Residential support programs

Campus life starts from the moment you arrive at Monash Residential Services with our orientation program.

Orientation program

Our orientation program begins around two weeks prior to the start of each semester. The program introduces new residents to living on campus, helps them to settle into their community, and provides plenty of opportunities to make new friends. During this time, a huge number of events provide fun opportunities to meet your community and the staff available to support you. The Residential Support Team, and especially your Resident Advisors, are available to support and assist you during the orientation period and throughout your time at Monash Residential Services. The ResStart program is also designed to support your transition to live on campus.

Residential programs

Every residence delivers a program of events. These programs are unique to each residence, however there are some things in common. You can expect regular social gatherings, sports events, and opportunities to develop as a leader within your community.

Many of the activities are also built around the community coming together to share a meal. Some of the activities you could expect to have in your residence include:

Residence Dinners
An opportunity to gather with your community and share a meal together

Weekly Suppers
A chance to catch up with friends and enjoy some treats

Social Sport
Weekly inter-residence sporting tournaments 

Movie Nights
See the latest film releases with your community at a private screening

Community and Volunteering Activities
Such as gardening, charity events and community volunteering

Cultural Activities
Activities which celebrate the diversity of cultural backgrounds of our residents

Study Groups
Study groups within each residence support the academic achievement of our residents.

For more information on the events and activities available across Monash Residential Services, refer to the events calendar of each residence.