Farrer Hall Residential Support Team

Steve Mitchell Farrer Hall College HeadSteve Mitchell - College Head, Farrer Hall

Steve began his affiliation with Monash as an undergrad in the early 1990s, he soon joined the Monash Course & Careers section as part time receptionist as well as working as a tutor for a range of subjects.  After graduation from the Faculty of Information Technology he had a short, but successful career as a programmer before re-joining the University in the Networks division.  Over his time here he's visited and supported most of the Monash campuses (including Prato).  For the last couple of years he's been designing and building the University's new Data Centre and the next generation of the Monash network.

Steve was originally a country boy staying at Roberts Hall during his undergraduate days and a few years ago returned to the MRS family as the Deputy College Head of Roberts Hall, under the tutelage of Dr Gerry Nagtzaam.  During that time Anya and Steve welcomed their first child to Halls, Hendrix.  Soon to be followed by Madeleine and Hugo.

Steve has enjoyed his promotion to College Head of Farrer Hall and over the past few years providing opportunities for all residents to excel at various facets life.

Farrer Deputy College Head - EddieEdward Attenborough - Deputy College Head, Farrer Hall

Born in England and raised in rural Tasmania, Edward moved to Melbourne in 2014 to undertake a Bachelor of Science and Chemical Engineering (Honours) at Monash. In 2015, Edward was an RA at Farrer Hall as well as the Vice President of the MRS Residents Committee. In 2016 and 2017, he moved to become the RSA at Holman Hall, to build culture and community at a brand new residential hall. In 2018, Edward undertook his third year as an RSA at Turner Hall, looking to create and foster a strong community. These experiences have taught him a lot about how to create a fun and inclusive community, which values respect and diversity.

Edward is thrilled to be at Farrer Hall in 2019 as the Deputy College Head, aiming to create a fun filled Orientation program to ease in our new Ferrets to the University life! In his free time, Edward likes to build computers, climb mountains, travel and cook. Recently coming back from Iceland, where he undertook a research project with the University of Reykjavik, he is enthusiastic about sustainable and renewable engineering, as well as sustainable biofuels.

Farrer RSA - Rumali Rumali Kularatne - Residential Support Assistant, Farrer Hall

Rumali (Rumi) recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, she majored in Media Communications and minored in both Psychology and Marketing. Rumali is Sri Lankan but grew up in Dubai, U.A.E. She moved to Melbourne in 2016 to undertake a Bachelor of Arts at Monash. Whilst pursuing her degree, Rumali volunteered for MRS as a Residential Advisor in 2017 and 2018. She enjoys spending time with friends, painting, cooking and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Rumali also works with the Respectful Communities and Safer Community Unit here at Cayton campus on initiatives such as the ‘Respect.Now.Always’ campaign. She is passionate about creating inclusive and safe spaces and hopes to continue work in gender based violence prevention in the near future, before pursuing further studies. Rumali is thrilled to start her new role as Residential Support Assistant for Farrer Hall and looks forward to working collaboratively to give back to a community that has made her experience in Australia and Monash University memorable.

Jack Barry - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Jack ‘Bazz’ Barry’s journey began at the dawn of 1999, in a small suburb east of Melbourne known as Box Hill. While he is known for his superior aux operation and long luscious locks, he’s actually a down to earth relatively smart engineer with a passion for all things aeronautical. He spent most of his schooling life in the country and despite this never cultivated a passion for AFL. He’s always down for a chat and loves talking about memes, Netflix, democracy manifest and how clean Farrer kitchens are. Jack has had an amazing 2 years at Farrer and is extremely excited to part of the 2019 RA team.

Mika Hurrell - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Mika was born in Cairns but spent most of her life growing up in Brisbane. She took a gap year after high school to save money to move to Melbourne and is now studying a double degree in Arts and Commerce. Mika has had the most amazing year at Farrer, making some incredible friends and immersing herself in the Farrer spirit. Farrer’s reputation for being a tight-knit, welcoming and caring family has not disappointed; as cliché as it sounds, it has become Mika’s home away from home. She is very excited for another year of unforgettable memories and can’t wait to welcome new residents to Farrer in 2019!

Hayden Jones - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Before he moved to the big smoke (aka Melbourne) in 2018, Hayden lived in Mirboo North, located half an hour from the beach in South Gippsland. Understandably he spent a lot of his childhood afternoons kicking it on the beach with his mates if he wasn’t playing sport instead. Hayden spent his first semester at Normanby House before transferring to Farrer Hall. Even though he has only been here for one semester, he thoroughly enjoys the friendly environment Farrer has to offer and intends on working hard to ensure that everyone else has that same experience in 2019.

Jenisi Kelderman - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Jenisi spent most of her life growing up near the regional city of Ballarat. She completed Year 12 in 2016 and took a gap year in 2017 to work and travel before starting university. Now she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Advanced (Research) at Monash and has enjoyed her first year living at Farrer Hall. Farrer Hall has quickly become a home for Jenisi and she hopes that it continues to be the friendly, enthusiastic and close community that she knows. She is very excited to become a Residential Advisor and can’t wait to make sure every new and returning resident has a great experience at Farrer in 2019.

James Mackinnon - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

This is James' third year in Farrer, which is a testimony to how much he has enjoyed his time here. Having moved from Perth, James has developed new friendships with some amazing people in Melbourne, both in MRS and at university. He is thoroughly looking forward to meeting all the new Farrer residents and sharing many experiences with them in 2019. James studies Aerospace engineering and Commerce and enjoys rock climbing and skiing. The friendly atmosphere at Farrer really helped him to settle in during his first year. As an RA, James hopes to ensure that all new residents have the same experience and enjoy their time at Farrer Hall.

Ellie McMahon - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Ellie grew up by the coast in Warrnambool, Western Victoria. She graduated from secondary school in 2016 not knowing what she wanted to be when she ‘grew up’. So like many others in her position, she took a gap year. This experience  made one thing clear – she did not want to make coffees for the rest of her life, so she headed to Uni to start a Bachelor of Science. She spent 2018 at Farrer Hall, where she made a lot of fun memories and managed to fit in some study too. Ellie is super keen to become a Resident Advisor at Farrer in 2019 and can’t wait to meet you all!

Kenichi Negata - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Kenichi was born in Cairns; all the way up in Far North Queensland. In 2018 he moved to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering and spent the year at Farrer; absolutely loving every minute of it. Aside from studying, Kenichi enjoys sports (basketball and soccer being his two favourites), impressing people with his Japanese background, napping, relaxing and having chill times with mates. In 2019, he hopes to make sure that everyone has the best year possible living at Farrer Hall and looks forward to contributing to the community as an RA!

Connie Potts - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Originally from Point Lonsdale, Connie has found her home away from home at Farrer Hall. From the incredible friends she has made to the endless activities to participate in, she has loved her time here and is excited to enter her third year of university in 2019. She is currently undertaking a double degree of Engineering and Commerce. In her downtime she likes to chase adventure, whether at the beach or on top of icy mountains. Connie was one of the Residential Advisors on Second Lords in 2018 and looks forward to meeting all the new residents in 2019.

Jake Scarrabelotti - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Jake was born and raised in Lismore; a small country town in NSW. Having completed secondary school in 2017, he decided to move to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Global Studies (Majoring in International Relations). During his spare time, Jake likes to preach about his love for travel and often sneaks off for some nap time. After and immersing himself in the undeniably welcoming and vibrant culture of Farrer Hall in 2018 - nothing was going to stop him from staying another year. Jake is looking forward to becoming a part of the Residential Support Team in 2019, and cannot wait to meet all the new residents!

William Stacey - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

William Stacey hails from the lesser-known side of Australia (Western Australia). There he grew up on a farm, where he used to enjoy the vast amounts of physical exercise. He traded it all to move to Melbourne to pursue a career in genetics and sleep. On the odd occasion that he is awake, Will loves to get involved around Farrer, loves the Australian music scene and never turns down the opportunity for a good chat. Will is super keen for 2019 and looks forward to the opportunity to share the experience with new residents.

Declan Storm - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Hailing from the beautiful bay side city of Geelong, Declan has lived at Farrer Hall since 2017. After being lucky enough to be an RA in 2018, Declan decided that he had not yet grown tired of being a Farrer resident and reapplied as RA for 2019. Declan is in his third year of a double degree of Business and Arts and looks forward to pursuing his lifelong dream of finding a job once he graduates. But most of all Declan is keen for another year as an RA, where he can hopefully continue to change people’s lives for the better.

Phoebe Trigger - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Phoebe was born in the capital city of Australia, Canberra, where she lived with her family for 19 years. She always had the desire to move to Melbourne to complete her tertiary education and in 2018, she arrived at Farrer Hall, and commenced her Arts degree at Monash University. She quickly found her place at Farrer, thoroughly enjoying the many events and opportunities the community has to offer and finished the year with many fond memories to look back on. She is looking forward to returning to Farrer in 2019 as a Resident Advisor and is keen to help make 2019 a great year for everyone.

Tanya Vorotnikova - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Born in the beautiful city of Moscow in freezing Russia, Tanya developed an early passion for music, education and languages, which she pursued at university undertaking a Bachelor of Linguistics majoring in English and French. After travelling to Europe and volunteering in France, where she taught English and French to refugees, she realised that living and studying in yet another country would be a brilliant idea. Winning a scholarship to study abroad and being all-time fan of the TV series ‘H2O Just Add Water’, Tanya decided to move to Melbourne to undertake a Master of Education. In 2018 Tanya found new family in Farrer Hall and looks forward to returning as an RA in 2019.

Caitlin White - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Cait grew up in a small town called Fulham in Gippsland, Victoria, where she lived and worked on a farm. Having moved from such a tiny town to Farrer in 2018, Cait quickly fell in love with the hustle and bustle of uni life and the Farrer spirit. She enjoys baking, family and spending time with friends, and loves hanging around Farrer for a night in with the girls. Cait looks forward to giving back to the community that has become her home as an RA in 2019. She loves life at Farrer, and can't wait to welcome all of the new residents!

Thomas Whitehead - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Thomas has always been a Novocastrian (A native New South Welshman), having grown up and lived in Newcastle for all of his life. He enjoys getting out into the bush, doing outdoor activities such as hiking, abseiling and skiing with both friends and through Scouts. Thomas has also travelled to several corners of the world, including Japan, the USA, and New Zealand, with the most recent trip being a 3-month solo adventure around most of Northern Europe. Thomas is starting his second year of a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), specialising in materials engineering and looks forward to joining the Residential Support Team in 2019!