Resident Advisor Application Process

Welcome to the application page for Resident Advisors at Monash Residential Services. The application form is to be used for all RA positions at all MRS Residences.

Please be advised that to be eligible to receive a scholarship as a Resident Advisor, you must maintain full time enrolment and a pass grade average in your University studies. Note: the scholarships department is in the process of updating their page to reflect the 2018 details.

To remain in their role, all Resident Advisors must:

(1) not be in breach of any MRS Condition of Residency; and

(2) adhere to the MRS RA Expectation of Behaviour and Conduct Guidelines

About the RA roles

Each residence has a team of Resident Advisors (RA) providing support, engagement and development to their residential community. In addition, there are central RA positions that provide events, initiatives and programs for the entire MRS community within the areas of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing, Sport, IT, Environment and Entrepreneurship. For more information on training opportunities, expectations, challenges and rewards, view the Resident Advisor page

Cody Fryar
"I have received some amazing training which has helped immensely as I feel more confident, both as a person and as a member of the community."

Cody Fryar

Please take some time to read the attached role outlines prior to commencing the application process:

  • MRS Resident Advisor (Residential Support) - RAs with a responsibility to assist with the support of residents in a Residential Community [with the responsibility over a cohort of residents like a floor, wing, stairway, house(s)] - role description
  • MRS Resident Advisor (Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing) - role description
  • MRS Resident Advisor (IT Coordinator) - role description
  • MRS Resident Advisor (Sports Program) - role description
  • MRS Resident Advisor (Environment Coordinator) - role description
  • MRS Resident Advisor (Entrepreneurship) - role description

Application period

Resident Advisor positions are now closed for 2018.

Application process