Residential Support Teams

When you live on campus, you’ll join the wider MRS community. You’ll also become part of your smaller hall or residential community, supported by your College Head, Deputy College Head, Residential Support Assistant and Resident Advisors who make up the Residential Support Team.

The overall aim of the team is to create a positive environment where residents are supported and support each other and benefit from the range of personal development opportunities available. They get to know every resident as an individual and really celebrate the multicultural nature of our residents.

Resident Advisors

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Our team of Resident Advisors are a central part of the MRS experience and first and foremost they are residents, just like you! Resident Advisors are your first point of contact for any query. They are there to make sure every resident has the opportunity to engage in the on-campus residential experience.

They’re also responsible for organising social and sporting events like movie nights, barbecues, gardening activities, charity events, dinners, team challenges, sporting competitions, and anything else they (or you) can think of.

Find out more about joining us as a Resident Advisor.

College Head

Each Residence is led by a College Head. The College Head’s role is to oversee the day-to-day running of the residential community, as well as to consider the longer-term development of our programs.

Hands-on and always available for advice and support, our College Heads play an integral part in ensuring a stable, diverse and enriching multicultural environment that helps residents develop socially, academically and personally. College Heads lead the student leader recruitment, appointment and training in their residence, as well as managing discipline and community standards.

Deputy College Head

The Deputy College Heads work closely with the College Head to provide support and care to all of our residents. In the absence of the College Head the Deputy is responsible for the community. They’re involved in all aspects of our community, including our academic, social and recreational programs - taking key responsibility for the Orientation and Transition programs in their residence.

Resident Support Assistant

Our Resident Support Assistants also work closely with the Resident Advisors to ensure they are supported in their role. Residential Advisors are generally highly experienced and capable student leaders or recent graduates - and provide an essential link between our student leaders and staff.