Residential support programs

Campus life starts from the moment you arrive, with our two-week orientation program. From there you’ll have the chance to get involved in a huge range of events, social get-togethers, development opportunities and sporting activities throughout the year.

Orientation and transition program

Starting two weeks before the start of each semester, our program helps new residents get to know the ins and outs of living on campus, settle into the community, and make new friends. The Residential Support Team, and especially your Resident Advisor, is there to support and assist you.

Residential programs

Each residence runs its own social program which is unique to their community - but there are some things in common. Every week, you can get involved in social, sporting and development activities - which take into account the demands of the University study timetable.

movie night

At MRS we celebrate our multilayered communities and our residential activities reflect that and include small group activities organised by your resident advisor to residence wide events.

These could include everything from going bowling with a group of residences, or cooking together for an international food night to events where the whole of the MRS community has a chance to come together. For example, we have a yearly MRS Ball and regular blockbuster movie nights. Activities come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to suit everyone's needs.

Many of the activities are also built around the community coming together to share a meal. Some of the activities you could expect to have in your residence include:

  • Residence Dinners which are a chance to get together with your whole Hall and share a meal (BBQs, pizza nights and sit down dinners are all part of the MRS experience and free of charge)
  • Weekly Suppers (a chance to catch up with friends over delicious cakes and other sweet things)
  • Movie nights (watching blockbuster movies with 400 other residents in a private cinema)
  • Resident trips to local attractions and activities
  • Activities which celebrate the diversity of cultural backgrounds of our residents (like a Smoking Ceremony at Briggs and Jackomos Hall)
  • Community activities like gardening, charity events and team challenges
  • Social Sport - teams from MRS compete in many of the social sports competitions organised by Monash Sport - and over the year battle it out for our perpetual sports trophy!
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week - where residents are tasked with the challenge to perform acts of (anonymous) kindness for another resident
  • Residence Study Groups are encouraged and supported to foster the academic achievement of our residents.
  • Participating in community and charity events like ‘Live below the Line', ‘Worlds Greatest Shave',Movember', Red-Cross Blood Drives, Clean Up Australia Day and many others
  • Each residence will have their own special events (some of the best include fitness classes, karaoke nights, zoo trips, monthly birthday parties, vegetable garden working bees, and even Lego parties!)
  • Some residences also have social committees and Hall Societies which also organised events both on campus and off site for residents.
  • If you would like to see some of the social programs of our residences - have a look at their residential calendars.