Briggs Hall Residential Support Team

Bec DixonBec Dixon - College Head, Briggs Hall

Rebecca (more commonly known as Bec) moved to Monash University from the tiny town of Bullengarook, Victoria in 2008 to complete a Bachelor of Arts, in which she majored in Archaeology. Having lived on campus since she began studying at Monash, she has lived at four different halls over nine years, and has loved the individual personalities and challenges that have come with each year and each hall.

Now, as College Head at Briggs in 2017, Rebecca looks forward to helping the community and residents grow and learn and change as they move through the year. Having lived on res for so many years, having met so many different people and undertaking very different roles, Rebecca knows how living on campus can be both exciting and challenging. She is passionate about helping the student leaders to make sure residents get the most out of the great opportunities living at Monash Residential Services provide.

She enjoys working to make sure that all residents feel safe, comfortable and supported in what becomes a home away from home for so many. 2017 promises to deliver more excitement, and Rebecca can't wait to see what the year brings.

Minto FelixMinto Felix - Deputy College Head, Briggs Hall

Hey everyone, my name is Minto and I am so excited to be a part of the Briggs community! I'm really passionate about young people from all walks of life being able to realise their fullest potential, and it is so wonderful that it is this mission I get to work on everyday with you all here at Briggs.

Outside of this role, I work at Monash University in a dual role, coordinating mental health programs for students and staff, and executing priority projects within Monash Residential Services. I've also recently initiated a national advocacy campaign, Australians for Mental Health, which work towards improving mental health care in our country, and write on these issues in mainstream media. Beyond all this though, I love a good boogie to great music, and am obsessed with political affairs and pop culture, both in equal measure. Can't wait to get to know you all throughout the year!

Ash ChatfieldAsh Chatfield - Residential Support Assistant, Briggs Hall

Hello everyone! My name is Ash; I am a Melbourne-born psychology student, who moved to Monash in 2014, from the town of Sunbury. I was a Residential Advisor at Richardson Hall in 2015 and 2016, and I am super excited to now be the Residential Support Assistant at Briggs Hall.

I am the oldest of 4, and come from a big family so I love being around people, and I also enjoy playing team sports like basketball and netball. I work part time at Priceline Pharmacy and am also a very avid reader.

I have a passion for working with people, providing support and encouraging health and wellbeing. I am looking to continue studying psychology to become a qualified clinical psychologist, whilst also indulging my crafty side, creating art and jewellery in my spare time.

After living on campus for three years, I am looking forward to this new experience of working with student leaders within the hall, helping to foster a positive and welcoming community. I am also eager to help new residents with their transition into university life and aid them in making the most out of their MRS experience..

Paldeep SinghPaldeep Singh- Senior Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Hello everyone! My name is Paldeep and I’m in the third year of my Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts course. I was born and raised in Singapore. My hobbies include playing bass, playing piano, video games, TV show marathons and playing futsal. I’m a bit of a metal head (though I pretty much listen to all genres of music!).

I’ll be SRA of Briggs in 2017 living in 3rd West. Don’t be afraid to drop by and say hi! I promise I won’t bite! I’m pretty much always up for a game of pool or table tennis in the games room and I’ll also be happy to answer any questions and help with any issues you might have!

2016 was great and I’m excited to meet all of you and help make sure you have a awesome 2017!

Alexis ChuaAlexis Chua- Resident Advisor

Hey guys! My name is Alexis and I was born and raised in Singapore! I am currently in my second year studying a Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging. Having lived in Briggs for the past 2 years I really enjoyed my time here and I can’t wait to be part of your amazing Briggs journey too!

I love all things food, especially FRIED CHICKEN! I also enjoy cooking and baking in my free time. Procrastination is my middle name so feel free to approach me if you have any questions, or simply want someone to hang with!

Blake CutlerBlake Cutler - Resident Advisor

Hi Everyone! I’m Blake! I moved to Melbourne last year from a small country town in NSW called Bellingen and am in my second year of studying a double degree in Secondary Education and Music! I am an absolute nut for music of all genres but am incredibly passionate about classical and Indigenous Australian music. I am so excited to work with the 2017 RST in promoting LGBTQI+ awareness and creating a thriving multicultural community.

If I’m not in the Briggs Music Room (literally my second room!) or exploring Melbourne’s cultural and foodie scene, you can find me working on programs to promote LGBTQI+ equality and inclusion, singing in the shower or finding a puppy to pat somewhere! I absolutely love tea, spicy food and spending time (usually eating or dancing) with my friends!

I can’t wait to meet everyone in Briggs next year and if you’re ever looking for someone to chat with, my door is always open and the kettle is always on! xx

Evelyn Wong Evelyn Wong - Resident Advisor

Greetings, everyone!

My name is Evelyn Wong. I am a 5 th year Bachelor of Commerce & Laws student who has been living in Briggs throughout my tertiary education. I originate from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have also lived and studied in Hong Kong and Lebanon. I enjoy swimming, reading, watching anime, taking photographs, wandering around, or spending time ‘hermiting’ in my abode.

If I am not found in my room, please do not be surprised if you find me aimlessly wandering streets or taking photographs from unusual corners. Like many of you, I can keep myself entertained in almost any situation. Please be comfortable approaching me for any of your needs; whether it is to dawdle, chat, reflect on life or ask for company to wander around places.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the year!

Gowri Shivasabesan Gowri Shivasabesan - Resident Advisor

Hey there! I’m Gowri and I’m going to be in my 5th year studying Medicine. I was born and raised in Canberra (everyone’s favourite capital city!) and spent some of my teenage years in the US. I am interested in global and public health and love to do lots of things including (but not limited to) talking, travelling, and reading. Chocolate and tea are two of my favourite things and I’m looking forward to sharing both, along with many conversations, with everyone at Briggs this year.

Jacqueline Seiffert Jacqueline Seiffert- Resident Advisor

Hi my name's Jacqui and this will be my second year living in the vibrant and supportive community here at Briggs! I'm currently studying biomedicine with hopes to go onto post grad medicine. Being brought up in Geelong I'm a big fan of AFL, Go Cats! I also love regular cats, listening to music, playing tennis along with binge watching tv shows (mostly Grey's Anatomy).

I'm excited for 2017 at Briggs and look forward to a year of fun events, diverse experiences and meeting all the residents so please come by and say hi, I'm always up for a chat!

JJordan Lim RAordan Lim - Resident Advisor

Hi! I am Jordan and I am a third year medical student. This will be my 2nd year living in Briggs Hall and I hope to meet some new people. I am interested in many things and sometimes there are just too many choices!

As the Sports RA for Briggs, I hope we can win all of our sports events and I am excited to organize a multitude of events for everyone.
I will be happy to help you out if you have any issues or you can always find me for a chat! Looking forward to meeting all of you so that you can teach me something new!!

Jordan Tan RAJordan Tan - Resident Advisor

Greetings! I am Jordan, spent my whole life in sunny Singapore before taking the big leap to come over to Monash Melbourne to pursue my education.

Currently a 2nd year student, pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics in Clayton under Bachelor of Commerce. Having only lived in Melbourne for a year, I am still getting to know the city and people so feel free to hit me up if you do know any fun and interesting places in Melbourne! :)

Along with Gowri and Sabrinah, I will be handling the portfolio of Community, academic and wellbeing. We hope to be able to assist you in every way possible. Along with the many RAs in Briggs, your stay in Briggs will definitely be a fun and exciting journey!

Reece HooperReece Hooper - Resident Advisor

Hey Big Birds, I am Reece and I will be going into my third year of a double degree in Aerospace engineering and Commerce. When I’m not doing that or showing people around the Campus I enjoy playing some futsal, enjoying board games or just tinkering around with my computer. I am originally from the Australind in Regional WA and have been living in Melbourne now for 2 years and loving it. I am looking forward to meeting you all next year.

Please don’t be a stranger; knock on my door and say hi when you walk past. I also have a bit of a knack for fixing things so if you need help or just need to borrow some tools I can help you with that.

Rumi Thisara KularatneRumali (Rumi) Thisara Kularatne - Resident Advisor

I'm a proud Sri Lankan who grew up in U.A.E (Dubai) and I moved here to Melbourne a year ago.  I'm a 2nd year Bachelor of Arts student, studying Media & Communications and a full time foodie who procrastinates by cooking. I enjoy the thrill of new experiences, exploring places and cuisines. I spend most of my time here in Briggs Hall, so  if you ever needed a friend for chats, gym, a quick shopping trip or to watch TV shows - feel free to knock on my door!

Living in Briggs Hall has been a highlight of my University experience so far and I am excited to be a part of a team dedicated towards making this place a warm and welcoming home for all of us.

Sabrinah WoodhouseSabrinah Woodhouse - Resident Advisor

Hi! I’m Sabrinah and I’m a final year medical student. I was born and raised in Sydney by the beach but I have loved living in Melbourne since I moved here in 2013. I’m very proud of my half Australian/ half Malaysian heritage, and I would love to learn about your heritage and where you’re from.

I’m very interested in health, politics and the environment, but I also love movies, TV shows and podcasts so if you feel like a chat I can talk your ear off about anything! Also, I love to bake, so if you have a hankering for some sugary motivation, just pop by.

I can’t wait to meet all of you and I hope you have a great time this year!

Serena Menzes Serena Menzes - Resident Advisor

Hello, Namaste and Nihao! Three greetings for the three countries that I spend most of my time in: Australia, where I’m studying; India, where I’m from and China, where my family lives! I’m Serena and I’m a final year med student. I've returned after a fantastic year exploring the Victorian countryside and I'm excited for another great year at Briggs. In my spare time, I enjoy re-watching old episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., quoting F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and of course, catching up with my real-life friends!

Zoe AndrewsZoe Andrews- Resident Advisor

Hi, I’m Zoe from Bendigo, Australia. I am in my last semester of a Bachelor of Science with a major in physiology and a minor in chemistry. Currently, I’m planning to do Masters of Dietetics to become a qualified dietitian. I love nature, sport (specifically futsal) and dark chocolate. I’m nearly always around so if you need help or want to chat just pop by.