Jackomos Hall Residential Support Team

Jackomos College Head - NickNick Stewart - College Head, Jackomos Hall

Nick is originally from Hobart, Tasmania and moved to Melbourne to study years 11 and 12 at De La Salle College Malvern. In 2007 he completed his Bachelor of Applied Science at Deakin University and recently completed Postgraduate study at Monash University.
Previously Nick has been the Deputy College Head at Richardson Hall 2015-17, in 2018 he was College Head at South East Flats and in 2019 he joins the Jackomos Hall community as College Head along with DCH Travis Robinson and RSA Ashlee Shepherd. He is employed by the University as the Manager, Campus Experience and Major Events, as part of this role his team deliver campus events such as SummerFest and WinterFest. Nick has been at the University since 2010 and has been fortunate to work with students on many major events and programs throughout the academic year including Open Day, Orientation, campus-based events and Graduations.
Nick enjoys the opportunity to help offer guidance, support and create a sense of community with residence at MRS, while continuing to follow his passion of community development in the tertiary sector.
Nick is excited for the year ahead at Jackomos Hall and the opportunity to meet all the amazing people that will call Jackomos Hall home.
Living with Nick, is his wife Bek who also works at Monash and their lively whippet Gavin (dog).

Travis RobinsonTravis Robinson - Deputy College Head, Jackomos Hall

Travis is originally from the small town of Markwood in North East Victoria but moved to Melbourne in 2013 to study a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) here at Monash.

Travis became a Resident Advisor in 2013 with the Sports Programs (Clayton) portfolio within Monash Residential Services, followed by the Community portfolio at Howitt Hall in 2014 and 2015. He has spent the last three years as the Residential Support Assistant for Roberts Hall and has loved every minute of being a part of the MRS family.

Having spent a few years as a cheese maker, some would say his humour is cheesy, but don't brie-lieve them. Travis is excited to take on his first year as a Deputy College Head and call Jackomos home. Hope to see you in 2019 as a Turtle!

Jackomos RSA - AshleeAshlee Shepherd - Residential Support Assistant, Jackomos Hall

Ashlee’s preferred pronouns are she, her and hers. Born and raised in the regional Victorian city of Ballarat—like many of MRS’ residents—she left home at the tender age of eighteen to pursue tertiary education. She wound up studying a Bachelor of Industrial Design at Monash and spent her first two years in Melbourne living slash making mems at Farrer Hall. Nowadays, she’s onto her second degree—Communication Design this time round—and works part-time in the MRS office. Ashlee loves solving problems and is fascinated by the human experience. She hopes to dedicate her life’s work to promoting social change by developing inclusive and respectful communities.

She’s also a sucker for extracurricular activities; having represented TeamMONASH three times at Australian University Games, participated in the Leadership Excellence with John Bertrand Program, Monash-Oxfam Innovators Challenge and Access Monash Mentoring Program. When she’s not busy with Monash related activities, Ashlee loves to attend live music gigs and festivals or going on spontaneous road-trips in her 1980s Honda City. She is thrilled to be joining the Jackomos Hall Residential Support Team as RSA and looks forward to all the adventures that 2019 is sure to bring!

Will Allchin - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Will is a second year IT student from Mount Martha, which is down on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. He loves socialising, learning, competing and eating with mates. He’s always down for an ice cream and a chat and is very relaxed when it comes to doing absolutely anything. You’ll often see him lounging around the hall with seemingly way too much time on his hands. Will loves spontaneity and doing things for no reason other than to have a laugh. Although it’s his first year being a Residential Advisor, he looks forward to the challenge and meeting the new residents. He’ll joining Georgia and Tyler on the Sports Portfolio.

Sharini Arachchige - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Sharini is undertaking a double degree in Bachelor of Laws and Arts, and is in her third year of doing so. Having lived in Jackomos Hall for a year already, she is looking forward to taking on the role of RA for 2019 and working alongside Bowen and Jacob on the Events Portfolio. In addition to her studies, Sharini’s interests include being involved in performing arts. She is always open for a chat and a good time, and is also very excited to meet all of the new Jackomos Hall residents in 2019.

Tyler Arnold - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Tyler Arnold is going into his second year of a double degree in Science and Computer Science and intends to specialise in Data Science and major in Mathematical Statistics. Originally from the small regional Victorian town of Warracknabeal; Tyler moved into Jackomos hall at the beginning of 2018 after taking a gap year to work and travel. Apart from binging Netflix series he enjoys playing Aussie Rules Football (AFL) and catching up with friends. He also looks forward to meeting new residents in 2019 and attempting to make their year as fun as possible!

Alex Calvert - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Alex, is a second year Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce Specialist student; majoring in Mechatronics and Economic Policy. Originally from a remote farm in North-East Tasmania, Alex moved to Melbourne in 2018 to commence his studies at Monash University. When he is not studying, Alex enjoys working in the agriculture industry, retro gaming and participating in the sports of clay target shooting and skiing. As a first time RA in 2019, he shall be working with Claire on the Academic Portfolio and is looking forward to meeting all the residents in Jackomos Hall and the wider MRS Community.

Gemma Crosby - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Gemma is going into her second year of university at Monash, studying a Bachelor of Science and Global Studies. Originally from Geelong, Gemma moved up to Melbourne last year and loved it. She does not yet know exactly what she wants to do after university, however she is passionate about making a positive difference in the world and enjoys volunteering with organisations such as Oaktree and One Girl. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, listening to music and travelling. She is incredibly excited to be an RA in 2019 and looks forward to welcoming all of you to the Jackomos community!

Yingtong (Lee) Li - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Lee (his passport says Yingtong) is a third-year medical student, originally from Adelaide, South Australia. He has a passion for IT, with particular interest in medical technology, electronic voting and software freedom. He is active in committee work and student representation, and enjoys reading and playing the piano. This year, he looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm and experiences with his fellow residents across MRS as central IT Coordinator and an in-hall RA at Jackomos; where he shall be spearheading the Communication and Publications Portfolio.

Claire Lim - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Born in tropical Mauritius, Claire Lim is currently in her second year studying a Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Environmental Engineering. During her spare time, you can find her jogging outside on the soccer field or browsing YouTube videos featuring The Ellen Show and The Voice US. A fan of many cuisines, her favourites are South Korean dishes and sweet juicy fruits. Being an avid adventure-seeker, she always looks forward to learning new skills or travelling around the world with her family and friends! She is excited to meet and connect with new people and can’t wait to have a chat with all of you soon at Jackomos Hall!

Cyril Maniwa - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Cyril is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Engineering, looking to major in Mechanical or Aerospace. He came to Melbourne in the winter of 2018 to commence his studies here at Monash. Cyril is originally from a small country in Southern Africa known as Zimbabwe. He joined the warm Jackomos family in July 2018 and continues to be an active resident. He is a big fan of the NBA and is always down for a shoot of Basketball or to play to most sports in general! As a first time RA, he is very keen to learn and have a positive  impact on his fellow residents.

Jacob McGruddy - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Jacob is a third year Bachelor of Commerce and Actuarial Statistics student. In 2017 he moved to Melbourne from Western Australia to pursue his studies at Monash University. When not busy studying, he devotes his spare time to a wide array of hobbies, including Rubik’s cubes, chess, video games and reading. As a first time Resident Advisor, Jacob will join Bowen and Sharini on the Events Portfolio and is looking forward to seeing new faces and helping everyone enjoy their stay at Jackomos Hall.

Georgia Neate - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Georgia is in her second year of a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Research), with a Major in Chemistry. She is excited to be an RA for the first time this year at Jackomos Hall! Originally from Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, Georgia moved interstate in 2018 for her first year of uni. Her interests include reading, Australian wildlife, cats, music and soccer. When she’s not at soccer training, she is likely to be listening to music but will always be happy to chat. Georgia is on the Sport Portfolio team with Will and Tyler and thinks that Jackomos will be amazing in 2019. She's looking forward to meeting all the new residents soon!

Christine Ng - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Born in Singapore, Christine moved to Melbourne in 2014 to pursue a degree in Law and is currently in her final year! Outside of university, Christine is an avid foodie. She is always thinking about food (especially desserts), keeping abreast of food trends and looking for something new or exciting to eat. Christine also loves the sea and dreams of living on the coast someday. Like Daniёl, she is a returning Jackomos Hall RA and will be working on the Community Portfolio. She looks forward to meeting and welcoming all the new faces in 2019.

Aaron Pitts - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

After taking a break from university last year, Aaron will be studying Aerospace Engineering, Math, Physics and Philosophy with a rekindled passion. Aaron has lived on campus for 3 years and has finally taken the opportunity to be a Resident Advisor. He hopes to provide a benefit to the community and help make strong personal relations. Aaron will be working on the Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing RA Team alongside Cyril and Ray. Outside of uni, Aaron likes to read, play sport (somewhat obsessively), and have well-informed discussions with friends. He is always on the lookout for new knowledge so feel free to share some when you see him!

Ray Ren - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Growing up in China, Ray moved to South Australia in 2008 before coming to Melbourne for Uni. Currently studying Medicine, he is a passionate and organised individual that is dedicated to making a difference to the community around him. In his spare time he volunteers as the Graphics Director of Monash Chinese-Australian Cultural Community (MCCC), where he designs posters, logos and flyers for club social events. As an RA at Jackomos Hall in 2019, Ray hopes to provide guidance to new residents from a diversity of cultures and backgrounds to aid them with their transition. He shall be working alongside Aaron and Cyril on the Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Portfolio.

Annie Stewart - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Annie is a 2nd year Biomedical Science student studying at Clayton Campus. Originally from Bendigo in central Victoria, Annie moved to Jackomos in Feb 2018 after taking two years off to work and travel. Outside of uni, Annie has a passion for roller derby and is a member of the Mornington Peninsula Club. She also loves cooking, reading, planning future travels and watching Netflix. Annie can't wait to meet all of the new Jackomos residents in 2019 and to help them settle in and enjoy the residential community! She will be working alongside Gemma on the Charity & Environment Portfolio.

Daniёl van Tubbergh - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Daniёl (pronounced Darn-iel) is a returning Jackomos Hall RA. He is from the small country town of Echuca and has lived there on a hobby farm for the last 10 years. He is currently in his fourth year of a double degree in Commerce and Engineering, specialising in Materials Engineering and Business Analytics respectively. He loves cooking and watching sports— mainly cricket, football and hockey. In 2019 he will be working alongside Christine on the Community Portfolio and looks forward to making a positive contribution to the Jackomos Hall experience and meeting all the new residents.

Bowen Xia - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Bowen grew up in the shadow of Parliament House with kangaroos hopping around his backyard. In 2017 he gave it all up to move to Melbourne in order to experience the world. Bowen is currently a third-year student doctor and already has a degree in Assignment Procrastination. He enjoys gaming, tennis, cycling and meme making. In 2019, Bowen will be working alongside Jacob and Sharini to bring excellent events to the Jackomos Hall community. His door is always open, so don't hesitate to come by if you have any questions or concerns!