Logan Hall Residential Support Team

Leanne McCann - College Head, Logan Hall Leanne McCann

Born and raised in Melbourne, Leanne had the opportunity to travel when working for Rio Tinto and Swissair before taking on formal qualifications in Education.  As well as College Head of Logan Hall, Leanne is the Associate Director, Learning at RMIT.  Logan Hall is a very special and diverse community, with residents from all over the world. Where students come together to study in a supportive and safe environment and where lifelong friendships are forged and networks are made.

Leanne welcomes you to Logan Hall, your new home, 'beautiful on the outside and even better in the inside'.‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

Ben Law - Deputy College Head, Logan HallPhotograph of Ben, Logan Hall Deputy College Head

Born and bred in Melbourne, Ben attended Trinity Grammar School before pursuing a double degree in Arts/Science at the University of Melbourne. Upon graduation Ben worked in various roles across university and has worked at Monash University since 2013. Ben has predominantly worked in Student Recruitment roles in the domestic and international space which has involved travelling within Australia and around the world. His work has taken him from rural parts of Australia to countries across Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and North America.

Ben is ‘new’ to the MRS community and is excited to share his passion for creating a positive student community. He has been regularly seen in various marketing campaigns across the university from Monash Sport, Change of Preference to Student Recruitment collateral – just look around the university! Ben looks forward to beginning the new challenge of Deputy College Head of Logan Hall and also meeting and working with the rest of the team within the hall.

Photograph of Emily, Logan Hall RSAEmily Lei - Residential Support Assistant, Logan Hall

Born in Australia but raised in Hong Kong, Emily studied Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business, majoring in Business management and Psychology. Emily can speak 4 languages – English, Russian, Chinese and Cantonese, so feel free to start a chat with her in any of those languages! Emily has lived at Monash Residential Services since her first year of university, and has been a very engaged member of the community. She was a Resident Advisor for 3 years and the MRS Residents Committee President in 2019. Having lived at both Residential Village and Urban Community, Emily has a good understanding of MRS as a whole and is super excited to bring all her experiences to Logan Hall. Emily is most passionate about bringing residents from all cultures and backgrounds together, creating a fun and accepting environment, and making sure your wellbeing is the first priority.

Emily is a photography enthusiast and works freelance around the university. If you see her around with a camera, smile for the photo! In her free time, Emily loves to go to the gym, watch movies and tv shows with a cup of tea, and go for a boogie!

Aurora Zhang- Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Aurora is a third-year Science student who comes from China. This is her second year living in Logan Hall and her third year living in Australia. She loves Chemistry, folk music and travelling. She also has a great interest in making some dessert and creating new cuisine. She has a heart of adventure and happy to make friends from all over the world. So, if you need any help or want to have a chat, do not hesitate to contact her anytime.

Beaw Clungratana - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Jutaphat Clungratana (Beaw) is originally from Thailand and grew up in New Zealand. Beaw began to show interest in Visual Arts  and has been practising and making short comics for her friends, short animations for practise and general doodle sketches.  She was a member of the Kilmore Rotary club which led her to get involved in Clean Up Australia Day and UN youth workshop activities in Victoria. She is studying a Diploma of Arts, Psychology stream at Monash College. Her main goal is to improve her skills in supporting people, becoming friends with more people in Monash and also understanding her strengths and weaknesses. She is a risk -taker who loves new challenges that help her grow as a person and to understand the world society.

Bharati Lele - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Bharati is in her 2nd year of a PhD in Marketing. Although she comes from the land of Bollywood (an industry that makes the largest number of movies in the world) Mumbai, she is far from the world of movies. She is an environmentalist at heart and passionate about sustainable living. She has spent her childhood in a land of forests, grownup playing with her lovely pets – a duck, a calf, two rabbits and a goat. Her rich industry experience working with people across geographies from different countries, gives her a deep appreciation of different cultures. Bharati is a foodie, loves to paint in her free time and is an amateur wildlife photographer. She comes across as a friendly person, always willing to help. If you ever want to chat on sustainability or how to grow plants or on topics of energy conservation practices, Bharati would be your “go-to” person.

Chloe Stephens - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Chloe (she/her) is commencing her second year of Arts and her first year of Law with a major in Human Rights. Chloe, born and raised on the Gold Coast, Queensland, is always up for a chat about books, AFL and music. Her favourite hobbies are going to gym classes, the beach and drinking coffee, especially with friends. Chloe is excited to provide you with a supportive environment and memorable experiences whilst at Logan Hall.

Daniel Hunt - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Daniel is a 2nd year Arts Student majoring in Digital Humanities. He was born in New Zealand but was raised in Australia from a young age then lived in Germany for six years before moving back to Australia for university. He is passionate about music, football (soccer) and gaming. In his free time, he spends with his friends, practices music or is up late watching football matches. He is excited to finally get outside in 2021 and meet new people at Monash. Feel free to hit him up for a chat or anything at any time!

Lakna Chethasi Kudagamage - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Che is a second year Bachelor of Criminology student who runs on multiple cups of coffee a day. She identifies as she/her and is originally from Sri Lanka. She is passionate about criminal investigations and love a good/terrifying thriller TV series. Che is also an art, photography and videography enthusiast, so you can always find her recording content for her little daily vlogs. She loves catching up with friends and meeting new people, so she is so very excited to meet all her fellow residents in 2021. Her door is always open for a chat or grab a cup of coffee or two!

Jessie Ngoc Minh Nghi Nguyen - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Born in Ho Chi Minh city, Jessie is a second year Arts student, currently doing a double degree in Bachelor of Arts / Psychology and Bachelor of Music. She is a passionate and active person. Despite her small figure, she loves to play musical instruments and all different type of sports, so if you want to jam or have a casual exercise’s buddy, she’s there for you when you need it. In her spare time, Jessie likes to dance, workout, watch Netflix, try new things, explore Melbourne and hang out with her friends. Although she can be very shy at first, Jessie is really enthusiastic with the idea of meeting new people, and always up for a chat. Jessie is excited to welcome new residents to Logan Hall and for the fun events to come for everyone to enjoy and feel like home at Logan.

Tahmid Laskar - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Tahmid comes from Bangladesh and is in the final year student studying a Bachelor of Commerce. He has been living in Logan since 2016, and calls Logan 'the only home' he has known in Australia. Thamid has taken a lead role in Logan Hall Society and has volunteered in positions for the MSA. Tahmid is serious about coffee, and loves his Sunday morning cereal and cartoons ritual.

Vaasanthi Palepu- Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Vaasanthi is a 2nd year Media Communications student majoring in Public Relations and Sociology. She was born and raised in Singapore before moving to Australia in 2020. She is very passionate about Netflix, sleep and food! She loves connecting and meeting people from different cultures and countries. She loves travelling, exploring the city, and hanging out with friends! She is very excited to welcome residents to Logan Hall and is keen for 2021! Feel free to come to have a chat with her at any time!

Vibha Pinto- Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Vibha is a second year student who’s studying a Master's of Teaching in Primary and Secondary Education. She moved to Melbourne from Bangalore, India in October 2016 and has lived in Logan ever since. She can be found spending the majority of her time either reading various novels or partaking in a wide range of outdoor activities. She loves meeting new people and cannot wait to meet all her residents. Vibha is more than happy to talk to you about anything and everything, her door is always open for a chat!