Logan Hall Residential Support Team Officers

Leanne McCann - College Head, Logan Hall Leanne McCann

Born and raised in Melbourne, Leanne had the opportunity to travel when working for Rio Tinto and Swissair before taking on formal qualifications in Education.  As well as College Head of Logan Hall, Leanne is the Associate Director, Learning at RMIT.  Logan Hall is a very special and diverse community, with residents from all over the world. Where students come together to study in a supportive and safe environment and where lifelong friendships are forged and networks are made.

Leanne welcomes you to Logan Hall, your new home, 'beautiful on the outside and even better in the inside'.‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

Ben Law - Deputy College Head, Logan HallPhotograph of Ben, Logan Hall Deputy College Head

Born and bred in Melbourne, Ben attended Trinity Grammar School before pursuing a double degree in Arts/Science at the University of Melbourne. Upon graduation Ben worked in various roles across university and has worked at Monash University since 2013. Ben has predominantly worked in Student Recruitment roles in the domestic and international space which has involved travelling within Australia and around the world. His work has taken him from rural parts of Australia to countries across Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and North America.

Ben is excited to share his passion for creating a positive student community. He has been regularly seen in various marketing campaigns across the university from Monash Sport, Change of Preference to Student Recruitment collateral – just look around the university! Ben looks forward to continuing as Deputy College Head of Logan Hall and also meeting and working with the rest of the team within the hall.

Photograph of Emily, Logan Hall RSAEmily Lei - Residential Support Assistant, Logan Hall

Born in Australia but raised in Hong Kong, Emily studied Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business, majoring in Business management and Psychology. Emily can speak 4 languages – English, Russian, Chinese and Cantonese, so feel free to start a chat with her in any of those languages! Emily has lived at Monash Residential Services since her first year of university, and has been a very engaged member of the community. She was a Resident Advisor for 3 years and the MRS Residents Committee President in 2019.

Having lived at both Residential Village and Urban Community, Emily has a good understanding of MRS as a whole and is super excited to bring all her experiences to Logan Hall. Emily is most passionate about bringing residents from all cultures and backgrounds together, creating a fun and accepting environment, and making sure your wellbeing is the first priority.

Emily is a photography enthusiast and works freelance around the university. If you see her around with a camera, smile for the photo! In her free time, Emily loves to go to the gym, watch movies and tv shows with a cup of tea, and go for a boogie!