Farrer Hall Residential Support Team

Steve MitchellSteve Mitchell - College Head, Farrer Hall

Steve began his affiliation with Monash as an undergrad in the early 1990s, he soon joined the Monash Course & Careers section as part time receptionist as well as working as a tutor for a range of subjects.  After graduation from the Faculty of Information Technology he had a short, but successful career as a programmer before re-joining the University in the Networks division.  Over his time here he's visited and supported most of the Monash campuses (including Prato).  For the last couple of years he's been designing and building the University's new Data Centre and the next generation of the Monash network.

Steve was originally a country boy staying at Roberts Hall during his undergraduate days and a few years ago returned to the MRS family as the Deputy College Head of Roberts Hall, under the tutelage of Dr Gerry Nagtzaam.  During that time Anya and Steve welcomed their first child to Halls, Hendrix.  Soon to be followed by Madeleine and Hugo.

Steve has enjoyed his promotion to College Head of Farrer Hall and over the past few years providing opportunities for all residents to excel at various facets life.

Katrina HookeKatrina Hooke - Deputy College Head, Farrer Hall

Katrina (or Kat) joins Farrer as Deputy College Head in 2017 at stop 3 on a tour of MRS halls – having previously been part of Berwick and Normanby House communities.  She is looking forward to experiencing Farrer for the first time along with the new residents and is looking forward to getting to know those that are coming back for more!
Katrina grew up on a farm near Benalla in regional Victoria, moved to Melbourne to go to uni, and has lived in and around Melbourne ever since.  During the day, Katrina works full time as a school psychologist, which she loves. She works a lot with children with disabilities, learning difficulties and challenging behavior.

Katrina likes to be around people, so will often be up for a chat and will always be up for a laugh.  She enjoys funny people, coffee, movies, spending time with friends, doing silly things because they’re funny, holidays, and icecream.

She’s looking forward to working with the Farrer RST to make 2017 a great year!

BreeBreanna Polato - Residential Support Assistant, Farrer Hall

Before embarking on her Monash journey, Bree was an animal fanatic who loved to ride motorbikes around her small rural country town of Leongatha. In 2011 Bree took up residency at Richardson Hall while studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology and Ecology & Conservation Biology. Her ultimate aim is to become a zookeeper or work at a sanctuary for sick/injured native and exotic animals.

Bree was so happy to have completed her honours, majoring in Zoology, in 2015 and is very excited to return to Farrer community as the Residential Support Assistant for the second year. After 6 years at MRS already Bree just couldn’t stay away.

Bree is incredibly passionate about animals, be it domesticated pets or free living wildlife. In her spare time Bree enjoys volunteering at the Melbourne Zoo, arts and crafts, video games (huge Yoshi fan), motorbike riding and making new friends.

Sophie Atherden - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Growing up north of Melbourne in a small country town – Wallan, Sophie completed all her schooling in Kilmore. After graduating in 2016, Sophie moved to Monash University where she quickly found herself at home at Farrer.

Aside from studying her undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Science, Sophie also enjoys her fitness and sports, including running, softball, soccer and netball. Apart from sport, Sophie also enjoys spending time with family and friends, shopping and sleeping.

In 2018, Sophie will be a member of the Events and Culture portfolio as well as being the Ground Residential Advisor. She is very excited for the opportunity to have a significant input into Farrer Hall and the MRS community, hoping to make it a fantastic year for both new and returning residence.

Akshita Bhatia - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Born and brought up in the mystically beautiful land of India, Akshita decided to move to the big city of Melbourne last year. She immediately fell in love with the sense of community in MRS and the Farrer spirit. With her interest in knowledge, understanding and exploring, she is currently undertaking her second year of a Bachelor of Science. She also studies communications and media because it’s cool. As well as her fascination in science and arts, she also enjoys binge watching TV shows, reading poetry, drinking tea and napping.

Akshita is very passionate towards improving the environment. She believes that it’s the little things that count and wants to use that to make sure everyone remains committed. She is very excited to take over the Environment Portfolio.  She is looking forward to spending another year at Farrer getting to know people and working on Third Lords alongside Mimi Hansford.

Taryn Clarke - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Taryn was born in the suburbs of Melbourne, but was quickly whisked away from all the hustle and bustle to the small town of Glengarry. She has just finished her first year of a Bachelor of Science, and will continue to her studies with a major in ecology and conservation biology and human geography.

Over the past two years, Farrer has not just been a convenient place to live, but a home full of the most amazing people. She loved being an RA on Second Commons in 2017, and can’t wait to work with Jess to help make Third Commons into a supportive and loving floor.

Taryn is excited to work on the Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Portfolio, planning some awesome events for Farrer in 2018. We hope to help Ferrets learn all about what an inclusive and diverse hall Farrer is. She can’t wait to meet all the new Ferrets and to have another great year with everyone!

Bea de la Fuente - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

As a third culture kid, Bea is no stranger to moving around and being asked about her strange accent. She was born and raised in the Philippines for eleven years, and lived in Thailand for seven years because of her dad’s job. Moving to Australia in 2017
for her tertiary studies, she was and still is excited and comforted to find another home in Farrer Hall.

She is currently undertaking a double degree in Commerce and Global Studies (majoring in economics and international studies), and hopes to work in the development sector in the future. In her spare time, Bea loves to volunteer for social justice clubs and organisations, take long naps, chill with friends and incessantly sing (off-key) to her musical theatre playlists.

Bea is incredibly excited to not only work with her fellow RA Will on charity, but also the entire 2018 RST team. She is part of the Academic and Communications portfolio,, and is looking forward to organising events that promote the Farrer spirit. Bea welcomes the new and returning residents and can’t wait to make some more Faztown mems!

Megan Elmer - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

In March 1998, Megan was born in the county of Suffolk, England where she lived in the countryside until she was 12 years old, when her family chose to make the move to sunny Australia, settling in the (not so) bustling country town of Bendigo, Victoria.

After graduating year 12 in 2015, Megan chose to take a gap year, during which she travelled around Europe and had one of the best experiences of her life so far, falling in love with countries such as Greece, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

In 2017 Megan started studying a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University with hopes to major in psychology and one day go on to complete post graduate studies. In this year Megan also made one of the best decisions of her life to live at Farrer Hall where she became a true ferret. Megan has met so many incredible people and had an amazing year at Farrer in 2017, some of the highlights including the Farrer Musical and the Farrer Ball.

In her spare time Megan enjoys listening (and singing along, much to some people’s annoyance) to early 2000’s music and watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix. Megan also enjoys socialising with her friends around Farrer and taking spontaneous trips to Daniel’s Donuts (seriously they’re amazing). Megan encourages all new ferrets to get involved in the hall and experience all it has to offer, it’s a great place to make friends for life and there’s truly no place like it. Here’s to a great 2018!

Miranda Hansford - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Miranda whilst spending most of her life in the small central Victoria town of Woodend, has lived in a number of places throughout her life. Born in Hawthorn, Miranda moved to Woodend at age 4, and had a two year stint in Broome (WA) at age 14. As typical of a country kid Miranda lived a rather free-range upbringing, spending most of her time riding horses, exploring the bush and running amok with her three other siblings.

Miranda completed year 12 in 2016 and came to Farrer at the start of 2017. Being part of Farrer in 2017 made it the best year of her life so far. With the constant banter, enthusiasm and close knit community Farrer soon became the home away from home.

Currently in pursuit of a career in neuroscience, Miranda is a self-proclaimed psychology nerd as well as an Instagram addict, thus is very excited to be a part of the Academic and Communications portfolio for 2018. Miranda feels extremely lucky to be appointed as a Residential Advisor for 2018, Miranda is excited to work with the entire team of 2018 to ensure that Farrer remains the best Hall at Monash.

Lucy Hume - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Born in England Lulu moved to Australia when she was 6! Driving the 40 minutes from Eltham to Clayton appeared too much for Lulu so she decided to make the move over to Farrer in 2017 and is about to commence her third year of Primary, Secondary and Inclusive Education.
In her spare time, you’ll see her working at McDonalds, or anywhere around Farrer either napping or drinking her beloved Diet Coke (not often seen without a bottle).

She can talk the back legs off a donkey (when breaking from the Diet Coke consuming) and thoroughly enjoys singing which is a shame as she is tone deaf.

The Farrer atmosphere is something like no other, with the “No Ferret, Left Behind” motto taken extremely seriously, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be a social butterfly by the end of your time here and left with nothing but amazing memories and friendships that’ll last a life time. Farrer has become a home away from home and all Ferrets are now considered family.

She is extremely excited to work on Second Commons alongside J.Mack (aka James Mackinnon) and looks forward to 2018 with all new and returning residents.

Adam Karpinski - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Born in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Adam grew up in Geelong before returning to Melbourne to live at Farrer Hall in 2017. He instantly fell for every part of Farrer from the amazing people to the unforgettable experiences. He can’t wait to be a part making more great memories in 2018.

He is currently studying a Bachelor of Radiation Sciences and is hoping to pursue a career in radiation therapy. Adam loves all things sports; playing basketball, soccer, futsal, swimming, surfing and football (briefly). He is going to be involved in Farrer’s Health and Well-being portfolio this years and is hoping to continue Farrer’s illustrious sporting glory. Being a competitive person, he endeavours to facilitate participation (and results) in his portfolio. Adam is a dreamer and has big plans for Farrer in 2018. He is excited to be the First Commons RA and is always up for a chat and more than happy to help out a fellow ferret when needed.

Dean Linn - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Originally from the small country town of Thorpdale, Dean moved to Farrer Hall in 2017 after deciding the family farm wasn’t his calling. He immediately felt at home here at MRS, enjoying everything Farrer has to offer.

Dean is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science double degree and is really enjoying it. Aside from his undergraduate degree, Dean enjoys running, relaxing, binge-watching TV, hanging out with friends and going to the beach.

Dean is extremely excited to be returning to Farrer Hall in 2018 to be a Resident Advisor on 2nd Lords and looks forward to working alongside the RST team and with the Diversity and Inclusion portfolio in making 2018 a great year.

James MacKinnon - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Born in England, James soon moved to Western Australia, where he has called Perth and Karratha his homes for most of his life. Joining Farrer in 2017, the hall and it’s residents quickly became his home and family.

The weirdly temperamental weather in Melbourne hasn’t dampened his love for the outdoors. He enjoys rock climbing, hikes, going to the beach and spontaneous trips to Mt Buller for the ski season. James is heading into his second year at University, studying a double degree in Engineering and Commerce, specialising in aerospace engineering, in the hopes of sending something into space.

Having fell in love with the hall and its culture last year, James really hopes you enjoy your time at Farrer and MRS. As one of the RA’s on  2nd Commons and a part of the Academic and Communications portfolio, James wants to make sure you have the best year possible.

Connie Potts - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Connie, originally from Melbourne, grew up on the coast in the tiny little town of Point Lonsdale.  As your typical ‘beach bum’ Connie loves to spend the summers by the beach, but enjoys her winters up in the mountains attempting to shred the slopes.

Having no idea what to do with her life Connie decided to study engineering and commerce. She was excited to return to the big smoke, and live at Farrer where she was introduced to a whole new world of people. Her time spent here so far has been unforgettable and wishes the best to all new ferrets as she wants them to have an incredible year. Connie is competitive and loves sport, especially soccer and is enthusiastic about working on the Health & Wellbeing portfolio. She cannot wait for the new year and is stoked to be a part of 2nd Lords.

Janae Smith - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

2018 will be Janae’s 2nd year at Farrer, and she couldn’t be more excited. Having grown up in Bendigo, Janae looked forward to moving to Melbourne in 2017 and found Farrer to be her perfect home away from home as she fell in love with it’s inclusive community and her fellow ferrets.

With a keen interest in all things performing arts, Janae is thrilled to be part of the Events and Culture portfolio, and looks forward to bringing many enjoyable events (including the ball) to all the residents of Farrer.

In her spare time Janae represents Monash in Pom (cheer dance), enjoys hanging out in the floor kitchen, singing along to all things musical theatre and talking.

2018 should be an exciting year for all living within the Farrer walls, and Janae is eager to meet all the new (and returning) residents, particularly those calling First Lords home. She encourages everyone to get involved at Farrer in every way possible, as it has so much to offer to its family of ferrets.

Declan Storm - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Will Taylor - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Willy ‘Tayzer’ Taylor is a cheeky barrel of monkey’s Born in Hamilton, Victoria. He grew up in the lovely land of Stawell, in Western Victoria, fairly close to the Grampians National Park. As a result of being surrounded by mountains and trees, Will has developed a passion for climbing things like rocks, the corporate ladder of professionalism, mountains and trees. As he was quite the lazy 12 year old, Will is not what you would consider a ‘natural athlete’. However, he thoroughly enjoys playing team sports (mainly for the banter and quality afternoon teas).

Will studies engineering because he likes numbers and making things. Also, an engineer is probably the closest thing to a wizard in the real world.

Will looks forward to bringing his enthusiasm and his solid colloquialisms to Farrer Hall in 2018, aiming for everyone to enjoy its unique atmosphere and community as much as he does. Alongside his wonderful colleagues Sophie and Janae, Will is excited to see the Farrer Events & Culture portfolio put on some awesome events that will bring together everyone in the hall, and show everyone the true meaning of the Farrer spirit.

Jessica Wall - Resident Advisor, Farrer Hall

Rising from the north of Tasmania, Jess completed her year 12 studies in 2016 and moved interstate to Melbourne at the start of 2017, to start her time at Monash. Not knowing what she was in for at Farrer, Jess soon became involved in pretty much everything the hall has to offer and has countless lifelong friendships and memories to look back on. Farrer is a home away from home for any resident and if you’re blessed enough to be a member of Farrer, count yourself lucky. The Farrer culture provides you with support, guidance, friendship and many fun and good times (endless banter provided).

Jess loves her sport and gets around all things with a competitive edge. Jess alongside Adam and Sophie will run the halls Health and Wellbeing portfolio and hopes to maintain Farrer’s competitive edge and winning streaks in inter-hall events.

Jess is undertaking her second year of a double degree of Business and Marketing, but enjoys the hustle and bustle of Farrer even more. She is ecstatic to be an RA at Farrer in 2018, and hopes that she can help any resident have a great year in their new home.