Deakin Hall Residential Support Team

Jess Pimm - Acting College Head, Deakin HallPhotograph of Jess, College Head

Jess grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and moved to Clyde North with her husband Steve in 2013. Jess and Steve have two daughters named Lacie and Mila. Lacie arrived 2 days before Christmas in 2016 and Mila was born on Labour day in 2019.

Jess has been working at Monash University Clayton for over 10 years, during that time she has managed to complete a diploma of Animal Technology at Box Hill Institute, a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) at Deakin University and her Certificate in Personal Training with the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Jess joined the Monash Residential Services Team midway through 2013 in the front office at Clayton and hasn’t looked back since. She enjoys being active, often taking part in fun runs, plays basketball and enjoys walking with friends. A great personal achievement of hers was completing the Oxfam trail walk in 2014 (100km in 48 hours), quite a challenge!

Ash ChatfieldAsh Chatfield - Deputy College Head, Deakin Hall

Ash is a Melbourne-born psychology student, who moved to Monash in 2014, from the town of Sunbury. As the oldest of 4, with a big family, Ash loves being around people, and also enjoys playing team sports like basketball and netball. She works part time at Priceline Pharmacy and is also a very avid reader. Ash has a passion for working with people, providing support and encouraging health and wellbeing. Ash is looking to continue studying psychology to become a qualified clinical psychologist, whilst also indulging her crafty side, creating art and jewellery in my spare time.

Ash has lived on campus for many years; She will be the Deakin Hall Deputy College Head again in 2021. She is excited to work with student leaders within the hall, helping to foster a positive and welcoming community. She is also eager to help new residents with their transition into university life and aid them in making the most out of their MRS experience.

Photograph of Arshh, Deakin Hall RSAArshh Vinayak - Residential Support Assistant, Deakin Hall

Born in the subcontinent of India, Arshh travelled all this way to study Game Development at Monash due to his love for video games.

He is currently completing his Bachelor of I.T. Degree with double majors in Games Development and Software Development. Since first arriving at MRS, Arshh has always been heavily involved in the community working as an RA, part of the R.N.A. committee, as an I.T. peer mentor, worked for Sonder, volunteered with Red Cross and even mentored students at Monash as a PASS Leader. His experiences in student-facing roles helped him realize his love for the work and hence, he is now looking forward to working with the Residential Support Team in fostering an inclusive and lively community at Deakin Hall.

Arshh loves to play video games and absolutely loves to sing. He is always up for a chat or a walk and is looking forward to having an awesome 2021!

Bronte Holt - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Bronte is a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Primary Education and a Bachelor of Science. She loves to study weather and can often be found looking at the Bureau of Meteorology to check the days forecast. She was born and raised in the nation’s capital, Canberra. Bronte is a keen footy fan, having played for many years, and will most often spend her weekends attempting to study whilst supporting her favourite team, the Hawks. Bronte is excited to be one of your 2021 RA’s and cannot wait to meet her new Deakin family.

Chaquira Jones - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Chaquira (Chaq), is your Environment and Sustainability RA for 2021. She is from Darwin, NT and is in her second year, studying a Bachelor of Arts. She majors in Indigenous Culture and History and is a bit of a goofball who enjoys any kind of social event. Thanks to Deakin (and the lockdown), Chaq has acquired various talents, for example, she is not only Beast at pool but an even better gardener. Chaq also really enjoys meeting new people and is looking forward to meeting everyone in 2021!

Charli Fixter- Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Charli is one of your Event and Culture RA's for 2021. She's from regional Victoria and is currently in her second year of a double degree in art and science, majoring in maths and sociology. She is an ice cream enthusiast with a passion for screaming Disney songs and other classic bangers at the top of her lungs. Charli has loved her time at Deakin, despite most of it being in lockdown, and is excited to share it with this years Deakinites. Charli really looks forward to meeting you all and making some quality memories over the next year.

Emily Gray - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Emily is your Sports RA for 2021. She is from a small rural town in Northern Victoria and is currently in her second year, studying a double degree in Design and Media Communication. Her wide range of hobbies include running, cooking, and reading. She also adores animals, and can never decline an offer to go out for brunch or coffee! Emily cannot wait to help all residents at Deakin feel at home in 2021, her door is always open whether you need support or simply somebody to have a conversation with!

Kieran Couchman - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Kieran is one of your Diversity & Inclusion RAs for 2021. He’s been living at Deakin since the start of 2019, and is excited to step up into an RA role this year. This is his third year of a Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges, majoring in chemistry and minoring in pharmacology, and in the future he hopes to work in scientific research and development. He’s passionate about the LGBT+ community, and in his spare time he enjoys reading, music, and cooking.

Juli Linh Ngo- Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Juli is your Academia and Employability RA for 2021. Though born and raised in Vietnam and Cambodia, she is now in Melbourne undertaking a Bachelor of Global Studies as a third-year student. Juli’s current hobbies include kickboxing, drinking tea, hanging out under the sun, musical theatre, singing and dancing, but she would love to try out new things as well. Despite seeming shy at first, Juli can be quite goofy when you get to know her. She wants to foster an inclusive and supportive community at Deakin, so catch her around for a chat as she is excited to meet everyone in 2021!

Monique Forbes - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Monique is a second year returning resident at Deakin Hall and comes from the small town of Warrnambool along the Great Ocean Road. After spending a year abroad in France, she decided to study a diploma of French alongside her bachelor’s degree of commerce and global studies. After university, Monique hopes to pursue a career in poverty reduction. She is eager to travel the world and is this year’s ResComm and RNA Resident Advisor. If you love cooking, going on adventures (especially to the beach) or even the occasional tiktok, make sure to swing by Monique’s room and let her know!

Zaheed Muhammad Rushdi Imran - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Rushdi is a Sri-Lankan born Muslim who grew up in Botswana and is now in his second year studying Finance. Needless to say he has been exposed to many different cultures and traditions and through that has learned to value the diversity around him. As Deakin's Diversity and Inclusion RA, he is passionate about creating a comfortable environment for everyone and making sure Deakin incorporates a culture of inclusivity. Rushdi loves soccer and is a big supporter of Chelsea, watches anime as well as his favourite sitcoms obsessively and is always down for a chat.

Natasha Frost - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall 

Tash is your Wellbeing RA for 2021. She is from Tasmania and is currently in her third year of a double degree in Science and Arts majoring in Zoology and Theatre. She is a bit of a bookworm who loves anything to do with animals, tea or coffee. Tash is a returning RA and has lived in Deakin since 2019. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Deakin over the last two years and is excited to have the opportunity to help you enjoy your time here too! If you ever need to talk, or just fancy a cup of tea, her door is always open!