Campbell Hall Residential Support Team

Andrew SwanAndrew Swan - College Head, Campbell Hall

Originally from Geelong, Victoria, Andrew joined MRS in 2014 and was thrilled to be the inaugural College Head of Campbell Hall when it opened in 2016.

Andrew is very proud of the fun, diverse and inclusive community that calls Campbell home. His greatest passion is supporting his 243 residents, and he enjoys nothing more than helping them to dream big and achieve their goals. His favorite events are the Campbell Commencement Dinners, held at the start of each semester.

A passionate runner, Andrew is training for his sixth marathon in 2017. He lives with his partner Sophie and their pet rabbit Alfie.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in communications and journalism, and a Masters of Education specialising in leadership, policy and change. Eager to develop effective models of student leadership in university halls and colleges, he will commence his PhD on the subject in 2017.

In addition to his role as College Head, Andrew is the Manager of Leadership & Volunteering at Monash University. In this role, he is responsible for the design and delivery of various leadership programs, volunteering opportunities and other initiatives that enhance student employability and/or enrich the student experience

William LowerWilliam Lower - Deputy College Head, Campbell Hall

William grew up in rural Taranaki, New Zealand. He later pursued studies in business and restorative justice in Wellington, where he discovered a passion for student support and community development. William contributed to his university community in many capacities, and especially enjoyed working with teams to foster cultures of inclusiveness and learning. He enjoys nothing more than seeing students find a sense of belonging in their community.

William also has a keen interest in design and software development, and works on software projects in his spare time. Travel is another of William's passions — he enjoys learning languages and experiencing new cultures; he likes to get outdoors and explore whenever he can. Melbourne is one of William's favourite cities, and he is looking forward to joining the Campbell Hall team and contributing to the student life at Monash.

Amy DempseyAmy Dempsey - Residential Support Assistant, Campbell Hall

Amy was born and raised in the small town of Ararat in Western Victoria. She spent most of her time doing gymnastics; whether that was at the gym or simply cartwheeling around the house. Gymnastics has played a significant role in Amy's life, having participated in the sport since she was five and spending five years coaching gymnastics prior to moving to Melbourne.

In 2015 Amy moved to Melbourne to study Primary Education and Arts at Monash University. Amy is majoring in psychology, but hopes to be a primary teacher after completing her degree.

Amy has previously lived at Richardson Hall as both a resident and resident advisor. She thoroughly enjoyed living at Richardson Hall, so she is excited to join the Campbell hall community and share her knowledge as a new RA.

Brienna Allen - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Originally from Central Queensland, Brienna graduated from high school in 2011 and began to pursue a Bachelor of Psychology at James Cook University. After two years of study she decided that this was not the career path for her and took some time off to travel to South America in 2015. During her trip, she completed a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) diploma in Cusco, Peru. She loved her teaching experience so much that she began a Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Arts at Monash University in 2017.

Brienna is enthusiastic about her new role as RA and looks forward to helping new residents feel at home at Campbell Hall. She is excited to begin work on her Events and Culture portfolio that she shares with Callum Poke organising and coordinating major functions throughout the year. When Brienna isn’t busy with her RA duties you can find her drawing, painting, dancing, or learning new languages.

Caitlin Beer - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Originally from the country, aka the middle of nowhere. Caitlin grew up in a small country town, in North East Victoria, with a population below 1,200. In 2017, Caitlin made the decision to move to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Primary and Secondary Inclusive Education at Monash. Since a young age, Caitlin has been passionate about educating the future generations. Moreover, Caitlin is also highly enthusiastic about sports and wellbeing. She has played various sports over many years including; cricket, tennis, basketball, football and finally netball. However, her love of netball surpasses her liking for any other sport.  Caitlin has coached numerous sporting teams, with her ultimate goal of getting every person to enjoy themselves while being active.

Caitlin will play a major role in the sport and wellbeing of Campbell Hall for 2018 and looks forward to people collaborating to increase the Hall’s morale through being active and mindful of each other’s wellbeing.

Zac Dicker - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Zac is from the small regional Victorian town of Inverloch, where he developed a deep love of the beach and a strong appreciation of community. He intends to bring a love of community to Campbell by helping others to get involved a Charity and Volunteering portfolio he will be developing in 2018. He hopes to use this opportunity to share this enthusiasm with the other residents of Campbell hall.

Zac moved to Melbourne to begin studying a double degree, Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science, with Monash University. He has begun his specialisation in mechanical engineering and is enjoying the challenge. He is also majoring in human developmental and anatomical biology in the science half of his degree.

He hopes to use his role as Campbell Hall’s Rescomm representative to engage Campbell Hall in the wider MRS community in 2018.

Evrim Kilic - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Evrim landed in Australia for the first time in 2016. Currently, he is pursuing a Masters in Business, specialising in commercialisation. As an undergraduate he studied Applied Mathematics and holds another master’s degree in the area of Business Information Systems.

Evrim enjoys playing video games, paying regular visits to the gym, following underrated TV shows, listening all kinds of music and playing the guitar. He still thinks he can master coding one day and develop a million-dollar-earning app, or be a famous musician of some sort.

He thinks Campbell Hall is a fantastic place and he believes this role will be an exquisite opportunity to serve and cultivate the Hall community. His portfolio is Diversity & Inclusion, his endeavours will consist of embracing the newcomers and empowering the project named ‘Humans of Campbell’.

Aden McEachen - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Aden was born in Launceston, Tasmania, and lived there for his whole life until he moved to Melbourne in 2013. Aden is studying a double degree, a Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash Parkville.

During the year, Aden will be a member of the Charity portfolio, along with Amber. He hopes to provide the Campbell community with events and initiatives that will help residents get in touch with their charitable side. In addition to this role, Aden is also the President of ResComm and hopes to use this committee to strengthen MRS and provide new opportunities to MRS residents.

Aden is a huge lover of films and television shows. He will often be found watching a movie with friends in the common room. He is really looking forward to working with everyone to create a new and inclusive culture and molding Campbell into a place people can call home.

Tom McKay - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Originally from Launceston, Tasmania (which is arguably the best state), Tom moved to Melbourne at the beginning of 2016 to start his university studies at Monash. Tom is studying a Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce and is about to start his third year of studies. Tom enjoys watching movies, practising the piano and playing sports such as netball and basketball.

Having been a part of Campbell Hall since its inaugural year, Tom has felt extremely proud and privileged to share in the amazing culture and community that has been created by some truly exceptional people. He is excited to work on the Academia and Employability Portfolio and to contribute to this fun and inclusive environment.  He enjoys making the most of all the various extracurricular opportunities offered on campus such a leadership and volunteering positions, social sports and networking events, and hopes that he can inspire others to take part in them so that they can increase their employability and get the most out of their degree.

Callum Poke - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Growing up in Smithton, a small rural town in the far North West of Tasmania, Callum graduated from year 12 in 2016. At the start of 2017, he decided to pursue a double degree in Engineering and Commerce at Monash University. In his second year of studies, he is planning to begin specialising in civil engineering.

He is excited to begin organising and running more amazing events around Campbell, to further develop the vibrant culture and sense of community throughout the hall. He will be a member of the Events and Culture portfolio alongside Brienna. Aside from his RA responsibilities and university work, he is passionate about hockey and outdoor activities and can often be found in the games room playing eight ball with his friends.

Hiru Samarakoon - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Growing up in Canberra, Hiru made the decision to move to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Economics Advanced (Honours) majoring in econometrics and business statistics.

Currently in her honours year, Hiru has a passion for politics, women's rights and public policy. She also loves running, netball, swimming and music; you will always hear music playing in her room.

Volunteering as a tutor throughout university, and being an Access Monash Mentor in her third year, consolidated her belief in the power of education. Her belief that a degree is not enough to stand out from the crowd, Hiru is excited to be on the Academia and Employability portfolio, to ensure residents are aware of all the amazing opportunities available. Hiru will play an important role in running events to prepare and assist residents as they undertake their university studies, and build their professional skills.

Moreover, Hiru is looking forward to connecting with residents and creating an environment conducive to respect and most of all to fun.

Rakay Satrio - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Rakay was born in Jakarta, and grew up in three different cities in Indonesia. In 2015, he moved to Melbourne to pursue his further studies. Growing up in different places gave him insight into how important diversity and inclusion are.

He studied in Monash University’s Foundation Year programme in 2015, and later started his Bachelor of Commerce in 2016. He is currently in the 3rd year of his degree, majoring in accounting and finance. Rakay has great passion in music and sport, you can easily find him singing and playing some tunes in his room, and watching big football matches in the common room sometimes.

Being part of the Diversity and Inclusion portfolio in Campbell, Rakay is excited to run events in the hall that encourages different people from different cultures and backgrounds to come along. Also, to continue and promote the hall value since it was established in 2016, which are, inclusion, diversity, and respect.

Rebecca Sue - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

A Kiwi at heart, Rebecca was born and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand, on a farm surrounded by fruit trees and vegetable crops. As a nervous eighteen-year-old in 2016, she left New Zealand and moved to Melbourne to pursue higher education at Monash. Rebecca is currently a third-year Nutrition Science student, with hopes of completing a Master of Dietetics afterwards.

Campbell Hall has been Rebecca’s home away from home for the past two years. She looks forward to bringing her charisma and knowledge to create opportunities for residents and to spread the the Campbell Hall spirit. From sporting to social event, Rebecca hopes to use hall activities to bring the diverse people of her hall together as a proud Campbell crew.

As an eager basketball player during her schooling years, Rebecca has had passion for the culture and spirit of team sports ever since. She hopes to use her love for sports, passion for leading and belief in balanced healthy living, to work alongside her fellow peers on the Sports and Wellbeing portfolio.

Outside of RA duties, you’ll spot Rebecca in the wing lounge cooking up a storm, at the oval playing touch footy, or instagramming her latest brunch adventures.

Thomas Waddingham - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Raised in a series of small towns in Tasmania, Thomas moved to Melbourne at the start of 2017 to study at Monash University. He is about to start his second year of study in the double degree, Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences.

Thomas enjoys watching TV shows and movies, playing video games, reading and writing.

Thomas is enthusiastic about his new role and ability to contribute in Campbell Hall. He hopes to assist many residents in adjusting to university life and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be a part of the amazing Campbell Hall culture and community. He is eager to begin working on the Environment and Sustainability portfolio for the hall and aims to run events that will educate and encourage people to contribute to a sustainable future, while bringing people together with a common goal.

Faisal Zia - Resident Advisor, Campbell Hall

Born in India, but having spent majority of his life in Perth, Faisal considers himself an Australian at heart.

After graduating high school Faisal decided that he needed to challenge himself. Not only did Faisal decide to take on a double degree in Engineering and Commerce, but also to do so while studying in a bigger, more unfamiliar environment. It was that vision that brought him to Monash, and how he found himself in the very first cohort of Campbell Hall in 2016. Faisal was a member of the 2017 orientation team and took great pleasure in welcoming new residents to the hall and making them feel comfortable and at home. Faisal was also a Reserve RA last year and a member of the Events & Culture portfolio, working with his fellow RA’s to execute large events, such as the annual ball.

In his spare time Faisal loves going on hikes, watching NBA games and playing sports. Faisal aims to apply his talents in the Sport & Wellbeing portfolio, with the aim of injecting a tight-knit, energetic and supportive community atmosphere into Campbell Hall, and to make it a year to remember for all residents!