Holman Hall Residential Support Team Officers

Simon Kupec - College Head, Holman Hall                                                                                               Holman Hall College Head Simon

Simon grew up in Adelaide. Following his admission as a barrister and solicitor in 2008, Simon tried his hand at a range of legal roles before finding a niche in the criminal investigations field. After spending seven years working for Queensland's crime commission, in 2018 he relocated to Melbourne to join the Monash community. In his day job, Simon is responsible for the University’s community safety and security portfolio.

Simon is a keen cyclist, hiker, kayaker, climber and traveller, and in his spare time enjoys seeing and experiencing everything Victoria has to offer. He enjoys coffee, and appreciates Clayton campus having 40+ coffee outlets to choose from.

This year will be Simon’s third in MRS, having previously been College Head at South East Flats in 2019-20. Simon is thrilled to be leading the residential support team at Holman Hall, and is excited to be part of a remarkable three-tier community— Monash, MRS and Holman Hall — that is renowned for its vibrancy, warmth, inclusiveness and support. Together with the other members of the RST, Simon looks forward to guiding Holman residents in achieving their personal and academic goals, and to making this year both successful and memorable.

Photograph of Shifa, Holman Hall RSAShifa Sadiq - Deputy College Head, Holman Hall

Shifa moved from India to Melbourne in 2016. Her inquisitiveness and determination saw her become a versatile Marketing Postgraduate in 2017. At the heart of completing her degree, she held two imminent positions with MRS, namely the Resident Advisor at Normanby House and also lead the Central Environmental Co-ordinator portfolio.

Having come from the Land of Culture, Shifa loves what diversity can bring to a vibrant community and hopes to see it bring nothing but the best this year! Grateful to have been part of MRS from 2016 and having previously held the Residential Support Assistant position at Holman Hall, Shifa is excited and looks forward to working with the Holman Hoppers and wishes the new residents a fun-tabulous year!

Shifa’s hobbies include photography, travelling and playing sports. Her creative passions saw her pursue a Diploma in Graphic Design in 2020, which she currently enjoys and has kept her busy during the pandemic.

Photograph of Emma, Holman Hall Deputy College HeadEmma Gamble - Residential Support Assistant, Holman Hall

Emma is originally from a small town just out of Wangaratta in North East Victoria. This year she is studying her fourth and final year of Secondary Education and Science, majoring in biochemistry. Emma moved to Melbourne in 2018 to attend Monash University and after living off-campus for 1 year, Emma moved on-campus to Turner Hall and was keen to get involved in hall life! She was on the Turner Hall Society in 2019 and then became an RA in 2020.

This year, Emma looks forward to joining the Holman Hall Residential Support Team and working with the RAs to foster a vibrant and inclusive community.

In her spare time, Emma enjoys playing netball as well as a bit of AFL and futsal every now and again. She loves Italian food, but if given a choice of sweet and savoury, would probably always pick the sweet option. Emma also enjoys driving around the countryside, going camping and hiking with her friends exploring the great outdoors. She also enjoys crafts, like knitting and sewing.