Logan Hall Residential Support Team

Leanne McCannLeanne McCann - College Head, Logan Hall

Leanne was born and raised in Melbourne and had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world early in her career. She was offered a position to work in the travel industry, then for Rio Tinto and Swissair before taking on formal qualifications in Education.

Leanne is a mother of two girls, Tori and Carla, and has worked at Monash for 8 years. ​She loves to try good restaurants and is a definite foodie. Leanne welcomes you to Logan Hall, your new home, 'beautiful on the outside and even better in the inside'.

Cameron BrownCam Brown - Deputy College Head, Logan Hall

Before university Cam completed an apprenticeship as an Electrical and Instrumentation technician but in 2013 decided to try something new and came to Monash and MRS.
Suffice to say, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as after living in South East Flats he became a residential advisor there the following year and then RSA at Briggs Hall in mid 2015.

Growing up in the beautiful, but tiny, rural Victoria township of Willow Grove (according to Wikipedia Logan Hall has more residents) he is a country boy at heart but currently prefers to live in a slightly more populated area. He dislikes coffee and chocolate, but please don’t hold this against him.

During the day Cam works for the University as a Functions and Events officer. Cam is very excited to be coming to Logan Hall in 2017 and is thoroughly looking forward to working with the Residential Support Team to create a welcoming and vibrant community that is a home away from home for all everyone who lives at Logan!

Paul CorneliusPaul Cornelius - Residential Support Assistant, Logan Hall

Before moving to Melbourne, Paul lived in Cairns, Peru, Canada and Costa Rica. He completed his Honours degree in Music in 2015.

Paul has lived on campus for the past five years, which included three years as a Resident Advisor at Howitt Hall and a year as Residential Support Assistant in Campbell Hall.

Paul is very passionate about building lively, fun and welcoming communities and will be working closely with the Resident Advisors to ensure that all residents at Logan Hall have the best possible experience.

He is thrilled to be moving into Logan and cannot wait to get started. When he isn’t playing table tennis in the games room or tennis at a nearby tennis court, Paul can often be found playing the saxophone in the music room.

Amy LaslettAmy Laslett - Resident Advisor

Amy is in her second year of studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Philosophy and Religion. She's originally from Adelaide which is a gorgeous but small city and she moved to Melbourne two years ago for uni. She loves reading, painting, travelling and drinking tea. Her door is always open if you want to drop by and have a chat. She's super excited to meet all of you and she knows this year's going to be so much fun!

Angel D'SouzaAngel D'Souza - Resident Advisor

Angel is your average international university student. She’s Indian but was born and raised in Dubai, and is now pursuing a double undergraduate degree in Arts and Commerce Specialist here at Monash, majoring in Psychology, Criminology and Econometrics. Like some of you, she also has no idea which field she wants to end up in, but that’s okay, she will figure it out eventually. In the meantime, she’s happy to read a good book, binge watch several T.V. shows, eat lots and lots of desserts and crack a few punny jokes!

Campbell GibsonCampbell Gibson- Resident Advisor

Campbell, more commonly known as Candle, originates from a town in the northwest coast of Tasmania called Burnie. He came here to escape the cold that is Tasmania, and to do a university degree. He’s going into his third year of a Chemistry major in the Bachelor of Science. In his free time, he likes to ingest video games. Claims to like most types of foods yet he doesn’t eat two of the most staple protein sources: seafood and pork. He also loves the sun and the heat.

Dexter ChiewDexter Chiew - Resident Advisor

Dexter originates from the town of Pakenham in the south-eastern suburbs of Victoria. Studying a double degree in Engineering and Laws, Dexter will be undertaking his sixth and penultimate year in 2017. If not found studying, you may typically find him either training, catching up with friends or caring for less-than-fortunate dogs at his local RSPCA to foster his passion for animal welfare.

This year Dexter will be taking on the sport portfolio at Logan and hopes to use it to provide the hall with an energetic, inclusive and most importantly, fun experience both on and off the field for all residents. Dexter is passionate, enthusiastic and driven in his personal endeavours and is excited to see Logan Hall and its residents form into a fun and vibrant community in 2017 and beyond.

Batteries not included.

Harrison CapperHarrison Capper - Resident Advisor

Harrison is in his fourth year of studying Civil Engineering and Architectural Design. He is supported through his every endeavour by his soul mate, coffee. He enjoys long walks on the beach under the moonlight and a robust meme of crisp texture and delicate flavor.

Jake Kershaw Jake Kershaw - Resident Advisor

Jake will be in his 2nd year studying Education/Arts in which he will be majoring in History.
When not doing hardcore amounts of study, he plays guitar in a metal band called Earthbound. He has been playing music for approximately 9 years and it is a huge part of his life. His other interests include TV, being with friends, spicy memes, funky socks and puzzles. He very excited to be an RA for 2017 and hopes to have a fun and exciting year.

Joyce Shuang XiaoJoyce Shuang Xiao - Resident Advisor

Joyce is a third year medical student who is originally from Singapore. She moved over to Melbourne in 2015 and has stayed in Jackomos Hall for a year, before making the transition to Logan Hall this year. Joyce is passionate about serving the community, as shown in her volunteering stints with the student leaders and ambassadors program as international student representative, as well as a refugee clinic. She hopes to foster an inclusive and open-minded community within Logan Hall, such that everyone will have an enjoyable stay in 2017.

In her free time, Joyce enjoys travelling and trying food from various cuisines. Some of the countries and continents she has travelled to include Europe, China and most recently Nepal. She is more than willing to share her experiences and travel stories, so feel free to approach her for a chat! She is also known to be very spontaneous, so you can look forward to impromptu outings if you have the fortune of staying on the 6th floor!

Kate Maddern Kate Maddern - Resident Advisor

Kate Maddern is her third year at Monash University studying Bachelor of Science - Global Challenges, majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology. Originally from Kaniva, a small town in western Victoria, she really enjoys living in Logan Hall. In her free time, she can usually be found reading a book, cooking or umpiring netball.

Kat Huong Thu Nguyen Kat Huong Thu Nguyen - Resident Advisor

Kat originated from a country approximately 7000km up north. She is currently approaching the prestigious dinosaur status, coming into her 4th year both at Monash and on Res. Her course is of mysterious nature - she loves to do way too many things at the same time. Kat has apparently not gotten enough of Logan - after coming in as an O-team member, Floor rep, Hall Society and eventually RA, she came back for another year. As an RA, she was known to feed her ressies with chocolate and sweets perhaps a little too often. In her free time, Kat enjoys designing, dank memes, and designing dank memes.

Meg McNeelMeg McNeel - Resident Advisor

Meg made the pilgrimage up the highway from the coastal town of Geelong a number of years ago to study Law/Arts at Monash. Having been on Res for a number of years she has nailed the logistics of a communal TV and how to make two minute noodles to perfection. Meg is very excited to be apart of the Logan Hall RST for this year and is passionate about making a brilliant community for everyone! Some of her favourite things include a good cheese board, the song Horses and the rare sausage dog sighting on the street.

Saee PatilSaee Patil - Resident Advisor

This is Saee! She was born and brought up in India. She is in the last year of her Master of Tourism degree. She hopes to get a job which will allow her to document wonderful things on earth, far away from a desk. She's an avid reader, swimmer, painter and traveler. Fitness, both mental and physical, is important to her. She's very environmentally conscious and will possibly make you climb stairs with her. She hopes to bring a positive environmental impact around the hall and have a fun engaging rapport with the ressies!

Wee Tjun Tee Wee Tjun Tee - Resident Advisor

Hailing from Malaysia, Wee Tjun will be in his 2nd year studying Pharmacy in 2017. He is a huge foodie and an active Instagrammer, and aims to be a casual food/lifestyle blogger. Agatha Christie has always been his favourite author, and wishes that he has part of Poirot’s sharp eyes for details and Marple’s innate ability to relate with people to solve problems. He is always up for yummy-licious food and a chit-chat sesh. Your wellbeing and experience here in Logan really matters to him and hopes that his enthusiasm and sunny personality can brighten up your day.