Holman Hall Residential Support Team

Tom HoldsworthTom Holdsworth - College Head, Holman Hall

I began my life living in Mt Evelyn in Victoria, before moving to Wellington when I was still quite young. After living there for 8 years, I returned to Melbourne and attended Trinity Grammar School in Kew. During my high school years I spent a year living in Quebec learning French and attending high school. This was the year I started learning to play ice-hockey. It was also the year I decided never to play it again. Not only could I not ice-skate, I didn't particularly like being slammed up against the side walls.

After completing my Masters in Marketing and Management at University I started my career in International Education. This was a fantastic way to begin my career as it allowed me to do something I loved; building business relationships. I moved to Monash to take on this career path on a larger scale and have been with Monash Residential Services for almost 6 years now.

I spent most of my school life playing soccer. I have both Italian and English background, so I always assumed my passion for the sport came from this. I also played a lot of cricket, squash, and touch rugby growing up. I love playing sport and will always take the opportunity to participate in a game. I love cooking (but not the cleaning), particularly dishes from my Italian side of the family. When I get a chance, I enjoy traveling and seeing areas of the world that I have not yet seen. I usually pick areas within countries that don't have too many tourists, as this allows me to learn about the real culture of the country. Despite living in Australia for so long, I have seen very little of it. I plan to change this in the near future. When I have time, I like to relax and play some video games or simply read a book. I believe it is important to have a moment to yourself every now and then.

I look forward to working with the Residents at Holman Hall and hope to meet with you all soon.

Carmen Yan DCHCarmen Yan - Deputy College Head, Holman Hall

Carmen completed her Bachelor of Science majoring in Genetics and Molecular Biology here at Monash Clayton. She continued her studies here completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Research) in the area of Bioethics.

During the day, Carmen works in the Faculty of Science as the Student Experience Coordinator and manages the Science Student Learning Lounge. Carmen has previously worked as the Deputy College Head of Normanby House and Campbell Hall. Carmen is really looking forward to working with the RST of Holman Hall and contributing to this vibrant and friendly community.

Carmen lives with her husband Shaun whom she met during their undergraduate studies at Monash. She enjoys drinking tea, making and eating desserts, arts and crafts, yoga, watching movies and science jokes, puns and fun facts.

Shifa Sadiq
Shifa Sadiq - Residential Support Assistant, Holman Hall

Shifa moved from India to Melbourne in 2016. Her inquisitiveness and determination saw her become a versatile Marketing Graduate in 2017. At the heart of completing her degree, she held two positions with MRS, the Central Environmental Co-ordinator and the Resident Advisor at Normanby House.

In her spare time, Shifa enjoys photography, traveling and exploring new places, reading, writing and playing sports. She is also passionate about the environment and believes in sustainably preserving and protecting what we are blessed with abundantly.

Having come from the Land of Culture, Shifa loves what diversity can bring to a vibrant community and hopes to see it bring nothing but the best this year! Grateful to an amazing MRS team, Shifa is excited and looks forward to working with the Holman Hoppers and wishes the new residents a fun-tabulous year!

Lohith Appaneravanda - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Lohith is currently a third year Science student who is majoring in developmental biology and physiology. He moved to Holman Hall two years ago from Singapore, where he completed most of his schooling. Lohith is extremely excited to undertake the role of RA for 4th West with Shannon Peebles. His portfolio for this year is Events, where with some of his fellow RA’s, they will plan fun social gatherings and events that everyone could hopefully enjoy thoroughly.

He is very passionate about traveling the world and seeing new places. In his spare time he loves to catch up with his friends for dinners, movies and game nights. Lohith is greatly looking forward to meet new residents and help make the Holman community vibrant as an RA.

Mandisa Bonett - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Mandisa grew up in the small coastal town of Nambucca heads, NSW and moved to Monash in late 2016 to study a bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging. She has immensely enjoyed her first year of living on res at Holman Hall and is really looking forward to taking up the RA position and being able to support other students.

When she isn’t studying or working part-time she likes to read, cook, go for walks, check out gigs and force her friends to go on wacky adventures for food. She has a passion for the outdoors, especially the beach, and can be caught complaining about Melbourne’s weather regularly.

Bridget Brooks - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Bridget is a second-year Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce student from the small town of Nathalia in northern Victoria. After living at Holman last year, she is excited to take on the role of RA for 1st West in 2018, as well as the Communications and Environment portfolios. Bridget is a keen Richmond supporter, and loves food, movie marathons, music and dogs.

Alessia Colombo - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Alessia grew up in Lakes Entrance before moving to Holman Hall last year. She completed her first year of university studying double degree, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Biomedicine, but has since changed her mind and will be studying paramedicine this year.

Alessia loves sport and keeping fit. She particularly enjoys swimming, playing futsal and surf lifesaving. Given her keen interest in sport, Alessia is very excited to be one of the sport RAs this year and can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

Laura Darling - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Laura is a third-year student studying Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts with majors in psychology and communications and media studies. Prior to moving to Holman Hall in 2016, she lived in the rural town of Morwell in Gippsland. In her spare time, Laura can often be found watching ridiculous reality TV shows, online shopping, or attending concerts.

This year Laura is working on the Charity portfolio and can’t wait to get residents involved in community work and fundraising. She will also be working on the ResComm portfolio to help organise exciting events for the whole of MRS. Laura is looking forward to meeting all the new residents this year and contributing more to the Holman community.

Caitlin Heffernan - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Caitlin is a 2nd year student studying a Bachelor of Information Technology. Caitlin comes from country NSW, where she lived on a farm and played netball on the weekends. Caitlin lived in Holman Hall in 2017 and is super keen to be the 4th North RA, as well as the Communications and Sports RA in 2018. Caitlin loves anything NESPRESSO, eating meat and the Carlton Footy Club.

Jack Jin - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Born and Raised in Northern China, Jack became a broader at a local all boys school in Melbourne in grade 9 and is now completing his 2nd year of a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws double degree. Jack is interested in urban design, pop music, learning new languages, cooking and having good chats. He looks forward to helping new residents settle in, especially international students who may be shy and nervous in a new country. He is ready to get to know and welcome everyone with an open heart.

Jay Mehta - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Born and raised in Harare, the capital city of the African country of Zimbabwe, Jay moved to Melbourne in February 2016 to undertake an education that will enable him to satisfy his interests in international affairs and legal procedures. Being an avid Liverpool FC supporter, it goes without saying that Jay is a super fan of all things soccer.

Having served as a member of the RST team in 2017, Jay will continue to serve as a member of the team in 2018 and is looking forward to passing on his experience of living in Holman Hall as an international student to others.

Ella O’Dolan - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Ella comes from a small town called Alexandra, about 2 hours North-east of Melbourne and is in her third year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in genetics and microbiology.

Ella loves reading and playing Netball and after spending a year on exchange in Switzerland, can speak almost fluent German. She is excited to take on the Diversity and Inclusion portfolio and hopes to bring Holman Hall some super fun events that will help residents learn more about each other and really foster an inclusive community at Holman Hall this year.

Georgie Peake - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Georgie is currently in her second year studying a Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws. She grew up in Singapore, travelling around Southeast Asia for her dad’s work. She moved back to boarding school in Melbourne at the age of 15 when her parents moved to India.

Georgie is an avid musical theatre lover and dances with the Monash Premier Dance Team. Georgie’s interests include drinking too much coffee and spending too much time at Chadstone. She is excited to make sure residents feel at home within Holman Hall and can’t wait to contribute to an amazing year at halls in 2018!

Shannon Peebles - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Shannon is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Science double degree. She grew up in Hobart and moved to Melbourne to begin university in 2016. Shannon has greatly enjoyed her time at Holman Hall and is very excited to be an RA for Fourth West at Holman in 2018. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, playing card games and going swimming.

Shannon will be taking on the Academic portfolio and wants to find ways to help residents to improve their academic performance and university experience.  She looks forward to meeting all of the new residents and contributing to the Holman community as an RA.

Georgia Santomartino - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Georgia is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Global Studies, hoping to major in physiology and majoring in French. She grew up in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. 2018 will be Georgia’s third year at Holman Hall and she is really excited to start her role as an RA on 2nd West. She loves travelling, cooking and Zumba. She also has a passion for languages and loves to learn new languages whenever she can.

She will be one of the hall’s two Community RAs this year and is very excited to bring you various social and cultural events to help you meet other residents and form new friendships. She is really looking forward to meeting all the new residents and making 2018 a wonderful year at Holman!

Ellen Schammer - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

Ellen is commencing her 2nd year of studying a Bachelor of Education in 2018. She’s excited to return to Holman for her second year on res to help build the community and to ensure everyone has a great time in Holman hall.

She is from Swan Hill, which is a country town 3½ hours North-west of Melbourne where she took her working gap year. Ellen has a passion for the environment and sustainability and can often be found looking after her horde of plants.

George Smith - Resident Advisor, Holman Hall

George is currently studying his 2nd year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash Uni, with plans to one day study medicine. His interests span many areas, and you can often find him kicking the ball around on the futsal court, cooking up a storm in the wing kitchen, or smashing out some quality tunes on the piano. George will be taking on the Events portfolio this year, and will make sure that all of Holman’s big events throughout the year go off without a hitch.