Peninsula Residential Support Team

Anna Caterer - College Head, Peninsula

PEN College Head - AnnaAnna has worked at Monash for ten years at The Faculty of Art ,Design and Architecture in student recruitment and services. In 2019 she joined the Student First program to look at improving the student and staff experience at Monash through the introduction of one operating system in student services.

She recently completed the Executive MBA program at Monash and has a background in Asian studies, International relations and economics. Through her undergraduate studies she had the opportunity to undertake a year on a student exchange program to Korea University in Seoul, South Korea which was a positive, life-changing experience.

She has a passion for the student experience and joined the MRS Community in 2020 as Deputy College Head at SEF. She loves travelling, particularly in Asia and enjoying all the sights, smells and cuisines that brings. She will be joined by her partner Glenn at Peninsula who also has a passion for travel and 80s music.

Photograph of Laura, Peninsula DCH Laura Gillespie - Deputy College Head, Peninsula

Laura (she/her) grew up in Alexandra, a town in north-eastern Victoria. She moved to Monash to study Science/Arts, majoring in maths and international relations while also studying biochemistry and English literature. Laura moved into Richardson Hall in her first year, and really enjoyed the supportive community Monash Residential Services offered.

Laura had the opportunity to undertake exchange in London, which was an exciting experience. She loves travelling, and in her spare time she also enjoys reading, dancing, playing the trumpet, and spending time with friends. Laura is always keen to hear a good book recommendation, and is around for a friendly chat.

After holding leadership positions in Richardson Hall and Turner Hall, Laura is now very excited to join Peninsula Residential! She looks forward to meeting everyone, and to helping build a supportive, respectful and inclusive community in 2021.

Photograph of Lyndall, Peninsula RSALyndall Neate - Residential Support Assistant, Peninsula

Lyndall (she/her) is in her final year of a Science and Arts double degree, majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology and German Studies. Originally from Darwin, Northern Territory, Lyndall moved interstate to Clayton’s Briggs Hall in 2017. She greatly enjoyed her time there, volunteering as a Residential Advisor for 2 years before deciding to take the next step to RSA at Peninsula in 2020. She is an enthusiastic traveller, gardener (there’s no such thing as too many plants right?) and baker. Having grown up in the rural area of Darwin surrounded by wildlife, Lyndall loves animals and being outdoors so greatly enjoys exploring the Peninsula campus’ beautiful paths and surrounds. She looks forward to her second year at Peninsula and to making 2021 an amazing year!

Abbey Smith - Resident Advisor, Gillies Hall

Abbey is currently completing a Master of Occupational Therapy and has moved from Shepparton, about 3 hours away, in regional Victoria. She loves baking, being outside, exploring her new home on the Peninsula and loves animals. Abbey is keen to create a comfortable and homely environment for residents in 2020! Feel free to drop in for a chat as she loves an excuse to go grab a coffee mid study!

Alice Cooke - Resident Advisor, Gillies Hall

Alice was born in Hong Kong in the year 2000. She lived both there and Australia throughout her schooling before moving back to study at Monash. She is currently in her Second year of bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery. She loves cooking, Netflix and hanging with her friends and is always up for a conversation. As the 2021 Residential Advisor she is looking to create a fun and safe community for new and returning students. Being both international and Australian she has a unique insight to both cultures allowing her to bridge the gap between local and non-local students.

Jhanvi Punjabi Punjabi - Resident Advisor, Peninsula Residential Village

Jhanvi (She/Her) is in her final semester of a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Accountancy, Marketing and Communications. She moved from Chile, South America in 2018 to pursue her degree in Melbourne. She loves going on walks, having a good laugh with friends and playing video games! Jhanvi is excited to help residents feel safe and part of this wondering community!

Klarissa Mercado - Resident Advisor, Gillies Hall

Klarissa is in her second year of studying Paramedicine at Monash and is looking forward to an eventful, community-full 2021! Born and raised in Melbourne, she enjoys all things music and spends her free time comfortably reading and gaming. She is also passionate about offering help whenever possible, and is very excited to take part in charity and volunteering opportunities at Peninsula! As she is from a diverse background, Klarissa is keen to learn more about any residents, and is eager to help create a bustling residential community, no matter where they’re from!

Patricia Hassim - Resident Advisor, Gillies Hall

Patricia grew up in Sri Lanka and moved to Melbourne in 2019 to pursue her dream. She is currently in her third year of Bachelor of Nursing. Patricia loves to travel, make new friends and loves food when mixed with music. When she isn’t studying or rushing to submit an assignment, she can be found mostly or rather easily in her room either cooking up a new recipe, binge watching Netflix, missing home or playing Basketball :). You can meet Patricia on most of the social events on campus. She was an RA in 2020 and will be in the team once again in 2021.

Tsz Chung Oscar Mah - Resident Advisor, Peninsula Residential Village

Oscar (he/him) is in his second year of studying Physiotherapy and is currently enjoying the sunshine and beaches in Peninsula. He is born and raised in Hong Kong and loves to participate in all kinds of activities such as photography, basketball, hiking and jogging. He also loves to listen to music, if you ever need a song recommendation or someone to chat with, feel free to drop in for a chat! :)

Patrick Weifeng Huang - Resident Advisor, Gillies Hall

Patrick moved from Shanghai to Melbourne in 2018 to pursue his passion in medical sciences, with an ultimate goal of becoming a child and adolescent mental health specialist. He is currently in his third year of Bachelor of Nursing and minoring in psychology. Patrick is a very approachable person, a very supportive friend, an enthusiastic foodie and a huge coffee snob. It is the third year that Patrick lives alongside Peninsula ressies, and many of you may have bumped into him in the library, in the game room, in the gym or on his way to pick up his Ubereats deliveries.

Shihab Sharar Isa - Resident Advisor, Gillies Hall

Shihab grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is in his final semester of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Monash. During his time as an undergraduate student, he took up multiple leadership roles, including being elected as the International Student Officer of the campus student council, and currently as a Residential Advisor. Besides studying, he enjoys spending time with friends, meeting new people, playing football/futsal, and playing the acoustic guitar. Since he has lived on-campus for the past 2 years, he is eager to use this leadership position is an opportunity to give back to wonderful community at Peninsula.