Howitt Hall Residential Support Team

Russell GammieRussell Gammie - College Head, Howitt Hall

Born in the cold wet highlands of Scotland Russell migrated at a young age to a very hot and dry outback New South Wales before moving to Victoria soon after.  Growing up and finishing school in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and to the surprise of many, Russell joined the emergency services.

Whilst serving with the Victoria Police, Russell was awarded the Angela Taylor Memorial Scholarship (in memory of Constable Angela Taylor who died in the 1986 Russell Street bombing) that enabled him to undertake specialist community policing, security and emergency management studies and work alongside police services and specialist units in England and Scotland.  In the latter part of his 20 year police career Russell was responsible for the Victoria Police contingent at Melbourne’s International Airport and regularly represented police at national and international conferences and exercises. He is also a proud recipient of the National Medal, the Victoria Police and National Police Service Medals, recognising his dedication and service to the Australian community.

Russell joined Monash University in 2003 as the University’s Security Manager & Crisis Team Coordinator and continues in that role.  In 2012 he extended his involvement with MRS, by joining the team as a College Head at Normanby House.  Then in 2013, Russell and his family moved across to Howitt Hall.  When asked what it is he likes about being a College Head Russell replied, “I’ve always liked being involved in roles that matter.  College Head gives me the opportunity to work with others to make a difference.  Monash is a great place to do that”.

In the rare moments when Russell isn’t working he enjoys; spending time with his family, walking his two golden retriever dogs (Harvey & Ruf), listening to a wide range of music and is a passionate sporting ‘spectator’ (a ‘grand master’ of the TV remote), particularly when watching his beloved Melbourne City in the soccer, Essendon ‘Bombers’ in the Australian Football League or Melbourne Storm and Rebels in the rugby codes.

Pat ChenPat Chen - Deputy College Head, Howitt Hall

Pat is originally from Thailand, and moved to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology which she completed in 2015. She fell in love with research during her honours year and decided to do a PhD. She is currently in her fourth year of PhD in Materials Engineering working with cutting edge technology in biomaterials. When she isn't busy doing experiments, she enjoys reading, baking and chatting with residents.

She has lived in four halls before landing in Howitt House. Her journey began as a resident in Jackomos Hall. In 2016, she was appointed as Resident Advisor in Holman Hall before joining Campbell Hall as Residential Support Assistant in 2017, whilst she spent 2018 as Deputy College Head at Normanby House. She is really excited for her new role at Howitt Hall and is looking forward to making it a home away from home for all residents.

Howitt RSA - Jay Jay Mehta - Residential Support Assistant, Howitt Hall

Jay is in his first year of a Master of Social Work degree. He was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and had lived his whole life there before coming to Melbourne in 2016 to pursue tertiary education. Jay lived in Holman Hall for the three years of his undergraduate degree and was a Resident Advisor in 2017 and 2018.

As an avid sports fan, Jay enjoys playing sport; particularly soccer and cricket. He follows many professional teams across numerous sporting disciplines and is always happy to discuss the results of previous match days. He is excited about his new role as Residential Support Advisor and looks forward to working within the incredibly welcoming environment at Howitt Hall.

Evelyn Budhy Wibowo - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

Born and raised in Indonesia, Evelyn came to Melbourne to study a double degree in Actuarial Science and Commerce. This year will be both her second year at Monash and living in Howitt. She is passionate about music and loves being involved in various clubs and societies. During her free time, she plays the piano and violin. Being part of Howitt has always been a warm and pleasant experience, hence, Evelyn calls Howitt her second home. Now, she is the Music RA and one of the two Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing RAs. She is very excited to organise fun events and meet other residents for a memorable year ahead. Her door is always open for a chat, so feel free to come by and visit.

Bethany Campbell - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

After having an amazing first year at Howitt, Beth is excited to return in 2019 as one of the two Sports RAs. Originally from Tasmania, she has enjoyed living in Melbourne and her time at Howitt has been a major highlight. Beth is passionate about sports, especially squash, and enjoys watching movies, cooking and spending time with friends when she’s free. She is super excited to meet all new residents, run heaps of events and ensure everyone enjoys living in Howitt as much as she does.

Darcy Dorward - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

Darcy Dorward is excited to be Howitt Hall’s Second Floor and Environmental RA in 2019. Darcy is originally from a small country town called Maffra, approximately 2.5 hours east of Clayton. 2019 will be Darcy’s second year in Howitt and aims to make it just as great as his first. Darcy is studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and Earth Science and hopes to find a career working in sustainable energy when he graduates. When he’s not studying, Darcy likes to spend time with his friends, cook food and binge watch the greatest TV show ever made (Survivor). Darcy is very excited to meet and get to know all the new residents in 2019 and hopes to make it a great year.

Karli Kulbars - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

2019 will be Karli’s third year of living at Howitt and her second year as a Resident Advisor, this time round she is one of Howitt’s community RA’s so she will be organising events such as the Howitt Gaudy Ball. Karli is originally from Bendigo and moved to Monash to study a Bachelor of Radiation Science. She is a big AFL fan and loves a good day on the beach. Karli loved being an RA at Howitt last year and only hopes that 2019 will bring even bigger and better things. She can’t wait to see you all at Howitt!

Lachlan Marshall - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

Before moving to Howitt to study Engineering and Commerce, Lachie Marshall grew up in the Australian bush alongside all living creatures from horses to baby lambs. He enjoys spending too much time with his old and new friends whether it be booking out Howitt’s theatre or hiking in the mountains. Lachie is excited to be one of the Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing RAs in 2019 and is looking forward to making new friends and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be part of the thriving community here at Howitt.

Kayla McMahon - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

Kayla grew up on the coast in Warrnambool, Victoria. She loves the beach, animals, almost all sports, and hanging out with people around Howitt at any time of day or night! After taking the cliché year off after high school to work and travel, Kayla moved to Melbourne in 2018 to start studying a Bachelor of Psychology. She learnt a lot in her first year about what to do (and what not to do) when studying at university and can’t wait to share this information with you as she takes on the academic portfolio alongside Georgie this year at Howitt.

Renee Mizza - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

Born in Bundoora, Melbourne, Renee was raised in the small country town of Kardella South, about an hour and a half away from Howitt Hall. Renee completed year 12 in 2017, went to Swinburne University in 2018 for a semester and then transferred to Monash where she found her home away from home at Howitt. Currently studying a Bachelor of Science she wants to pursue a career in the Medical Science field. Renee feels exceptionally lucky to be the Merchandise Resident Advisor for 2019 and is really excited to help ensure that Howitt remains an amazing place to live.

Georgia Nicholson - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

Georgie is a second year Howitt Hall resident who relocated from a town called Maldon in Central Victoria to study International Relations and Philosophy at Monash. When she’s not studying (even when she probably should be), Georgie can be found spending copious amounts of time in the kitchen socialising with friends or staying obsessively up to date with current affairs. As the 10th floor RA and a member of the Academic Portfolio team, Georgie is excited to support residents in their studies and promote health and success in these pursuits.

Joshua Pelach - Residents Advisor, Howitt Hall

Josh was born in Melbourne but moved to Cairns before starting high school. After graduating, he returned to Melbourne at 17 to study Law/Arts majoring in politics and media, given his passion for public speaking and social justice. In the spare time that he doesn’t have, Josh can be found catching up on some much-needed sleep. Josh will be one of the two Community RAs at Howitt in 2018. As part of the Monash Residents’ Committee, he will also be running some great social activities and representing student interests to the university. He is really looking forward to meeting all the new residents.

Belle Ryan - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

After growing up in rural north-east Victoria, Belle has moved to Melbourne to commence her Bachelor of Arts at Monash University. She is majoring in politics and criminology, and minoring in literature. Belle has a keen interest in student politics and will also be an editor of the student magazine Lot’s Wife in 2019. She enjoys competing in sports, reading, sunshine, op-shopping and a good coffee! Belle is a super social gal (hence the reason she’s society RA) and can’t wait to expand her Howitt Hall family!

Lokesh Sangarya - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

Lokesh is from Bangalore, India and this is his second year as a Master's student at Monash studying Mechanical Engineering. When he is not busy solving physics equations, he can be found riding his bike, volunteering on campus or just hanging out with friends at Howitt. He is always up for a chat and is keen to learn about people from all around the world. He is the Media RA at Howitt in 2019 and is looking forward to conducting events to foster a sense of community and belonging among all residents.

Ollie Trengrove - Resident Advisor, Howitt Hall

In 2019, Ollie will be the 9th Floor Sport RA for Howitt. Born in Singapore, he spent his first three years in London and then relocated to his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. At the start of 2018 he left NZ for Melbourne and has loved every moment. This will be his second year in Howitt and his second year in a double degree in Engineering and Science. When Ollie isn’t out running or playing sport, he can be found in the music room playing piano or watching sports games in the theatre. Ollie is super excited to meet all the new residents and getting to know some new faces!