Normanby House Residential Support Team

Farid SamadifarFarid Samadifar - College Head, Normanby House

Farid moved to Australia to complete his masters at Monash University in 2006. Having a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, he has decided to start a new path in education. Business! Since then, he has completed 2 masters in International Business and Business Law.

During his time at Monash University as a student, Farid has been involved in different aspects of University life. He was with Monash Postgraduate Association as the Caulfield Campus Representative in 2007 and 2008, Graduate School of Business as the Orientation Program Coordinator in 2008, a Mentor to new International Students with International Student Support Unit in 2007, 2008, and 2009, he has done all these voluntary activities to get the taste of different cultures.

Farid also has been part of Monash Residential Services family since 2009, when he joined as the Residential Support Assistant of International Mews at Caulfield Campus.

In 2012, he moved to Clayton Campus and commenced his role as the College Head of Normanby House. With his Residential Support Team, Farid looks forward to all the opportunities and challenges at Normanby House.

Stefani JansonStefani Janson - Deputy College Head, Normanby House

A very warm greetings to all Normanby Hall residents! My name is Stefani and I will be your Deputy College Head in 2017. This year marks my sixth year at Monash Residential Services, where I have now resided at five different Halls of Residence. I am incredibly passionate about creating a fun, supportive and family like culture within the Hall in order for you, the residents, to flourish and enjoy. I originally come from the beachside town of Ocean Grove, but have called Melbourne home for the past eight years. I am an avid traveller, having visited over 30 countries within the last 6 years. I studied Arts(Chinese)/Business(Management) for my undergraduate degree and am currently pursuing my Masters of Laws (both at Monash University). I am always up for a chat (in English 还是中文), a sing along, brunch or a gym session! Once again, welcome to the Hall and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Izaak LeaIzaak Lea - Resident Advisor

Izaak is in his third year here at Monash Uni studying a Bachelor of Music doing singing. Izaak originally come from Bendigo in Central Victoria and has already completed a degree in Health and Physical Education at Latrobe Uni. Izaak is passionate about music, sport, computers and Swordcraft. Izaak is super keen to meet everyone and have another fantastic year at Normanby House.

Nick HendersonNick Henderson - Resident Advisor

Nicholas is originally from Traralgon, a country town in the Gippsland region. He is about start his second year of studying Business and IT. His portfolios are sport and IT.  Sport is one of his passions, and he is always keen to try any sport. Nicholas is looking forward to meeting you all and making 2017 a fun year for everyone!

Phoebe EpifanoPhoebe Epifano - Resident Advisor

Phoebe is a second-year student studying a double degree of Music Arts with majors in both Classical Performance (Flute) and Ancient Greek studies.
Phoebe loves all kinds of music and TV shows, including her favourite, Supernatural.
In 2017 Phoebe is looking forward to getting to know everyone and is super excited to have a fantastic year at Normanby House.

Ricky GuanRicky Guan - Resident Advisor

Ricky is a second-year Master of Teaching student who is originally from China. Before moving down to Melbourne, she spent four years to do her bachelor in Brisbane. Ricky is sharing academic portfolio with Senuri and social events portfolio with Phoebe this year. Ricky loves movies, painting and sports and she is very passionate about cooking and baking! She is super excited to meet and share this fantastic year with all residents at Normanby House!

Sharranya SureshSharranya Suresh - Resident Advisor

Sharannya was born in Malaysia and lived there up to 2014, which unfortunately means that she can be a bit of a snob when it comes to Asian food in Melbourne (not that her cooking is great, either, she admits ). She moved to Richardson Hall when she started Medicine at Monash, but thought it was time for change after being there for two years. In 2017, she will mostly have hospital placements, but is still looking forward to getting as involved as possible in university life! According to her, she is creepily obsessed with most animals (especially dogs) and gets much too excited about discovering great new songs online. She also reads a lot - when she's not sick of looking at medical textbooks, at least. Sharannya is really looking forward to meeting the new residents, and hopes that Normanby will be a great new home away from home for everyone!

Shifa SadiqShifa Sadiq - Resident Advisor

Shifa moved to Melbourne on February 2016 (Valentine’s day) and has been in love with Melbourne and Monash University since. She comes from India, the land of diverse culture and heritage that adds to her zeal and excitement for life. Her current degree in Marketing has encouraged her to think out of the box, communicate efficiently and be a creative writer, photographer, traveler and Instagram Buff!

As one of the Resident Advisors for 2017, she would like to warmly welcome the new batch to the Rhino Kingdom and be the wind beneath their wings. She looks forward to a wonderful year at Normanby House filled with gratification, enthusiasm, and opportunities.