Jackomos Hall Residential Support Team

Photograph of Nick, Jackomos Hall College HeadNick Stewart - College Head, Jackomos Hall

Nick is originally from Hobart, Tasmania and moved to Melbourne to study. In 2007 he completed his Bachelor of Applied Science at Deakin University and recently completed Postgraduate study at Monash University.

Previously Nick has been the Deputy College Head at Richardson Hall 2015-17 and College Head at South East Flats in 2018, since 2019 he has been the Jackomos Hall College Head. He is employed by the University as the Manager, Campus Experience and Major Events, as part of this role his team deliver campus events such as SummerFest and WinterFest. Nick has been at the University since 2010 and has been fortunate to work with students on many major events and programs throughout the academic year including Open Day, Orientation, campus-based events and Graduations.

Nick enjoys the opportunity to help offer guidance, support and create a sense of community with residence at MRS, while continuing to follow his passion of community development in the tertiary sector.
Nick is excited for the year ahead at Jackomos Hall and the opportunity to meet all the amazing people that will call Jackomos Hall home. Living with Nick, is his wife Bek who also works at Monash, daughter Maeve and their lively whippet Gavin (dog).

Photograph of Melissa, Jackomos Hall Deputy College HeadMelissa Ng - Deputy College Head, Jackomos Hall

Melissa grew up in Singapore and moved to Melbourne in 2012 to pursue her studies.
In 2013, Melissa moved into MRS as a resident and has called MRS home since – she now lives here with her husband, Timothy, and son, Liam.
Having been a resident as well as a Resident Advisor, Melissa has firsthand experience of residential life, the programs and support systems that MRS has in place. Having personally benefited from the residential program at MRS, Melissa strives to impart onto current and future residents the same inclusive, social, and respectful experience she has experienced.
Outside of MRS, Melissa works as a lawyer in general practice and enjoys exploring the outdoors, travelling, and spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking.

TBA - Residential Support Assistant, Jackomos Hall

Alicia Newton - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Alicia is in her 4th year of Global Studies/Law, specialising in Human Rights. She spent her primary school years in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, then moved to the rural Victorian city of Geelong from high-school onwards. Since moving back to Melbourne for university, Alicia has loved exploring the exciting array of art galleries, parks and culture and would like to continue living in Melbourne for years to come. Alicia is passionate about music and has played the violin since a young age. She loves travelling overseas and road-tripping, and in her spare time enjoys hiking, yoga and swimming at the beach. Coming back for a second time as an RA at Jackomos,  Alicia looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for making friends, having fun and celebrating diversity with fellow Jackomos residents.

Brydie Francis - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Brydie Francis is an individual living in Jackomos hall that is dedicated to educating residents within the MRS community on a variety of issues including those relevant to the 'Respect. Now. Always' initiative. She wishes to invest time and effort into promoting activities and events that will benefit the community as a whole and bring people together. Understanding that support and community engagement is essential to on campus living, she aspires to provide residents with a welcoming and enthusiastic presence to better foster a sense of connection and help everyone have the best experience possible whilst living on campus.

Catherine Yu - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Cathy is a fifth-year medical student from Sydney, New South Wales. In her spare time, she is an absolute food fanatic, and loves trying out all the different cuisines that Melbourne has to offer (though cheese is her ultimate kryptonite). To complement this passion, Cathy also loves all sorts of physical activity, especially jogging around university on the rare times her knee is uninjured, despite the advice of her physio. Otherwise, you can find her attempting to learn songs on the piano in the music room or playing solitaire on her phone. She can’t wait to meet all her residents this year and is always happy to have a chat!

Celina Dhobbie - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Celina is a fourth-year student from the country of wonders that is shaped like a teapot, Zimbabwe. She is doing a double degree in ECSE Engineering and Commerce majoring in Accounting. Celina loves the power of music and its mood altering effects. A quick scroll through her “Most Played” music you will find a cocktail of genres ranging from 20th century soul and jazz, alternative, house, classical, reggae, various genres unique to the African continent and a sprinkle of pop. In her free-time, she enjoys binge watching documentaries. This year, she looks forward to welcoming new and returning residents to the Jackomos Hall family and the wider community as she returns for a second year at Jackomos, and fourth year at Monash and MRS.

Elysee Hui Yan Lee - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

In 2018, Elysee left her home in Singapore and made her way to Melbourne (and Jackomos) to study at Monash College and has been here ever since. She is currently studying for her undergrad in Science. Outside of academics, she is passionate about sustainability, the environment, magpies, food, more food and dancing to groovy disco beats. Jackomos has become a second home to Elysee and she is all about contributing to creating a welcoming and fun community that everyone can consider their home too!

Gavin Ashford - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Gavin is a third year Biomedicine student who hails from Canada. He is passionate about music (blues), film (Wes Anderson), and dance (signature move: the worm). A fan of bonsai and snickerdoodle cookies, Gavin dabbles in figure sketching, windsurfing, and a cheeky game of chess now and again. He is delighted to be a returning Residential Advisor in 2021 and hopes to create a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for his residents- a home away from home. Beyond this, Gavin hopes to continue making friends and fostering the lovely sense of community that Jackomos Hall prides itself on. Don’t hesitate to call on him should you require a stellar cup of coffee and a chat!

Henry Delbridge - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Originally from the South-West of Western Australia, Henry joined the Monash community last year. He is studying a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, and became a Jackomos Hall resident in August 2020 (in the midst of the Stage 4 lockdown). He enjoys getting outdoors, hiking, tennis, and playing the piano, and most of all, being involved in the wider Monash community, and is excited by the prospect of doing these things without any lockdown in 2021. Born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Henry has experienced living abroad as an expat, and is passionate about celebrating our diverse and multicultural society. He looks forward to embracing the Jackomos Hall community in 2021, and being able to finally meet his fellow residents in person!

HongKyeong (Claire) Lee - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

HongKyeong, who is also known as Claire, is a first-year Master of Design student, specialising in multimedia design. She is originally from Korea, lived almost half of her life in Malaysia and moved to Melbourne in 2018 for her last year of Bachelor's degree. She has previously lived in RV, Deakin hall and this is her first year in UC at Jackomos Hall. She loves to sing, paint and watch films during her free time. She is absolutely keen on the coming year as an RA and to meet new residents. She enjoys socialising so please feel free to come and say hi!

Jessica Yu - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Born in Auckland, but raised in the expat community in sunny Singapore, Jess embodies the “third culture kid” spirit. She moved to Melbourne in 2019 for her studies, and is currently a third year medical student. She enjoys dabbling in graphic design, playing the piano, trying every brand of soy milk there is at Coles, and making extremely minor contributions to the medical orchestra with her violin. Jess is stoked to be returning for her second year as an RA, and is looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Jackomos family. Please feel free to have a chat if you see her around!

Juanita Umesh - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Originally from touristy Dubai, Juanita (she/her) arrived in Melbourne at the age of 17. She is about to enter the 4th year of her Bachelor of Psychology degree (no she cannot read your mind). When not studying, she can be found watching comedy horrors, discovering new music or reading science journals. In the past, she has spent her time record keeping at clinics, volunteering at camps and performing in musicals. Juanita is a strong advocate for female empowerment and the importance of mental health. Feel free to knock on her door if you need a chat, music recommendations or a good horror movie scare!

Jasmine Tadjibaeva- Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Jasmine is a third year Psychology student from Russia. After spending her childhood in the Middle East, she moved to New Zealand and then Australia to pursue her studies. She enjoys tinkering in the kitchen, portraiture, a good book, and indoor horticulture (definitely pop over to check out her room/jungle). Jasmine is looking forward to returning to Jackomos Hall as a Resident Advisor in 2021 and welcoming residents to the Turtle family. She hopes to meet lots of new people, make plenty of friends (process may involve baked goods), and foster a culture of fun, friendship, and support. Catch her cooking up a storm in the wing kitchen, or swing by her jungle for a cup of tea and a chat.

Mahsa Naseri - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Mahsa born and grew up in Iran and move to Melbourne in February 2019 to do her PhD in civil engineering- transportation. She moved into Jackomos hall as a resident since May 2019. She loves nature and cultures and believes they bring diversity and connection at the same time to all communities. She enjoy all forms of arts which is a common language among all people and in her free time likes dancing, playing music, reading books and cycling.

Pattadon Khobunsongserm - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Pattadon arrived from Bangkok, Thailand, to study at Monash University in 2019, currently in his second year of Bachelor of Engineering pursuing his passion for Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence. If he’s not in his room indulging himself in Japanese animation or playing games on his computer, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and exploring new places, looking for the perfect composition for his photographs. He can be seen wearing headphones when he’s alone. However, he’s always up for a chat and loves to meet up with new people, so please feel free to approach him and come say hi!

Rijul Baath - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Born and raised in India, Rijul (she/her) moved to Melbourne in early February of 2020 to pursue a bachelor of media and communications from Monash. She is passionate about traveling, exploring new places, and getting to know about new cultures. In her spare time, she is either binge-watching Brooklyn 99 or fangirling over The Office. When not cooped up watching shows, you can find her taking random nature walks in or around campus. She loves meeting new people and is always looking for a friend or a walking buddy, so feel free to come have a chat if you see her around!

Vaitheeswari - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Vaitheeswari (Vai) is an old soul trapped in a young body. A pretty lively person and she would often greet you with a bright smile, her trademark. Her favourite pastimes are napping, doodling, walking and taking some mindful meditation. She believes that her daily meditation keeps her sane. She used to be a chatterbox until one day life turned her into a great listener. She can even remember conversations that happened ages ago which implies how much she values human interaction. She loves to motivate others with her post-it notes filled with quotes and doodles. Vai will always ensure that her peers stay safe and embraced in their hall with her positive and cheerful attitude.

Vanessa Alimin - Resident Advisor, Jackomos Hall

Vanessa is from the beautiful islands of Indonesia and is currently pursuing a Master of Dietetics. She very recently moved to Melbourne from Brisbane, where she studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Having moved in the middle of lockdown, she knows how difficult it is to settle into a new environment, so she’s super keen to help residents wherever she can. Feel free to knock on her door for a study buddy, coffee, or just a chat (P.S. ask for a picture of her dog). Vanessa is excited for her first year as an RA and helping everyone call Jackomos home!