Briggs Hall Residential Support Team

BH-CH-Andres-VillamizarDr Andrés Villamizar - College Head, Briggs Hall

Originally from Colombia, South America, Andrés has called Melbourne home since 2001. He completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts, a Master’s in Education and a PhD at Monash. Having studied, worked and lectured at the University for many years, Andrés is a huge advocate of providing students/residents with a positive, fun and formative experience.

Andrés joins Briggs Hall as the 2021 College Head. He was the inaugural Deputy College Head at Jackomos Hall in 2012, and returned to the Monash Residential Services family as Normanby House College Head in 2018. He works with his team and the wider MRS towards maintaining a harmonious, safe, enjoyable and inclusive community. During the day, Andrés is an Academic English Adviser in the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) portfolio, and a Teaching Associate in the Faculty of Education. In his spare time, he enjoys practising yoga, swimming and going to the movies and musical theatre. He is also a coffee lover and a huge Australian Open fan.

To Be Advised - Deputy College Head, Briggs Hall

Keeley Frost Briggs Hall Residential Support AssistantLiz Hoysted - Residential Support Assistant, Briggs Hall

Liz moved to Melbourne from country Victoria in 2017 to commence her double degree in Science and Arts with majors in Chemistry and Philosophy.

She has previously been involved in the Turner Hall Society before moving to Logan hall where she was a Resident Advisor for 2 ½ years. She is excited to join the Briggs community as the RSA for 2021.

Liz is a passionate coffee lover and is always up for trying a new café. In her spare time, she can often be found on Zoom with friends or playing the piano. She’s always up for a chat, so definitely say hi if you see her around the hall!

Alok Chaudhari - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Alok started his PhD in 2017 after finishing his Masters in Germany. His research involves a novel experimental approach to understand the formation of copper-sulfide mineral in Earth's crust. He has been an RA at Briggs Hall for two years now and in his spare time likes to read, spend time in nature and follows cricket and chess passionately.

Arshsimran Kaur - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Born and reared in a vibrant subcontinent of nationalities, India, Arshsimran moved to Briggs in 2019 and was swayed by its homely atmosphere. She is in the 3rd year of Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). She is ecstatic to take up the exhilarating role of Resident Advisor and help people with everything she has to offer. She is an all for dogs person, an aesthetically pleasing artist and an epicure. She is a meticulous photographer who also relishes good music and a huge cup of cappuccino while socializing. Hit at her door for anything, fun or boring.

Burhanuddin Jiwaji - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Burhan moved to Melbourne in 2019 from Tanzania. He is currently in his second year of Bachelors in Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering. His hobbies are swimming, playing badminton, soccer, and running. You will often see Burhan playing pool in the common room or working out at Monash sports, so feel free to come in and play a game or have a chat with him. To sum this up, in the immortal words of Burhan "Yeah buddy! Lightweight baby!".

Devika Sonavane - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Devika was born and raised in Mumbai, India. A brown girl who grew up in an environment of love and kindness, which made her full of life. She moved to Melbourne in the beginning of 2020, and is about to enter her second year of Law/Arts. She likes to keep herself busy, and in her downtime you’ll find her in the company of her friends or her favourite TV shows. “In the end, one cares about many things, and we should not give so much importance to things”, and sticking by this, Devika is open to new experiences and adventures. She’s always excited to make new friends, so don’t be shy to say hi!

Frederick Au - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Frederick moved to Melbourne in 2018 from Hamilton, New Zealand, and is in his fourth year of a Bachelor of Actuarial Science and Bachelor of Commerce double degree. He lived at the Residential Village in his first year before moving to Briggs in 2019. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and exploring Melbourne. Briggs has become a home away from home for him, and he is excited to welcome both new and returning residents to the warm environment it provides.

Kulvinder Kaur - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Kulvinder grew up in India and moved to Melbourne in 2019. She is currently in her third year of Bachelors of IT. In her free time, she loves watching k-dramas, listening to music, and going for a swim. She is thrilled to be an RA for 2021. She's always there to talk so knock on her door for a chat or say hi when you see her.

Maddie Balzer - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Maddie moved to Melbourne in the middle of Melbourne’s COVID lockdown from Wollongong in NSW, she is currently in her second year studying Master of International Development Practice. You will find Maddie in the wing kitchen experimenting with new recipes or on a walk enjoying nature. She is obsessed with houseplants and always up for a chat or friendly food date. Maddie can’t wait to meet the new ressies and get to know the best coffee and food spots with them.

Misha Monteiro-Benson - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Misha hails from sunny Singapore and moved to Briggs Hall in 2020 during the first lockdown. Despite the lockdowns, he is continually encouraged by the strength, resilience and unity of the Briggs Community. From his former career and volunteer work in Singapore, Misha is committed to community building and looks forward to engaging closely with all residents to build a cohesive community. His interests are diverse and include golf, space exploration, sci-fi, photography, sketching, hiking, sailing, kayaking, tennis, equestrian, antiquing, opera, symphony, theatre, architecture, history as well as being open to new adventures and experiences. Misha loves telling a good story and having adventures is great for content!

Nabila Eryawan - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Refers to as Lala, she was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Having to move to Melbourne in 2020 have been such an interesting time for her. She is currently doing her final year in Bachelor of Commerce. She loves coffee, boba, travelling, and Netflix. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, trying out new boba places, or just go café hopping! She loves to meet new people and always up for a chat, so feel free to knock on her door at any time!

Sherifa Sabeena Wahid - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Sabeena was born in London and raised in Dubai, originally from Sri Lanka, she moved to Melbourne and into Briggs Hall at the start of 2020. She is currently in her second year studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Literary Studies and Media. In her spare time, she loves to go on walks, watch Netflix, sip on a good chai latte, play board games, watch a play or obsess over any musical. She also loves to read and is always ready to recommend books to you. She is always up for a chat so feel free to knock on her door or say hi to her whenever you see her.

Timothy Ziguras - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Tim is a local student, currently in his 3rd year studying Commerce and Aerospace Engineering. Hobbies include running, playing the piano and listening to music. Tim moved into Briggs Hall in Semester 2 of 2019 and is eager to meet the Briggs Hall family of 2021!

Wendy Wan Cin Tan- Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Wendy was born and raised in Penang Island, Malaysia, before she moved to Melbourne at the beginning of 2020. She is in her second year of Bachelor of Nutrition Science. She is a huge foodie and loves to cook. She can be really talkative when it comes to food. Food is her best friend. Wendy also enjoys playing sports like running, dancing and frisbee, meeting up with friends, and spending her free time watching videos on youtube. Too add on, she loves mysterious things like UFOs and the universe! Feel free to knock on Wendy’s door if you feel like having a snack or a chat about anything you feel like talking about!