Logan Hall Residential Support Team

Leanne McCannLeanne McCann - College Head, Logan Hall

Leanne was born and raised in Melbourne and had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world early in her career. She was offered a position to work in the travel industry, then for Rio Tinto and Swissair before taking on formal qualifications in Education.

Leanne is a mother of two girls, Tori and Carla, and has worked at Monash for 8 years. ​She loves to try good restaurants and is a definite foodie. Leanne welcomes you to Logan Hall, your new home, 'beautiful on the outside and even better in the inside'.

Cameron BrownCam Brown - Deputy College Head, Logan Hall

Before university Cam completed an apprenticeship as an Electrical and Instrumentation technician but in 2013 decided to try something new and came to Monash and MRS.
Suffice to say, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as after living in South East Flats he became a residential advisor there the following year and then RSA at Briggs Hall in mid 2015.

Growing up in the beautiful, but tiny, rural Victoria township of Willow Grove (according to Wikipedia Logan Hall has more residents) he is a country boy at heart but currently prefers to live in a slightly more populated area. He dislikes coffee and chocolate, but please don’t hold this against him.

During the day Cam works for the University as a Functions and Events officer. Cam is very excited to be coming to Logan Hall in 2017 and is thoroughly looking forward to working with the Residential Support Team to create a welcoming and vibrant community that is a home away from home for all everyone who lives at Logan!

Matt Chen
Matt Chen - Residential Support Assistant, Logan Hall

Matt is originally from China and moved to Melbourne in 2012 to begin studying IT and Multimedia at Monash. He has been living at Caulfield Residential since his first year and thoroughly enjoyed his time volunteering as a Resident Advisor in 2013 and 2014. In 2015, he was offered the Residential Support Assistant (RSA) position at Turner Hall. After spending 2016 at South East Flats and 2017 at Turner Hall, he is thrilled to join Logan Hall in 2018.

Having been a previous resident and an international student, he understands how living in Residence can increase the student experience and reach the full potential in every aspect. He is extremely excited to be able to contribute further to the Monash Residential community.

Matt is passionate about photography and cinematography, and he hopes to become a film director one day. We will no doubt see some Logan Hall videos in 2018. Matt is someone who loves sports, spending time with friends and playing basketball and mixed netball. In his free time, he enjoys running, reading and watching movies.

His other role at Monash is Educational Developer, in the Faculty of Information Technology. He looks forward to getting to know all the residents and encouraging a ‘home away from home’ community at Logan Hall in 2018.

Dexter Chiew - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Dexter comes from the nearby town of Pakenham, Victoria. He is studying his final year of Engineering/Law in addition to his role as RA at Logan Hall. When not studying, you might find him out cycling, in the gym or even helping out some dogs in need at the local RSPCA.

While typically a sporty person, this year Dexter will be getting his hands dirty at organising some of the events at Logan to hopefully foster a fun, welcoming and enjoyable experience for the new and old wolves. An active, passionate and talkative person, he is pretty much always up for a good chat and is eager to see the residents of Logan have a big 2018!

Angel D’Souza - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Angel is your average international university student. She’s Indian but was born and raised in Dubai, and is now pursuing a double undergraduate degree in Arts and Commerce. Like some of you, she also has no idea which field she wants to end up in, but that’s okay, she will figure it out eventually (still got two more years to go after all).  In the meantime, she’s happy to read a good book, binge watch several T.V. shows, try out different cuisines (her favourites are Chinese and Japanese) and crack a few punny jokes. Angel is looking forward to meeting some new people and helping them feel right at home at Logan!

Brooke Gibson - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Brooke is in her 6th year at university studying psychology and neuroscience. With a real passion for neuropsychopharmacology. In her spare time, she is likely listening to an audiobook or indulging in a Netflix binge. Brooke comes to Monash from overseas; her home is on a remote island called "Phillip Island". Back at home her favourite things to do include going for it on the quad bike, feeding the farm animals bread, and sun baking with her cats. She hopes to be a source of support to all residents and looks forward to 2018.

Zaria Khan - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Zaria comes from a family of engineers but her passion truly lies in business finance and statistics, and thus the beginning of her career in the financial world. She is in her penultimate year studying Masters of Business at Monash.

Coffee is her spirit beverage, and she cannot imagine a life without coffee. Since the start of her degree, she has been on a quest to find a proper halal restaurant in Melbourne but alas she has yet to find one. Whenever she has the free time she looks up places that are having massive discounts and she will be there in a flash. She is an energetic, caring and approachable person. She is very excited to be a Community and Wellbeing RA in Logan Hall and hope to get the residents together and build a sense of community.

Jeryl Lim - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Jeryl comes from the tiny island nation of Singapore. He is currently in his 3rd year at Monash, doing an extended major in Psychology to pursue his interest in neuropsychology, and a second major in Sociology to learn how to seize the means of production.

Outside of academic life, Jeryl loves to play badminton, and also freelances as a music arranger and pianist. He served as the International Rep for Logan Hall Society last year. Now, as an RA, he can't wait to do more for your well-being and integration into the Logan family!

Douglas Lim - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Douglas is a second-year law student from the Little Red Dot, Singapore, and it’s also his second year at Logan. Always keen to learn more about other cultures and traditions, he hopes to meet many new people from different backgrounds. He also absolutely loves music (even in languages he doesn’t know), so you might see him walking around with his earphones on constantly, but if you ever need anything don’t be afraid to stop him and let him know.

Douglas enjoys almost any sports (including e-sports!) and is interested to learn about those he doesn’t know about, so if you know something he doesn’t please inform him! Aside from these, Douglas is also a massive video game nerd, feel free to hit him up in Steam. He hopes to ensure Logan residents have a fun, enjoyable and safe experience during their stay! FYI, Douglas has a very weird diet, please do not feed him without prior consent.

Vibha Pinto - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Vibha is a second year Arts student who’s majoring in Sociology. She moved to Melbourne from Bangalore, India in October 2016 and has lived in Logan ever since. She can be found spending the majority of her time either reading various novels or partaking in a wide range of outdoor activities. She loves playing soccer and has aptly been given the sports portfolio. Although slightly shy at first, Vibha is more than happy to talk to you about anything and everything, her door is always open for a chat.

Mark Schoenfisch - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Coming from the small suburb of Barry’s Reef (a ways west of Melbourne), Mark is a second year student at Monash, studying a Bachelor of Information Technology. In his spare time, Mark loves to read books, watch Netflix and play Nintendo games while sitting in oversized bean bags. His other interests include Winter, buffalo wings and playing card games. Mark is really excited to be an RA in 2018 and is always happy to have a chat.

Teagan Straw - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Teagan is in her second year of her Bachelor of Education and Arts at Monash Clayton. She hopes to Major in History and Minor in Psychology to become a secondary teacher in these fields.  Coming from the small country town of Penshurst in Western Victoria she loves spending her free time outdoors. When she is not heading to the beach or finding somewhere new to explore she enjoys reading books, spending time with friends, getting as much sleep as possible and binge-watching Netflix. She really enjoyed living at Logan in 2017 and is looking forward to meeting the new residents in 2018.

Wee Tjun Tee - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Sometimes Wee Tjun thinks that he is a one true global citizen - born and raised in Malaysia, studied 7 years in Singapore, and now onto his 3rd year studying Pharmacy in Melbourne. He has been doing design and marketing related jobs since his 1st year studying and he wonders why he is pursuing pharmacy...

Wee Tjun is a city boy and loves brunches, window shopping and juicy gossips. Playing the piano has always been one of his ways to work off his emotions on. He has subscribed to countable cooking channels on YouTube and loves to experiment ingredients of all kinds in the kitchen. Hit him up with food and he will be there in a second. In his free time he likes to tag his friends on tasty memes in Facebook, and is also actively restocking his memes dispensary. He is still on a quest to find a fellow coursemate residing on MRS though, so he is coming back again as an RA in Logan with high hopes on ticking off this long-standing box this time.

Rita Wu - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Rita is currently in her last year studying PhD in psychology and will be saying goodbye to Monash end of 2018. To end her studies in Monash on a nice note she decided to become a Community/Wellbeing RA in Logan. She is an avid explorer - having been to the hottest deserts and the coldest snowfields. A traveler at heart, she loves to learn and indulge in various cultures across the globe. Her guilty pleasures include assortments of candies, cookies and chocolates, not forgetting teas. Despite all these she lives an active lifestyle where she goes to yoga and body pump sessions regularly. She also has a soft spot for fluffy animals and always dreamed of owning one of her own.

Joyce Xiao - Resident Advisor, Logan Hall

Joyce is currently a third year medical student who is originally from Singapore. She moved over to Melbourne in 2015 and has stayed in Logan Hall since 2017 Joyce is passionate about serving the community, as shown in her volunteering stints with the Monash Residential Service. She hopes to foster an inclusive and open-minded community within Logan Hall, such that everyone will have an enjoyable stay in 2018.

In her free time, Joyce enjoys travelling and trying food from various cuisines. She is more than willing to share her experiences and travel stories, so feel free to approach her for a chat!