Deakin Hall Residential Support Team

Mark LeeMark Lee - College Head, Deakin Hall

Having spent a few years after high school playing semi-professional rugby in England, and coming to the realization I was not going to become an All Black (a hard moment for any New Zealand male!), I finally decided to get serious about my life's direction.  I returned to NZ and started my undergraduate studies in Philosophy at Otago University in Dunedin, NZ.  Whilst there I stayed in the residential hall, Selwyn College and I loved the experience so much that after a few years as a Residential Assistant there I continued to work in the field at various halls around NZ gaining evermore experience.

I was working in Christchurch after the earthquakes and then got an opportunity to move to Melbourne in September 2011 for work.  I immediately felt at home so I decided to stay.  Now I find that this career path and my studies have nicely synchronized so I can do my PhD, something I always intended to do someday, with the Philosophy Department at Monash University and Warwick University in the UK as part of the partnership programme.  I specialize in Virtue Ethics, Aristotle, Friedrich Nietzsche and Aesthetics..

Bec ClarkeRebecca Clarke - Deputy College Head, Deakin Hall

I have lived at Deakin Hall for a few years and love being the DCH and having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful students. I have previously completed an undergraduate degree in Zoology and am now finishing up a Masters in Education.

Now for some fun, but completely unrelated, facts about me: I volunteer at Melbourne zoo in my spare time, I am ridiculously uncoordinated, I love to bake, my favorite colour is blue and I have my open water scuba diving licence and recently went diving with great white sharks.

I look forward to getting to know you all throughout the rest of the year and am excited to be a part of such a friendly and inclusive community!

James HollandJames Holland - Residential Support Assistant, Deakin Hall

James is originally from Sunshine in Melbourne’s West. Born the youngest of five siblings (four sisters including triplets), he loves the atmosphere of a big, loud family. James started a bachelor of Law (Honours)/Arts in 2015 with a desire to learn about social change.

Through volunteering, he discovered a keen passion for leadership. James has led teams of staff to accomplish weekend camps for disadvantaged groups throughout the year and been a non-residential advisor at Ursa Collage. Prior to this role, James was a basketball referee and stadium supervisor for 6 years. He also tutors in English Lit, Constitutional law and American History. If you get the chance, ask James about his time in America. He had the opportunity to intern in the office of Congressman Jerrold Nadler over the 2016/2017 Summer break. Seeing the Inauguration in person and having talked to many Americans, he is fascinated by their system of government and political outlook. Something you may not know about James is that he was born with only one kidney. He only found out when he was 19. Funnily enough, it barely impacts James’ day to day life, though he swears the right side of his abdomen is slightly larger than the left.

He is incredibly excited to take on this new role. He looks forward to meeting all the new residents of Deakin Hall.

Andrew DownieAndrew Downie- Resident Advisor

Hey guys, I'm Andy and I will be your Diversity and Inclusion RA for 2017. I'm going into my second year of medicine, but during procrastination I enjoy tennis, and any movie/TV show/music that has been recently released. I'm from Sydney originally, so if anybody wants to chat about the greatest city in Australia feel free to drop by my room (or for any other reason, no matter how big or small!). I am keen to get to know everyone!

Chunman Lily YangChunman, Lily Yang - Resident Advisor

Hello everyone, my name is Chunman, also known as Lily, one of your RAs for this year. I’m doing my Master degree in Education. This is my second year in Monash Uni, and it’s also my second year in Deakin. I enjoy cooking and baking, playing pool and going roller skating and singing, by the way, I’m a very big fan of Justin Bieber. In my leisure time, I like watching family focused dramas like Growing Pains, Baby Daddy and Good Luck Charlie, cuz they are very funny. If you have any same hobby as me, you are more than welcome to have a chat. Also, if you have any questions about study or life, feel free to visit and see me. Can’t wait to see you all in 2017, and hope you all have a great year in Deakin ~@*^_^*@~

Daniel van Tubbergh Daniël van Tubbergh - Resident Advisor

Hello everyone. I'm Daniël and am in the second year of a double degree in commerce and engineering, specialising in materials engineering. I am originally from South Africa but have spent the last 10 years of my life in Australia. I live in a small country town about 3 hours away from Melbourne called Echuca. I love all sports, especially cricket and AFL. I am also a local AFL umpire. If you’re ever up for a chat or need help I'll be more than happy to help

Dustin HainesDustin Haines - Resident Advisor

Hey, I’m Dustin and I’m the IT RA for Deakin in 2017. I come from a small town called Heyfield, down in Gippsland (roughly 2 hours east of Melbourne). I currently study Software Engineering and will be in my second year this year. I’ve always had a passion for IT across all areas and have let that passion bring me to Monash to improve myself. Aside from that, I’m a hockey player for Monash and enjoy admiring cars. Following an amazing first year at Deakin, I couldn’t say no to coming back. I like to think I’m easy going so come have a chat anytime, there’s a good chance I’ll be around somewhere. Looking forward to meeting everyone and making another great year!

Emily LeiEmily Lei - Resident Advisor

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm a Russian-Chinese moved all the way from Hong Kong, but going into my second year of uni and living in Deakin Hall! I'm majoring in Media and Communications, hoping to get into marketing one day. I enjoy photography and a variety of different sports, but also occasionally staying in, singing and dancing to my favourite tunes! I love terrible jokes and puns, to have a good laugh in general, so come say hi and we'll laugh our sorrows away together! I'm the one with the weird accent so you'll spot me fairly easily :) Can't wait to meet everyone!

Jacqueline BredhauerJacqueline Bredhauer - Resident Advisor

Hi, I'm Jacquie! I'm from Brisbane and I'm going in to my second year of medicine this year. Deakin has been the most incredible home to me so far and I can't wait to make it a similar experience for you. I'm usually studying or socialising. I also like to read, listen to music, wear patterned jackets and eat food (usually Ping's dumplings -> these will be one of your greatest uni discoveries!). I love a good rave, and I'm always up for a chat - come by any time if you've ever got any questions or you're just bored. Can't wait to meet you all!

Cole KeeganCole Keegan - Resident Advisor

Hi, my name is Cole, and I’m a Deakin RA and if you look above and below me you will see the rest of my lovely team of RAs. I’m from Mildura, Victoria and am in my first year of double degree of Engineering and Science, but it is my second year at Deakin. Stop by my room whenever, I’m up for a chat related to just about anything (however ill most likely be asleep if you come during the morning). I honestly can’t pin down what my hobbies are, I'll usually just base my day on random opportunities that present themselves. Um… Stay safe kids, Keegan signing off.

Molly McFarlaneMolly McFarlane - Resident Advisor

Hey everyone, I’m Molly and I will be one of your sports RA’s for 2017! I’m from Wodonga which lies in Victoria across the border from New South Wales and I am returning to undertake my second year at Deakin Hall. I absolutely loved my time here at Deakin in 2016 and I’m sure 2017 will be just as fun! I’m going into my second year of study Education/Arts here at Monash, however in my free time I love play my guitar, hang out with my mates and just have a good time. I’m an absolute sports tragic, and a massive movie buff. Please feel free to come and find me anytime to have a chat or ask me any questions, I will do my best to help you! Looking forward to meeting you all in 2017!

Patrick Mohun Patrick Mohun - Resident Advisor

Hey people I’m Pat and I’m Enviro RA at Deakin for 2016. I’m from Cairns in QLD and this is my second year in medicine. I like eating potatoes and being barefoot. I’m keen for the year and will hopefully grow some awesome food in the garden. It’ll be good meeting everyone so if you’re ever bored, feel free to come have a chat.

Sayedeh Mehrnaz MirmoayediMehrnaz Mirmoayedi - Resident Advisor

Currently in my second year of my Engineering and Arts double degree, this is also my second year at Deakin Hall. I fancy listening to Elizabeth Grant, remembering the plots of my favourite childhood books like ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and drinking different flavours of tea. If not busy with any of those, I’m most likely handcrafting a birthday card or a photo album.

William Seabrook William Seabrook - Resident Advisor

Hey everyone, my name is Billy and I am from Inverloch, Victoria. I lived in Indonesia for the past 16 years until I moved back to Australia (year 2015). This is my second year living here and I will be your Cultural RA! I am looking forward to socialize with you guys and get involved in all the events this year. I am currently in my second year of general science (haven’t decided a major yet) and apart from that I enjoy playing any sporting activities especially soccer or futsal. Feel free to go to my room if you want to have a chat although I spend most of my time down in the common room or courtyard anyways. See you in 2017!