Deakin Hall Residential Support Team

Mark LeeMark Lee - College Head, Deakin Hall

Having spent a few years after high school playing semi-professional rugby in England, and coming to the realization I was not going to become an All Black (a hard moment for any New Zealand male!), I finally decided to get serious about my life's direction.  I returned to NZ and started my undergraduate studies in Philosophy at Otago University in Dunedin, NZ.  Whilst there I stayed in the residential hall, Selwyn College and I loved the experience so much that after a few years as a Residential Assistant there I continued to work in the field at various halls around NZ gaining evermore experience.

I was working in Christchurch after the earthquakes and then got an opportunity to move to Melbourne in September 2011 for work.  I immediately felt at home so I decided to stay.  Now I find that this career path and my studies have nicely synchronized so I can do my PhD, something I always intended to do someday, with the Philosophy Department at Monash University and Warwick University in the UK as part of the partnership programme.  I specialize in Virtue Ethics, Aristotle, Friedrich Nietzsche and Aesthetics..

Ash ChatfieldAsh Chatfield - Deputy College Head, Deakin Hall

Ash is a Melbourne-born psychology student, who moved to Monash in 2014, from the town of Sunbury. As the oldest of 4, with a big family, Ash loves being around people, and also enjoys playing team sports like basketball and netball. She works part time at Priceline Pharmacy and is also a very avid reader. Ash has a passion for working with people, providing support and encouraging health and wellbeing. Ash is looking to continue studying psychology to become a qualified clinical psychologist, whilst also indulging her crafty side, creating art and jewellery in my spare time.

Ash has lived on campus for four years; She was the Residential Support Assistant at Briggs Hall last year and is looking forward to joining Deakin Hall as Deputy College Head in 2019. She is excited to work with student leaders within the hall, helping to foster a positive and welcoming community. She is also eager to help new residents with their transition into university life and aid them in making the most out of their MRS experience.

James HollandJames Holland - Residential Support Assistant, Deakin Hall

James is originally from Sunshine in Melbourne’s West. Born the youngest of five siblings (four sisters including triplets), he loves the atmosphere of a big, loud family. James started a bachelor of Law (Honours)/Arts in 2015 with a desire to learn about social change. Through volunteering, he discovered a keen passion for leadership. James has led teams of staff to accomplish weekend camps for disadvantaged groups throughout the year and been a non-residential advisor at Ursa Collage. Prior to this role, James was a basketball referee and stadium supervisor for 6 years. He also tutors in English Lit, Constitutional law and American History. If you get the chance, ask James about his time in America. He had the opportunity to intern in the office of Congressman Jerrold Nadler over the 2016/2017 Summer break. Seeing the Inauguration in person and having talked to many Americans, he is fascinated by their system of government and political outlook.

Something you may not know about James is that he was born with only one kidney. He only found out when he was 19. Funnily enough, it barely impacts James’ day to day life, though he swears the right side of his abdomen is slightly larger than the left. He is incredibly excited to take on this new role. He looks forward to meeting all the new residents of Deakin Hall.

Jake Barker - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Jake grew up in the rural town of Mildura. He is passionate about sport and plays both tennis and hockey competitively. Some of his other interests include water skiing, snow skiing, and animals. Jake is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Research Science at Monash and is focusing on the areas of biology, physics and maths. Jake will be your Sports RA in 2019. He is excited for another great year at Deakin and is keen to beat the other halls in sport. Jake is always up for a chat so if you’re ever feeling hungry for conversation or support feel free to hit him up.

Lachlan Chumbley - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Lachlan is from a small town called Echuca, on the Murray River. Here at Monash, he is studying Engineering. Lachlan loves his sport and is always up for a laugh. He loves good music, going to festivals, camping and being at the beach. He also loves going out for a boogie, but one of his biggest passions is eating, which you will see a lot! Lachlan is always up for a chat, a game of Mario kart and a laugh, so feel free to come by whenever. He’s looking forward to meeting you all and making some great memories. Lachlan had an excellent year at Deakin in 2018 and wants to make everyone else’s experience just as spectacular in 2019.

Michael Bongiorno - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Michael grew up in Geelong, which is about an hour away from Melbourne. He is currently a second-year medical student and hopes to one day travel to developing countries and provide medical aid. Michael enjoys travelling and hanging out with his friends. He can often be found in the pool room trying to sharpen his skills or in the Deakin courtyard if there is good weather. As a resident advisor, Michael wants to make a positive impact upon his hall and the greater community by attending to his residents’ needs and promoting the inclusion and wellbeing of everyone.

John Lavery - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

John is your Community RA for 2018. He is from Bendigo, Victoria and is in his second year of a double degree in Music/Science. He plays alto saxophone, and hopes to major in microbiology. He is an enthusiast of music, coffee, food and coffee. John also enjoys a good old chat and some laughs - He can't wait to meet you all and have an awesome year together. He will be around to offer any support that she can!

Erin Liebenow - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Erin is from the Gold Coast and moved to Melbourne because she prefers the culture and weather. She is currently in her second-year at Monash, studying Civil Engineering and Architecture. She loves anything to do with art, design, reading and Disney. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Deakin last year, and can’t wait to meet everyone this year and make some new great memories! If you ever want a cup of tea or coffee or just a good chat, her room is always open.

Samantha McLean - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Samantha is your Environment RA for 2019. She is a third year Education and Science student majoring in psychology, who has finally finished with uni maths! She spent her childhood in the suburbs of Melbourne but calls Indigo Valley home. Aside from study, Samantha’s life revolves around books, cooking and baking, volunteering, catching up with friends and playing with any dogs she may come across. Samantha is always up for a chat about life and is really looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone throughout the year!

Hugh McMahon - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Hugh is the IT and Academic RA for 2019. He is from Geelong, VIC and is currently in his second year of an undergraduate medical degree. Outside of university, Hugh enjoys exercising, hanging out with friends and working at your local Woolworths supermarket! He is a gregarious individual, always open for a chat, and happy to help to the best of his ability. After a sensational first year at Deakin Hall, Hugh cannot wait to jump back in and meet all the new residents!

Jasmine Mead - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Jasmine is your Communications RA for 2019. After commuting for 3 hours a day from the small country town of Warragul for one year, Jasmine decided that the V/Line was not for her and moved onto Clayton campus in her second year. She is currently in her 3rd year of her Bachelor/Master of Arts double degree majoring in International Relations, aspiring to work as an Australian Ambassador one day. Jasmine is an avid lover of the theatre and being outdoors, and she is always keen to try new things. 2018 was an incredible year at Deakin for Jasmine and she is excited for another year of great memories and laughs. Jasmine is excited to get to know everyone in 2019!

Grace Monigatti - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Grace is Deakin Hall’s Health and Wellbeing RA for 2019. She is from a farm near Echuca, a country town in Northern Victoria three hours from Melbourne. She loves playing sport, cooking and eating food, and hanging out with friends. She is currently in her second year of a Science and Commerce double degree at the Clayton Campus. She was stoked with her year at Deakin in 2018 and hopes to make new Deakin residents feel just as supported in 2019 as she did in her first year! Feel free to knock on Grace’s door for whatever you may need. She cannot wait to meet everyone!

Ruby Spencer-Stewart - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Ruby is one of Deakin Hall’s Sports RAs in 2019. She is from Woodend, a country town in Victoria and is currently in her second year of her Medicine degree, which she really enjoys. Aside from study, Ruby loves music, netball, and going to the beach. She is always up for a chat and is super keen to meet and get to know everyone in 2019, especially during the sports events. Ruby really enjoyed living at Deakin in 2018 and hopes to make everyone’s 2019 just as spectacular.