Campbell Hall Residential Support Team

Andrew SwanAndrew Swan - College Head, Campbell Hall

Originally from Geelong, Victoria, Andrew joined MRS in 2014 and was thrilled to be the inaugural College Head of Campbell Hall when it opened in 2016.

Andrew is very proud of the fun, diverse and inclusive community that calls Campbell home. His greatest passion is supporting his 243 residents, and he enjoys nothing more than helping them to dream big and achieve their goals. His favorite events are the Campbell Commencement Dinners, held at the start of each semester.

A passionate runner, Andrew is training for his sixth marathon in 2017. He lives with his partner Sophie and their pet rabbit Alfie.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in communications and journalism, and a Masters of Education specialising in leadership, policy and change. Eager to develop effective models of student leadership in university halls and colleges, he will commence his PhD on the subject in 2017.

In addition to his role as College Head, Andrew is the Manager of Leadership & Volunteering at Monash University. In this role, he is responsible for the design and delivery of various leadership programs, volunteering opportunities and other initiatives that enhance student employability and/or enrich the student experience

Luke LowLuke Low - Deputy College Head, Campbell Hall

Luke Low grew up in the western suburbs of Victoria and worked in the family business as a sheet metal fabricator up until the completion of his first degree. He then spent several years as a Lecturer of Innovative Pedagogies at Victoria University, and then worked at a health based not-for-profit until 2015. He current is the online learning systems coordinator for the Faculty of Engineering. He currently holds a Cert IV in Teaching and Education, a Diploma of Management, a Bachelor of Business Information Systems, a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education, and a Masters of Communication specialising in multimedia production.

When he is not trying to hack his vacuum cleaner, he is taking photos, watching TV and movies, and developing scripts that automates many aspects of his life. He is currently the lead for the MDLbot project, which provides support and training to lectures and administrators using an automated custom ‘botnet’ service.Luke is looking forward to an amazing year in 2017 and being a part of the exciting Campbell community.

Pat ChenPat Chen - Residential Support Assistant, Campbell Hall

Pat was born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Being half Thai half Chinese, she was raised bilingual at home and picked up English at school. She spent a gap year in Taiwan before moving to Australia 5 years ago to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology which she completed in 2015. She is currently in her second year of PhD in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, working on a cutting edge research that combines engineering and neural physiology. She has lived in MRS for the past 5 years. She was a pioneer resident of Jackomos Hall.

In 2015, she moved to Holman Hall to be a community RA. As a part of her community portfolio, she started a community for postgraduate and mature-age residents called MAPS@MRS as a platform for these groups of residents to socialise and build connection. MAPS@MRS was well received by the residents across MRS. Therefore, she hopes to continue to develop this platform and make it even better this year.

She is really excited to join the Roos' family and looks forward to meeting everyone. Her goals for this year are to learn all names of the residents and help the RAs to achieve their goals. In her free time, she enjoys photography, reading and baking. As a coffee lover, she is always up for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Aden McEachenAden McEachen - Resident Advisor

Aden was born in Launceston, Tasmania, and lived there for his whole life until he moved to Melbourne in 2013. Aden is studying a double degree, a Bachelor of Pharmacy and Commerce at Monash Parkville.

During the year, Aden will be a member of the Charity portfolio, along with Amber. He hopes to provide the Campbell community with events and initiatives that will help residents get in touch with their charitable side. In addition to this role, Aden is also the President of ResComm and hopes to use this committee to strengthen MRS and provide new opportunities to MRS residents.

Aden is a huge lover of films and television shows. He will often be found watching a movie with friends in the common room. He is really looking forward to working with everyone to create a new and inclusive culture and molding Campbell into a place people can call home.

Cassandra LeeCassandra Lee - Resident Advisor

Cassandra spent her growing up years in Kuala Lumpur and Perth, two utterly fascinating and unique locations on planet Earth that she calls home. In 2015, she moved from Perth to Melbourne to pursue her medical degree.

Cassandra loves travelling, eating all kinds of food, learning languages and getting to know people and cultures from all over the world. In her creative time, Cassandra can be found in the music room attempting to unlock the many hidden mysteries of the violin and the piano.

As part of the Diversity and Inclusion portfolio, Cassandra looks forward to creating a positive and dynamic Campbell community, where people of all diverse backgrounds and identities feel right at home. She is most excited to be part of the vibrant and welcoming community of Campbell Hall, and looks forward to an amazing year of creating amazing memories together.

Dan BarrettDan Barrett- Resident Advisor

Daniel is a 22 year old returning for his second year as an RA at Campbell Hall. Originating from Hobart, Tasmania Daniel decided to make the journey to Melbourne to study at Monash. He is studying a Commerce/Economics double degree and is about to undertake his final year as an undergrad. Dan spends time following his favourite sporting teams in the AFL, NBA and EPL and can regularly be found cheering them on in the Common room.

As part of the Events and Culture portfolio, Dan is excited to plan and run memorable and entertaining events for the Hall. He is keen to continue promoting the respectful, fun and academic culture established by the Hall in 2016.

Darcie BucheliDarci Bucheli - Resident Advisor

Darci is from the country town of Mooroopna in regional Victoria and grew up on a farm out of town growing hazelnuts, limes and other crops. After completing year 12, Darci moved to Melbourne to pursue a double degree of Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash and wants to grow up to help people, although she isn’t entirely sure where her degree will take her.

Living at Campbell Hall for a year inspired Darci to become an RA and she is super excited to meet all the new residents of this vibrant and inclusive community in 2017.In her spare time, Darci loves listening to music and can also be found enjoying a movie or TV show or two. Darci is keen to make a mark on Campbell in 2017 and can’t wait to get started.

Darcie BaileyDarcie Bailey - Resident Advisor

Darcie was born, and grew up in the small rural town of Sale, Victoria. In 2016, after a gap year working as a Shop Assistant in a Florist shop, she decided to pursue her long held interest in computer and technology. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Information Technology, Majoring in Business Information Systems, most likely minoring in Multimedia Development.

Darcie spends an unreasonable amount of time playing video games and laughing at memes, but also regularly has dinner with home town friends in the city; and likes to knit, colour-in and write fiction in needed time away from the screen.

In 2017 Darcie plans to demonstrate and expand her own skills in Poster and Video creation/editing in order to capture both big and small events of Campbell as the RA challenged with the Media Portfolio.

Dilini PereraDilini Perera Jayasuriya Karanage- Resident Advisor

Dilini was born and raised in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka before she moved to Melbourne to complete her tertiary studies here at Monash University. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Actuarial studies and Finance. She enjoyed her first year at Campbell Hall because of its vibrant community and the amazing Residential Support Team inspired her to be a part of it. She joined Campbell Hall RST at the beginning of 2017.
Her lifelong passion is to travel across the globe, get to know different cultures and traditions and their delicious cuisines.  She is also a loyal Sri Lankan cricket fan and loves reading in her free time.
She is looking forward to contribute to the Campbell Hall community through her rich experience as an international student and through the Academia & Employability portfolio for the rest of her time at Campbell Hall.

Dhini HardiyantiDhini Hardiyanti- Resident Advisor

Dhini (more commonly known as Dee) grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and lived there for 17 years before moving to Malaysia in 2013, and finally settled in Melbourne in 2015. She completed her undergraduate studies last year, majoring in International Relations. Dee is currently doing her masters program in International Development Practice.

During her free time, you can probably find her singing to all sorts of tunes and genres around Campbell. She is also a hard-core fan of classic literature, Pilates, and dancing!

As one of the 4 RAs under the Events and Culture Portfolio, Dee is passionate about delivering exciting events that celebrate the diverse backgrounds of Campbell residents. She looks forward to meeting all you new Roos this year!

Kyle SharpKyle Sharp - Resident Advisor

Kyle was born and raised in Shepparton, a town in north-eastern Victoria where he lived until he came to Melbourne in 2015 to begin his Bachelor of Science. Kyle is starting his third year in 2017 and has always had a keen interest in chemistry, which he hopes to major in.

Kyle has a great passion for the environment and hopes to spread this passion for the environment at Campbell through his activities in the environment & sustainability portfolio. Kyle is also a member of the ResComm committee and hopes to strengthen the interhall community of MRS.

Outside of university, Kyle is an avid video game enthusiast, and also enjoys practicing on his bass guitar and hanging out with friends in his spare time.

Louis PanozzoLouis Panozzo - Resident Advisor

Louis was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, growing up surrounded by Monash from a young age due to his parents professions, until graduating in 2015 and becoming a member of the Faculty of Arts in 2016.

When he's not chatting to his fellow Roo crew, Louis' interests include Soccer, being an avid supporter of Chelsea Fc from a young age. He is also a massive film buff, with aspirations to become a professional actor. Other interests include Netflix marathon's, Shakespearian literature, and an unhealthy obsession with Ryan Reynolds. If ever required, Louis can be found staring at a mirror fixing his hair, or pining for a good cup of coffee. Above all else, Louis is always ready to help his fellow joeys in whatever capacity he can.

Being a part of the Diversity  and Inclusion portfolio in 2017 Louis is keen to develop the Campbell hall community in order to include and celebrate as many cultures as it can, making the hall a home for anyone fortunate enough to walk through its doors. Other aims include championing new causes and raising awareness for social issues within the hall, in order to foster a charitable, harmonious community in 2017.

RA VickyVicky Xu - Resident Advisor

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Vicky moved to Melbourne in 2015 to follow her lifelong dream of studying medicine. In 2017, she will be going on to her third year of university, where she is keen to pursue not only her academic interests but continue to be actively involved within the community. As a returning RA, Vicky hopes to bring her experience and insight into yet another great year at Campbell Hall. Vicky hopes to continue establishing a ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling for her residents and is excited to work on the Diversity and Inclusion Portfolio to accomplish this.

Amber WangAmber Wang - Resident Advisor

Born in Shandong, China, Amber moved to Zaragoza, Spain, when she was three, to Canberra, Australia when she was five, and, most recently, in 2016, to Melbourne to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. She understands the difficulty of moving to a different country and adapting to a new culture and language. She is keen to help residents settle into Campbell Hall and make it a safe, inclusive and multicultural environment.

As part of the charity portfolio, Amber is keen to help residents give back to the community and promote personal growth and self-esteem. She hopes that this will help residents develop into compassionate individuals who can look beyond themselves to help create a better and more peaceful world.

Amber’s hobbies include cooking, reading, drawing and knitting. She is also a massive anime fan and can binge watch entire series in one sitting, so if you also love Japanese anime, make sure you seek her out!