student career services, to student-industry representation and sitting on the board of a young professionals industry group.

Like all Melbournians, Nick has a love of all things coffee and can also be found running or baking to pass the time. He is looking forward to returning to MRS in 2019 and helping foster an vibrant community for all at Briggs Hall.

Briggs RSA - KeeleyKeeley Frost - Residential Support Assistant, Briggs Hall

Keeley is a third-year Arts/Law student, majoring in Human Rights, and Indigenous Cultures & Histories. She moved from Warragul, Gippsland, to Richardson Hall in 2017, where she loved being a Diversity and Inclusion Resident Advisor in 2018.

Keeley is passionate about social justice, and building a more safe, inclusive, and respectful community. Keeley is extremely excited to continue to foster these values at MRS and share this passion with those around her!

Outside of University life, Keeley loves travelling. She has been to Peru, England, Spain, New Caledonia, Vietnam, and Thailand. She is always planning her next adventure, and also loves to read, walk, go op-shopping, and spend time with her cat, Becky, and dog, Raven.

Anuradha Adikaram - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Anuradha moved to Melbourne in 2017 from Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. Having completed her 1st year at Monash College in Sri Lanka, she is moving into her 4th year of study in a double degree in Economics and IT. This will be her 3rd year as a resident at Briggs Hall. Also known as ‘Anu’ to her friends, she loves all things coffee, shopping, Netflix, and dogs. So, if she is ever not around at Briggs, you are most likely to find her at Chaddy with the likely excuse that she was in need of ‘retail therapy’. She also enjoys playing tennis occasionally. Anu is very approachable, easy to talk to and a very good listener. If at any time you feel like having a chat or just need a shopping buddy, feel free to knock on her door.

Aneesha - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

A - Aneesha is doing her bachelor of engineering and bachelor of computer science.

N- Ne-yo, the weeknd, 6lack, the arctic monkeys are some of her favourite artists and if you ever want to chill to some jams she’d always be keen.

E- Everything spontaneous, fun and deep she would be down for!

E- enticing movies, stories and chocolates are her kryptonite and she’s always looking to learn something new too!

S- She’s always willing to lend a listening ear and if you need someone to talk to she will be your shoulder to lean on.

H- Her interests include photography, music and reading and she considers herself to be a bit of a creative spirit.

A- Aneesha enjoys chilling with her mates and is keen to welcome you to Briggs next year! Do say hi when you see her :)

Sophie Barton - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Sophie is thrilled to return to Briggs in 2019 and continue her second year of a Bachelor of Science/Arts. Soph has attended school in Sydney, Brisbane and Madrid before starting a new chapter in Melbourne last year. When not drowned in lab work, she finds herself flourishing in the wholesome social sphere MRS has to offer, writing, cooking, yoga-ing or dedicating her time to women’s rights & environmental conservation. She always appreciates a chat, so feel free to swing by her room and catch up! Soph cannot wait to see the Briggs community continue to foster passion, positivity and kindness throughout 2019.

Alok Chaudhari - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Alok grew up in the spiritual and cultural capital of India - Varanasi. He holds in Bachelor (Hons) in Geology from India and a Masters (M.Sc.) in Experimental Geosciences from Germany. Alok started his Ph.D. within the School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment at Monash and also tutors for various undergraduate courses within the university. Alok initially lived at the Jackomos Hall in 2017 and later moved to Briggs Hall as a residential advisor. Alok enjoys traveling and exploring new places and is a keen chess player. As a residential advisor, Alok is committed to the well being and welfare of his fellow residents. He see's this as an opportunity to reciprocate back the love and care he has enjoyed during his stay at Briggs.

Nethasha Fernando - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Nethasha is a proud Sri Lankan that flew down to the land down under in early 2018. She is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance. Her favorite hobbies include eating, daydreaming and singing in the shower. When she has done all that, she loves to take time to read up on Greek mythologies, head down to the gym and occasionally dance. She enjoys new experiences, re-watching standup comedy and exploring the city. If you ever want to chat about something or even just someone to watch a movie with, come and knock on her door!

Lachlan Gawley-Price - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Lochie is a second year Aerospace Engineering major from Ocean Grove. He moved to Briggs last year and loved every second of it. He is an avid basketballer and loves almost every sport. If you need him at Briggs, he will most likely be playing pool. He plans on working in Formula One as an Aerodynamicist but doesn’t know how he will survive in Europe without his trusty 750ml Dare Double Espresso. Lochie also loves a lot of music whether it be listening to classic hits or pretending he can rap ‘Rigamortus’ by Kendrick Lamar. Either way, 2019 at Briggs is sure to be one to remember!

Gabrielle Good - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Gabby is looking forward to being back at Briggs for her second year in 2019! She grew up outside Warrnambool in South-West Victoria, and is hoping to help next year's residents settle into life at Briggs no matter how near or far they're from. When she’s not studying for her Law/Arts double degree, Gabby may be found training with her cheerleading team, debating or going for a swim. She also loves going out for good food with friends, so if you’re looking for a new brunch spot ask her for her recommendations!

Lauralee Hol - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Lauralee grew up in the small town of Portland, in South-Western Victoria. She made the move to Melbourne in 2017 to undertake a Bachelor of Science with a major of Biochemistry and is really enjoying it! She loves good food, listening to music and spending time with friends. In the future she hopes to travel to more places around the world so she can try new food and gain new experiences. Lauralee is very excited to be taking on the Wellbeing portfolio for Briggs Hall in 2019. This year will be her second year at Briggs and she looks forward to meeting new people and making many more memories!

Hannah Howells - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Hannah is in her third year studying a double degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, she has classes at both Clayton and Caulfield campuses. Hannah moved to Melbourne in 2017 from her island home in Hobart, Tasmania. Learning about trains and trams was novel as Hannah comes from a state that has none. She lived at Residential Village in 2017 and moved to Briggs in 2018. Hannah grew up figure skating and playing volleyball competitively at a state level. She enjoys ‘procrastibaking’ sweet treats, drawing and doing yoga in her “free” time. You will always find her around Briggs drinking tea to regenerate as a study break.

Emily Lei - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Studying a double degree in Arts and Business, Emily is a third year returning RA. She is passionate about photography so you'll probably see her walking around campus with her camera, taking photos of various Monash events. Emily is a lover of pop music, musicals and Netflix, and is always up for a chat! She's loves meeting new people but if you too love dad jokes and puns, that's even better!

Yasmine McDonough - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Yazzi is a second-year science student majoring in genetics and biochemistry. Originally from Warrnambool – a regional city in south-west Victoria – she has since made Briggs her home. While watching netflix is her forte, she also enjoys playing guitar, learning new languages, and procrastinating. Yazzi is excited to be a part of the amazing community in 2019, and is looking forward to getting to know everyone at Briggs. Feel free to chat to her anytime!

Samantha Miller - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Sam was born in Melbourne and has lived here for half of her life. The rest has been spent in the North East of Victoria, and recently her family moved to a tiny town called Eldorado. When she’s not procrastinating by reading books or binging Doctor Who, she’s playing the trumpet in the Monash Philharmonic Orchestra. Sam will be a 2nd year Science student in 2019, and she plans to major in Astrophysics. She’s incredibly excited about joining the Residential Support Team and getting to meet the new cohort of residents in Briggs Hall! If you see Sam around say hi as she would love to meet as many people as she can!

Hashim Mufti - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Hashim is from Pakistan and has spent most of his life travelling, having been to places such as Turkey, Malaysia, Germany, Poland just to name a few! He has been living at Briggs since 2018 and doesn’t plan on ever leaving! He’s currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science and, when he isn’t writing AI to take over the world, he enjoys learning new languages, building miniature RC airplanes and creating short films. 2019 is set to be another fantastic year at Briggs and Hashim is incredibly excited to be a part of it!

Sandesh Pereira - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Sandesh spent the majority of his life in Botswana, and has amazing stories to tell of the beautiful Kalahari desert. He is currently studying a Masters of Banking and Finance. Sandesh absolutely loves the culture of Briggs hall and is always happy to to contribute to the wonderful community atmosphere that it has to offer! He loves spending time outdoors with either a soccer ball at his feet or a cricket bat in his hand. In the early hours of the morning he can be found cheering on Liverpool while enjoying a warm cup of coffee! He’d love for others to join in for some match day viewing parties in 2019.

Victoria Stock - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Victoria is in her second year at Monash University studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science and her second year loving life at Briggs Hall. She's originally from a tiny dairy town called Undera in northern Victoria, and loves when she can visit home and play with her nine dogs that live there. Victoria loves being outdoors and enjoys all kind of sports, especially swimming and netball. Aside from that, her hobbies include watching endless reruns of Friends, eating anything sweet and getting to meet and hang out with new people! Victoria is very excited to get to know everyone coming to Briggs, so don't be afraid to drop in and say hi!

Sebastian Zucker - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Sebastian is a Computer Science student at Monash University, majoring in Networks and Cyber-Security. In his free time, Sebastian enjoys a good laugh, swimming, Sunday Supper, table tennis and attending IT-related meetups. Sebastian is excited to be the IT RA in 2019 and is always happy to have a chat.