Peninsula Residential Support Team Officers

Anna Caterer - College Head, Peninsula

PEN College Head - AnnaAnna has worked at Monash for ten years at The Faculty of Art ,Design and Architecture in student recruitment and services. In 2019 she joined the Student First program to look at improving the student and staff experience at Monash through the introduction of one operating system in student services.

She recently completed the Executive MBA program at Monash and has a background in Asian studies, International relations and economics. Through her undergraduate studies she had the opportunity to undertake a year on a student exchange program to Korea University in Seoul, South Korea which was a positive, life-changing experience.

She has a passion for the student experience and joined the MRS Community in 2020 as Deputy College Head at SEF. She loves travelling, particularly in Asia and enjoying all the sights, smells and cuisines that brings. She will be joined by her partner Glenn at Peninsula who also has a passion for travel and 80s music.

Photograph of Laura, Peninsula DCH Laura Gillespie - Deputy College Head, Peninsula

Laura (she/her) grew up in Alexandra, a town in north-eastern Victoria. She moved to Monash to study Science/Arts, majoring in maths and international relations while also studying biochemistry and English literature. Laura moved into Richardson Hall in her first year, and really enjoyed the supportive community Monash Residential Services offered.

Laura had the opportunity to undertake exchange in London, which was an exciting experience. She loves travelling, and in her spare time she also enjoys reading, dancing, playing the trumpet, and spending time with friends. Laura is always keen to hear a good book recommendation, and is around for a friendly chat.

After holding leadership positions in Richardson Hall and Turner Hall, Laura is now very excited to join Peninsula Residential! She looks forward to meeting everyone, and to helping build a supportive, respectful and inclusive community in 2021.

Photograph of Lyndall, Peninsula RSALyndall Neate - Residential Support Assistant, Peninsula

Lyndall (she/her) is in her final year of a Science and Arts double degree, majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology and German Studies. Originally from Darwin, Northern Territory, Lyndall moved interstate to Clayton’s Briggs Hall in 2017. She greatly enjoyed her time there, volunteering as a Residential Advisor for 2 years before deciding to take the next step to RSA at Peninsula in 2020. She is an enthusiastic traveller, gardener (there’s no such thing as too many plants right?) and baker. Having grown up in the rural area of Darwin surrounded by wildlife, Lyndall loves animals and being outdoors so greatly enjoys exploring the Peninsula campus’ beautiful paths and surrounds. She looks forward to her second year at Peninsula and to making 2021 an amazing year!