Briggs Hall Residential Support Team

Farid Samadifar Briggs Hall College HeadFarid Samadifar - College Head, Briggs Hall

Farid moved to Australia to complete his masters at Monash University in 2006. Having a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, Farid has decided to start a new path in education: Business! And has completed 2 masters in International Business and Business Law.

During his time at Monash University as a student, Farid has been involved in different aspects of University life. He was with Monash Postgraduate Association as the Caulfield Campus Representative in 2007 and 2008, Graduate School of Business as the Orientation Program Coordinator in 2008, a Mentor to new International Students with International Student Support Unit in 2007, 2008, and 2009. He has done all these voluntary activities to get the taste of different cultures.

Farid also has been part of Monash Residential Services family since 2009, when he joined as the Residential Support Assistant of International Mews at Caulfield Campus.

In 2018, he returned to Briggs Hall and commenced his role as the College Head of Briggs Hall. With his Residential Support Team, Farid is excited to be a part of such a friendly and inclusive community and hopes to meet with you all soon!

Keeley Frost - Residential Support Assistant, Briggs Hall

Keeley is a third-year Arts/Law student, majoring in Human Rights, and Indigenous Cultures & Histories. She moved from Warragul, Gippsland, to Richardson Hall in 2017, where she loved being a Diversity and Inclusion Resident Advisor in 2018.

Keeley is passionate about social justice, and building a more safe, inclusive, and respectful community. Keeley is extremely excited to continue to foster these values at MRS and share this passion with those around her!

Outside of University life, Keeley loves travelling. She has been to Peru, England, Spain, New Caledonia, Vietnam, and Thailand. She is always planning her next adventure, and also loves to read, walk, go op-shopping, and spend time with her cat, Becky, and dog, Raven.

Anuradha Adikaram - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Anuradha moved to Melbourne in 2017 from Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. Having completed her 1st year at Monash College in Sri Lanka, she is moving into her 4th year of study in a double degree in Economics and IT. This will be her 3rd year as a resident at Briggs Hall.

Also known as ‘Anu’ to her friends, she loves all things coffee, shopping, Netflix, and dogs. So, if she is ever not around at Briggs, you are most likely to find her at Chaddy with the likely excuse that she was in need of ‘retail therapy’. She also enjoys playing tennis occasionally. Anu is very approachable, easy to talk to and a very good listener. If at any time you feel like having a chat or just need a shopping buddy, feel free to knock on her door.

Alok Chaudhari - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Alok grew up in the spiritual and cultural capital of India - Varanasi. He holds in Bachelor (Hons) in Geology from India and a Masters (M.Sc.) in Experimental Geosciences from Germany. Alok started his Ph.D. within the School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment at Monash and also tutors for various undergraduate courses within the university.

Alok initially lived at the Jackomos Hall in 2017 and later moved to Briggs Hall as a residential advisor. Alok enjoys traveling and exploring new places and is a keen chess player.

As a residential advisor, Alok is committed to the well being and welfare of his fellow residents. He see's this as an opportunity to reciprocate back the love and care he has enjoyed during his stay at Briggs.

Andrew Greville - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Andrew is from Mildura, a regional city in the far north-western corner of Victoria.  Last year he finished a Bachelor of Science, majoring in mathematics, and is now doing a master’s degree in teaching. Andrew has a keen interest in sports, particularly soccer and futsal, and loves to keep fit.

Prior to living at Briggs, he spent his first 3 years at University living at Mannix College, which was an awesome experience.  Andrew is looking forward to working with this year’s residential team and being a part of the vibrant Briggs community in 2018.

Zu Ishak - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

This is Dk. Siti Zulaikha Pg Hj Ishak, but you can just call her Zu! She is 23, from Brunei Darussalam and currently in her second year of a Master of Environment and Sustainability, which is her life’s passion.

When she's not drowning under a mountain of assignments, she is either up a tree metres from a hiking trail, scuba diving in Mornington, dancing her shoes off in a salsa class or delivering talks to the UNEP. Growing up in a family of five brothers, her life revolves around unconditional love and taking care of each other. Majority of the time, this is translated into cooking. Zu is a food columnist for an online news site where she shares traditional recipes. There are few things in  life that  gives her greater pleasure than filling people’s tummy with warmth and love.

Zu's aspirations in life are to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt Everest, scuba dive in Iceland, explore the entirety of the Amazon Basin, and to live and love meaningfully.

Par Jamfa - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Par is a 3rd year Biomedical student from Bangkok, Thailand. While Par has been studying abroad since the age of 7, this will be her second year of calling Briggs home.

She loves watching movies, listening to music and going to the gym. Feel free to join her if you enjoy these things too! She is very excited for 2018 and looks forward to sharing with you the many fun and memorable experiences Briggs has to offer. Par hopes to meet and get to know you all soon!!

Rumali Kularatne - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Rumali is a proud Sri Lankan who grew up in the U.A.E (Dubai) and moved here to Melbourne in 2016.  She is a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student, majoring in Media & Communications, and a full time foodie who procrastinates by cooking.

Rumali enjoys the thrill of new experiences, exploring places and cuisines. She absolutely loves watching and re-watching Grey’s Anatomy. Rumali spends most of her time in Briggs Hall, so if you ever need a friend for chats, gym, a quick shopping trip or to watch TV shows - feel free to knock on her door!

Living in Briggs Hall has been a highlight of Rumali's University experience so far and she is excited to be a part of a team dedicated to making this place a warm and welcoming home for all of you.

Emily Lei - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Emily is from Hong Kong and in her third year studying Bachelor of Business and Arts, majoring in management and psychology! This is also her 3rd year living in MRS and 2nd year as an RA. As a photography enthusiast, Emily will be around with her camera lots so don’t be shy, strike a pose and photobomb away! Emily loves puns and musicals, so if you love them as much as she does, you'll automatically be best friends!

Emily is always up for a chat and loves meeting new people so go say hi if you see her around!

Sonia Lourdes - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

This will be Sonia's third year living at Briggs! She has just completed her undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry & Psychology) and will be commencing Honours in Biochemistry in 2018.

Sonia was born and bred in Malaysia, moving to Melbourne 2 years ago. She loves everything about Melbourne – the lifestyle, society, festivals, beaches and BRUNCHES! She absolutely enjoys brunching and shopping so hit her up if you ever need a brunch buddy, someone to crawl the mall with, or just someone to talk to.

In the coming year, Sonia hopes to be able to contribute to the amazing community at Briggs, as it is after all, a home away from home.

Vince Luzuriaga - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Vince is currently in his fourth year studying a double degree in Biomedical Science and Science. He was born in the Philippines but grew up here in Shepparton. This will be his second year as a resident at Briggs Hall and he is going to be your Central Sports RA for 2018. He loves a good game of basketball and a good burger and is very
excited to organise a number of sporting events for all residents.

So don’t hesitate to go to him for any suggestions for sports for the entire hall to get involved in!

Tom Morrall - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Tom was born and bred a Bendigo boy for the first 18 years of his life and has since made Berwick his home. He is in his last year of the Bachelor of Education (Honors) at Monash Berwick and has had much involvement with both the Uni and MRS. His interests include music, socialising, working and getting to know people so don't hesitate to approach him or knock on his door even just for a friendly chat.

Tom started his Res years in 2014 and has not moved off since (even in the holidays!) He began living in the halls at berwick and then eventually moved into the flats so he knows the ins and outs of Res and has experienced what it's like living in different environments and with different people. So please feel free to ask him any questions no matter how big or small.

Tom looks forward to making his last year of Uni the best year that has ever been! Bring on 2018 in Briggs!

Lyndall Neate - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Lyndall grew up in tropical Darwin, a small city at the top of Australia, before moving to Monash and Briggs in 2017 to start a double degree, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

She is majoring in ecology and conservation biology, and German because she is passionate about the environment and loves learning about other cultures and languages. Lyndall's other interests include watching rugby league, playing soccer and baking, so if you can’t find her in her room she’ll most likely be in the wing kitchen or out on the field.

Yohanna Ratwatte - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Yohanna is a 20 year old in her third and final year at Monash. She is studying criminology and human behaviour, and absolutely loves it!

Yohanna is from Sri lanka, a little beautiful paradise Island. Hobbies? She likes to box and is a basketball player. Yohanna also loves anything to do with nature: the beach, hiking, food. She also likes photography. Her friends are lucky to have her as a friend as they always get good pictures.

Yohanna is very easy going, easy to talk to and always up to help!

Jacqui Seiffert - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Jacqui is originally from Geelong and has loved living in Briggs hall for the past two years. She is currently in her final year of Biomedical Science with plans to go onto Medicine.

Jacqui loves all things science, good food and coffee, watching endless amounts of Netflix, playing sport and catching up with friends!

2018 at Briggs promises to be another fun, vibrant and exciting year, and Jacqui can't wait to meet everyone joining our hall! Her door is always open, so come say hi and stay for a chat!

Andrew Wilson - Resident Advisor, Briggs Hall

Andrew moved to Melbourne from his hometown in Brisbane in 2017. Graduating from a Bachelor of Science from the Queensland University of Technology in 2016; he is now completing a Master of Banking and Finance and working in corporate advisory.

Passionate about meeting new people and physical well-being Andrew enjoys running, gym, soccer and can be caught at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club on Saturdays. Favourite artists include Kendrick Lamar, Sampha, FKJ, Masego and local Australian bands.

From leading a university society, directing a business or spearheading a bar crawl Andrew has held a range of experiences and hopes to extend this into his new role as Resident Advisor for Briggs Hall. If you ever want to hang feel free to contact him!