Logan Hall Residential Support Team

Leanne McCannLeanne McCann - College Head, Logan Hall

Leanne was born and raised in Melbourne and had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world early in her career. She was offered a position to work in the travel industry, then for Rio Tinto and Swissair before taking on formal qualifications in Education.

Leanne is a mother of two girls, Tori and Carla, and has worked at Monash for 8 years. ​She loves to try good restaurants and is a definite foodie. Leanne welcomes you to Logan Hall, your new home, 'beautiful on the outside and even better in the inside'.

Cameron BrownCam Brown - Deputy College Head, Logan Hall

Before university Cam completed an apprenticeship as an Electrical and Instrumentation technician but in 2013 decided to try something new and came to Monash and MRS.
Suffice to say, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as after living in South East Flats he became a residential advisor there the following year and then RSA at Briggs Hall in mid 2015.

Growing up in the beautiful, but tiny, rural Victoria township of Willow Grove (according to Wikipedia Logan Hall has more residents) he is a country boy at heart but currently prefers to live in a slightly more populated area. He dislikes coffee and chocolate, but please don’t hold this against him.

During the day Cam works for the University as a Functions and Events officer. Cam is very excited to be coming to Logan Hall in 2017 and is thoroughly looking forward to working with the Residential Support Team to create a welcoming and vibrant community that is a home away from home for all everyone who lives at Logan!

Dani Chung - Residential Support Assistant, Logan Hall
Logan RSA - Dani

Born and raised in Singapore, Dani moved to Melbourne in 2011 to pursue a double degree in Arts and Law at Monash. She lived off-campus for 2½ years before moving into Briggs Hall in 2014, diving straight into the community by becoming involved first in the Hall Society, then to holding multiple Residential Advisor roles in 2015 and 2016. Dani is now thrilled to return to the MRS community in 2018, having left after completing her full-time studies in 2016, and is looking forward to creating and being part of a fun and inclusive environment at Logan Hall.

Dani is active in the social justice legal sector, and has been volunteering and working at various community legal centres for since 2016. She will be completing her practical legal training this year, and is working towards practising as a lawyer one day. To unwind, Dani loves indulging in mugs and mugs of hot chocolate, Japanese cuisine, and a good sheet mask.

Hazem Ali  - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Hazem is a first year engineering student, who moved to Australia in  2017 and has lived in Logan Hall ever since. He is all about playing football as much as he can, which he attributes to his Egyptian heritage and Egypt is all about football and pyramids. He's lived his whole life in Abu Dhabi and would be the perfect trip planner for you if you ever decide to go to the U.A.E. As the sports RA for 2019, he wants to make sure all residents; new and returners alike, feel welcome and at home. And when it comes to sports, he wants Logan to win it all!

Justin Creado - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Justin was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He is currently in his second year of Chemical Engineering and also in his second year at Logan. Outside academics, he is very passionate about soccer and Manchester United, and in his free time you’ll usually find him playing at one of the courts as well as for the university team. Feel free to hit him up anytime for a game of Fifa! Justin is very excited to be an RA in 2019 and to meet all the new residents and is always available to have a chat about anything.

Liberty Creighton - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Libby is from the small suburb of Buderim on the Sunshine coast in Queensland. She is in her second year of a Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce, and her first year of a diploma of French language. Before coming to Monash, she went on a year-long exchange to France, living and studying in the town of Auray in Bretagne. Libby is an avid dog lover and enjoys taking every opportunity to pat a passing canine friend. In her spare time, she plays hockey, guitar and the violin, and spends the rest of her time reading or cooking. Libby is excited to be an RA this year, and can’t wait to meet you all!

Christopher Ellis - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Chris is a second year Engineering student and 2019 will be his second year in Logan Hall. He comes from the tiny rural township of Mannibadar in Western Victoria, having grown up on a farm. Chris has hobbies in strategy video games as well as an interest in classical era history and battle tactics. He likes to be part of the Logan community and to help out whenever he can. He looks forward to being an RA in 2019!

Elizabeth Hoysted - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Elizabeth is a second year Science/Arts student at Clayton campus. She comes from Benalla, Victoria. In her spare time, Elizabeth is often out for coffee, at home with a coffee, or trying to talk a friend into getting coffee. Other than coffee, you will find her relaxing, listening to Hamilton very loudly or watching Netflix. She is excited to be a RA in 2019 and is always up for a chat.

Jayashree (Jaya) J S - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Jayashree-or-Jaya was born in India but spent most of her life growing up in the sunny island of Singapore. She made a jump to Melbourne in 2017 to attend Monash College-Foundation Year. This year, she has moved into the second year of Medical school and into her second year at Logan. If there is anything she loves more than Netflix on a quiet-night, it’s making new friends and having great conversations over a cup of chai. Jaya is absolutely thrilled to welcome residents to the Logan Wolfpack in 2019 and is looking forward to exchanging some life-changing life-hacks.

Xue Jan (Sue) Koay - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Sue is currently in her final year undertaking a Masters course in teaching. Born and raised in Malaysia, she has an infinite amount of love for food. Naps, yoga, books and aesthetics are some of the things she enjoys in life. Having already been in Melbourne since 2013, Sue understands what it’s like to be out there striving as a university/international student. Despite having an introverted nature, she’s more than willing to lend an ear should anything bother you, so don’t hesitate to reach out! She also hopes to facilitate an inclusive living environment where residents from different walks of life feel well supported and at home, here at Logan.

Jeryl Lim - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Jeryl comes from the tiny island nation of Singapore. He is currently doing an Honours year in Psychology. Outside of academic life, Jeryl loves to play casual badminton and computer games, and also freelances as a music arranger and pianist. It's his second year as an Resident Advisor, and with his experience, you can definitely trust him to be a welcoming presence in Logan Hall!

Ken Yi (Douglas) Lim - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Douglas is a third-year law student from the Little Red Dot, Singapore, and it’s also his third year at Logan. Always keen to learn more about other cultures and traditions, he hopes to meet many new people from different backgrounds. He also absolutely loves music (even in languages he doesn’t know), so you might see him walking around with his earphones on constantly, but if you ever need anything don’t be afraid to stop him and let him know. He may be a little shy and quiet at times, or have resting-angry-face but don’t worry and just come say hi!

Olivia (Miki) Lin - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Miki is a second-year medical student from New Zealand, who will be living in Logan Hall for the first time and is excited to see all that it has to offer. In her spare time, Miki enjoys getting 10 hours of sleep whenever possible, as well as watching food ASMR channels, and has even once tried to create such a channel. She enjoys all types of cuisine, notably Korean but unfortunately is not known for being a good cook. She loves to talk however, so if you need some good banter feel free to hit her up!

Vibha Pinto - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Vibha is a third year Arts student who’s majoring in Sociology. She moved to Melbourne from Bangalore, India in October 2016 and has lived in Logan ever since. She can be found spending the majority of her time either reading various novels or partaking in a wide range of outdoor activities. She loves the outdoors and nature and has aptly been given the environmental portfolio. Although slightly shy at first, Vibha is more than happy to talk to you about anything and everything, her door is always open for a chat!

Mark Schoenfisch - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Coming from the small suburb of Barry’s Reef (a ways west of Melbourne), Mark is a third year student at Monash, studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Networks and Security. In his spare time Mark loves to read books, watch Netflix and play Nintendo games while sitting in oversized bean bags. Mark is looking forward to returning as an RA in 2019 and is always happy to talk to you and help you out.