Normanby House Residential Support Team

Photograph of Edward, Normanby House College HeadEdward Attenborough - College Head, Normanby House

Born in England and raised in rural Tasmania, Edward (pronouns: he/him/his) moved to Melbourne in 2014 to undertake a Bachelor of Science and Chemical Engineering (Honours) at Monash. During this time, Edward fell in love with residential support, becoming a Resident Advisor at Farrer Hall in 2015, Residential Support Assistant at Holman Hall in 2016-17 and the RSA at Turner Hall in 2018. From 2019-2020, Edward returned to Farrer Hall as the Deputy College Head, thrilled to support residents and further the student experience at Monash. In 2021, Edward is incredibly excited to lead the Residential Support Team at Normanby House as the College Head.

Edward works during the day as a researcher within the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash, working on projects including food waste valorisation and food product processing. In his free time, Edward likes to build computers, climb mountains, travel, kickbox and brew beer. His favourite country to explore is Iceland and he is enthusiastic about sustainable food process engineering, as well as sustainable biofuels.

Photograph of Christine, Normanby House Deputy College HeadChristine Ng - Deputy College Head, Normanby House

Christine (pronouns: she/her/hers) moved from Singapore to Melbourne in 2014 to pursue her tertiary education. Whilst studying at Monash, she had an enriching experience at MRS as both a resident and Resident Advisor at Jackomos Hall in 2017 and 2018, before moving to Campbell Hall as Residential Support Assistant in mid 2019. Christine is thrilled to join the Normanby community, and strives to foster a culture of inclusion and respect.

Christine is currently working as a legal researcher whilst also working towards admission to practise as a lawyer in Australia. She aspires to work at a community legal centre for women. In her spare time, Christine enjoys exploring the outdoors and discovering new eateries and activities in Melbourne.

Cassidy Chellis - Resident Advisor, Normanby House

Cass Chellis is a third-year electrical engineering student, with a passion for music. Cass was born in South Africa, but spent most of his childhood living in Portland, Victoria. Cass is passionate about music, his studies, and building the Normanby community. When time permits, he spends most of his free time reading, going to the gym, and cooking up a storm!

Mia Chau Minh Nguyen - Resident Advisor, Normanby House

Mia is a third-year Occupational Therapy student, studying at the Peninsula campus. She was born in Vietnam but has spent a large portion of her life moving and living abroad. She understands the struggles of living away from home and strives to foster a warm and supportive environment for residents to stay connected. She loves to cook and tries out new ingredients, though admittedly her food is often described as “too experimental” by her friends. To stay sane, she enjoys going on long walks, practicing yoga, studying anywhere but her room, and filling out her sketchbook with silly doodles. She enjoys learning about random quirks, niche interests and stories from those around her. She is open and patient, and is up for a chat during stressful or challenging times.

Jade Huynh Chau Han Pham - Resident Advisor, Normanby House

Her real name is Han, but you can also call her Jade. She is currently studying Science, major in Microbiology. She likes thriller books, Asian food, and making dried flower arts. She always appreciates song recommendations, especially jazz. She would love to be friends with everyone and make great memories together. She is also a great listener, so feel free to come over and have a chat.

Rebecca Wan - Resident Advisor, Normanby House

Rebecca Wan is an international student from Selangor, Malaysia taking a Bachelor degree in Business. She enjoys writing, painting and dancing in her spare time. Her favourite cuisine is Japanese with her favourite foods being sushi, fried chicken and bubble tea! She enjoys spending her times in cafes and has a slight tea latte addiction.