Deakin Hall Residential Support Team

Mark LeeMark Lee - College Head, Deakin Hall

Having spent a few years after high school playing semi-professional rugby in England, and coming to the realization I was not going to become an All Black (a hard moment for any New Zealand male!), I finally decided to get serious about my life's direction.  I returned to NZ and started my undergraduate studies in Philosophy at Otago University in Dunedin, NZ.  Whilst there I stayed in the residential hall, Selwyn College and I loved the experience so much that after a few years as a Residential Assistant there I continued to work in the field at various halls around NZ gaining evermore experience.

I was working in Christchurch after the earthquakes and then got an opportunity to move to Melbourne in September 2011 for work.  I immediately felt at home so I decided to stay.  Now I find that this career path and my studies have nicely synchronized so I can do my PhD, something I always intended to do someday, with the Philosophy Department at Monash University and Warwick University in the UK as part of the partnership programme.  I specialize in Virtue Ethics, Aristotle, Friedrich Nietzsche and Aesthetics..

Bec ClarkeRebecca Clarke - Deputy College Head, Deakin Hall

I have lived at Deakin Hall for a few years and love being the DCH and having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful students. I have previously completed an undergraduate degree in Zoology and am now finishing up a Masters in Education.

Now for some fun, but completely unrelated, facts about me: I volunteer at Melbourne zoo in my spare time, I am ridiculously uncoordinated, I love to bake, my favorite colour is blue and I have my open water scuba diving licence and recently went diving with great white sharks.

I look forward to getting to know you all throughout the rest of the year and am excited to be a part of such a friendly and inclusive community!

James HollandJames Holland - Residential Support Assistant, Deakin Hall

James is originally from Sunshine in Melbourne’s West. Born the youngest of five siblings (four sisters including triplets), he loves the atmosphere of a big, loud family. James started a bachelor of Law (Honours)/Arts in 2015 with a desire to learn about social change.

Through volunteering, he discovered a keen passion for leadership. James has led teams of staff to accomplish weekend camps for disadvantaged groups throughout the year and been a non-residential advisor at Ursa Collage. Prior to this role, James was a basketball referee and stadium supervisor for 6 years. He also tutors in English Lit, Constitutional law and American History. If you get the chance, ask James about his time in America. He had the opportunity to intern in the office of Congressman Jerrold Nadler over the 2016/2017 Summer break. Seeing the Inauguration in person and having talked to many Americans, he is fascinated by their system of government and political outlook. Something you may not know about James is that he was born with only one kidney. He only found out when he was 19. Funnily enough, it barely impacts James’ day to day life, though he swears the right side of his abdomen is slightly larger than the left.

He is incredibly excited to take on this new role. He looks forward to meeting all the new residents of Deakin Hall.

Chloe Chamberlain - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Chloe is the Environment RA for Deakin in 2018. She was born in Melbourne, but her family is from New Zealand. Chloe lived in 5 different countries all around the world,  before moving back to Australia 7 years ago. She currently studies psychology and criminology and will be in her second year at Monash this year.

After an amazing year at Deakin Hall last year, Chloe felt that she just couldn’t say no to coming back. Chloe’s door is open anytime and she encourages you to come for a chat. She is really looking forward to meeting everyone and making 2018 another fun year!

Isabella de Franceschi - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Isabella is your Community RA for 2018. She is from Broken Hill, NSW and is in her second year of her Bachelor of Radiography & Medical Imaging (pretty rad, she knows).

She is an enthusiast of music, coffee and food. Isabella also enjoys a good old chat and some laughs - she can't wait to meet you all and have an awesome year together. She will be around to offer any support that she can!

Aimee Dwyer - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Aimee is Deakin Hall’s Health and Wellbeing RA for 2018. She is from Horsham, a country town in western Victoria 4 hours from Melbourne. She is currently in her 2nd year of Paramedicine at the Peninsula Campus.

She was stoked with her year at Deakin in 2017 and hopes to make new Deakin residents feel just as supported in 2018 as she did in her first year! Feel free to knock on Aimee's door for whatever you may need. She cannot wait to meet everyone!

Sarah Funston - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Sarah will be the Cultural RA for 2018. She is currently in her second year of her degree and second year living at Deakin. She is from Tathra on the Far South Coast of NSW. She is studying a Bachelor of Nutrition Science, which she is very passionate about.

Sarah loves to be active, to cook, to be in the ocean and to hit the dance floor. She is looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you over the coming year.

Maddi Grande - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Maddi is from a small town called Lakes Entrance, on the coast of Victoria and is studying primary teaching at Peninsula. She has had an excellent year at Deakin in 2017 and wants to make your year just as spectacular in 2018.

Maddi loves her sport and is an avid Collingwood supporter (and yes, she does have all her teeth). Maddi loves listening to music, going to festivals, camping and being at the beach. She also loves going out for a boogie, but one of her biggest passions is eating, which you will see a lot! Maddi is always up for a chat, a game of 500 and a laugh, so feel free to come by whenever! She’s looking forward to meeting you all and making some great memories!

Dustin Haines - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Dusty is a third year returning resident and RA to Deakin Hall. In 2018, he will be serving as the IT RA for the community, acting as the ‘go to’ source for any tech support. Originally from Heyfield, in Gippsland (about 2 hours away), he moved to Melbourne to study Software Engineering and will be completing his third year in 2018.

Outside of studying, Dusty is an active hockey player and umpire for the Monash University team and has interests in tech, cars and sports. After 2 great years at halls, it was hard to say no to the idea of a third year, and with that, yet another year of great times and great people.

Afia Lodi - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Afia will be your Diversity and Inclusion RA for 2018. She is currently studying Master of Banking and Finance, but aspires to be business analysis journalist. Afia is an international student from India and a software engineer. 2017 was a remarkable year at Deakin and so she decided to return this year as an RA.  A fun fact about Afia is that in her spare time she loves to volunteer and to relieve stress by playing sports. She is also a huge fan of Marvel and DC, and is a die hard coffee lover. Feel free to say hi and have a chat if you see her around. Afia is excited to meet everyone in 2018!

Alexander McIntosh - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Alex, hailing from Beechworth, studies a Bachelor of Business. He is heading into his second year of tertiary education attending the Caulfield campus. He is looking forward to meeting everyone and hopes that the year will be an enjoyable time.

Alex will be your Communications RA, which will entail making the end of year magazine called the ALF, along with various other responsibilities. Alex is also excited to see the Melbourne Demons break their finals drought in 2018, and is looking forward to attending to some AFL matches during the year.

Emily McIntosh - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Emily is from Albury, a town on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. She is currently studying her second-year of Communication Design at the Caulfield campus.

She loves anything to do with art and design, cooking, photography and hanging out with friends. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Deakin last year, and can’t wait to meet everyone this year and make some new great memories!

Sam McLay - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Sam is from Wagga Wagga in NSW and will be one of your Sports RAs for 2018. Having arrived at Monash University last year, this year he is undertaking his second year as a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science student. Aside from his study, he also enjoys AFL, cricket and hanging out with mates. He believes his cooking abilities are below par, but that is able to make some quality ham and cheese toasties. Having had a great time in 2017, he is keen to again make 2018 another great year for all new residents at Deakin Hall. He’s always up for a chat so if you’re ever feeling a bit hungry for conversation, feel free to pay him a visit.

Mehrnaz Mirmoayedi - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Mehrnaz was born overseas and has been living in Melbourne for more than half a decade. Among other things, her favourite activities include playing volleyball and attending ballet performances. She is currently in the third year of her Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts double degree, 2018 will be Mehrnaz’s third year at Deakin Hall.

In 2018, Mehrnaz is responsible for the Rescomm portfolio; she will be representing Deakin Hall in the Residents’ Committee, the peak body for residents on campus. Rescomm runs many events and initiatives throughout the year including, but not limited to, the annual MRS ball, fundraising events such as Live Below the Line and the MRS Vampire Shield. Essentially. Mehrnaz will be promoting these events in Deakin and assisting Rescomm with their organization.

Hemanth Purushothaman - Resident Advisor, Deakin Hall

Hemanth is from a city called Chennai. It is in the southern part of India. He studies Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (ECSE) here at Monash. He is in his second year this year.

He will be your Academic RA for 2018. He spends most of his free time watching TV or cooking up something. He loves to experiment with food. He is super excited to get to know everyone!