Peninsula Residential Support Team

Dan McHugh - College Head, Peninsula Residential

Dan was born in Sydney and spent most of his life in Newcastle. He studied a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Newcastle, and during that time he went on a study tour through Europe and worked at a large architectural firm. He chose to change direction in 2014 and moved to Melbourne to study a Master of Teaching. His interests include art, music, cooking, reading and meeting new people.

In addition to his role as College Head, Dan is a Secondary School Teacher specialising in Art and Design.

Since joining MRS in 2014, Dan has lived and worked at three different campuses. He was a resident and RA at Clayton, Residential Support Advisor and Deputy College Head at Berwick, and took on the role of College Head at Peninsula in 2017. He is looking forward to new experiences and supporting the community at Peninsula Residential well into the future.

KatherineKatherine Allman - Deputy College Head

Katherine is a project officer in the Orientation & Transition team at Clayton and also works with Student Advocacy and Support. She recently graduated from Biomedical Science/Law at Clayton and also completed a Diploma in Languages.

Katherine grew up in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula and loves the bush, yoga, and cups of tea. She enjoys hiking, reading, and is currently trying to master stand-up paddle boarding!

She plans to study postgraduate medicine in the future and is passionate about public health and wellbeing, especially in her local community. She is excited about her new role as DCH at Peninsula and looks forward to working with students in the Monash community.

Madison Becker - Residential Advisor, Peninsula

Madi will be commencing her second year at Monash studying physiotherapy. She often has her passport handy so she can return home to Tassie… Well that’s what everyone thinks anyway! Sport has always seemed to follow Madi! From walks with her family and friends to netball to teaching pre-schoolers different sports, no injury could stop her. Any event involving food and people, Madi will be there!

Madi has absolutely loved the first year away from home because of the amazing friends and community res has provided. She is excited for 2018 so she can meet many new faces and continue to create lifelong memories.

Taylah da Ros - Residential Advisor, Peninsula

Taylah is a 2nd year Primary Education student with her main discipline being Italian. Taylah has studied Italian all through primary and high school so she decided to continue her passion for the language at University level. Her family background is Italian and has luckily been able to travel to the beautiful country in 2015. This is Taylah's 2nd year living at Peninsula Res and she loved her year in 2017 because she made so many friends for life. Coming from a small country town called Traralgon, about 2 hours drive from Peninsula, she loved the lifestyle and environment of living on Res. Res gave her so many opportunities such as joining a netball team, living in a multicultural community, making friends for life and only being a short walk from campus.

In her younger days, Taylah was a competitive swimmer, training unto 10 times a week and competing at state and national level. Taylah gave up the intense sport after 10 years of commitment just before year 12 started but since then she has kept herself fit going to the gym and going for walks with friends. Taylah has a very loud voice and you could probably hear her from a mile away, she is very outgoing, friendly and quite crazy! She loves making new friends and helping others. Taylah is looking forward to being an RA in 2018 so she can be there to guide new residents just as she was supported in 2017. She hopes to make many people smile and laugh and plan heaps of fun and exciting events throughout the year with the rest of the awesome Peninsula RST.

Hannah Humphries - Resident Advisor, Peninsula

Hannah grew up on a farm in a small country town in North-East Victoria called Glenrowan. This is going be her first year as a Residential Advisor but her second year living at Monash Residential Services. She is currently in her second year studying a double degree of Nursing and Midwifery at Monash Peninsula campus. Some of her interests include exploring Frankston and the surrounding areas, reading and football.

She is very excited to be a part of the residential advisor team for 2018 and is so excited to meet all the new faces within the res community.

Shawn Phang - Resident Advisor, Peninsula

Shawn was born in Singapore and studied a Diploma in Mass Communications before heading into the military for compulsory National Service under the Singapore Armed Forces for 2 years where he attained the rank of a 2nd Sergeant. Shawn then travelled to Australia to study and is in his 2nd year of a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Shawn loves playing a variety of tabletop and roleplaying games from classics like Settlers of Catan to Dungeons and Dragons. He enjoys the occasional sport or two and he tries to learn new cooking methods and dishes especially after binge watching Masterchef. He is looking forward to the new experiences in supporting the community at Peninsula Residential.

Mietta Synan - Residential Advisor, Peninsula

Originally from Warragul in Gippsland, Mietta will be commencing her second year of physiotherapy. She is excited to be apart of the residential services team this year and for the opportunity to get to know all the new residents. She has really enjoyed her res experience so far and knows you will too!

In her spare time she loves being outdoors, visiting the beach, the snow, or just taking some time to explore new places. She’s a massive people person; enjoying hanging out with friends and making new ones. She can’t wait to meet you all this year on res!

Grace van Noord - Resident Advisor, Peninsula

Grace is originally from a small town in Northern Tasmania but made the move to Melbourne in 2017 to study a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Monash university. She loves playing all different kinds of sport, but has a particular interest in netball and AFL. Grace also enjoys hanging out with her fellow Ressies, and is always up for a good chat.

As a Resident Advisor in 2018, Grace hopes to make everyone's time on Res as enjoyable, safe, and inclusive as her time has been.

Stephanie Wynd - Resident Advisor, Peninsula

Steph is a 3rd year Primary Education student here at Peninsula. She is originally from Darwin, Northern Territory but recently relocated to Puckapunyal, Victoria. She is a keen soccer player and loves to keep active. More often than not, she can be found at the Monash gym here on campus. On the flip side, she is an avid video gamer and also can be found curled up on the couch reading a good book! Music is also a must in her life, particularly anything 80s. She considers herself an 80s kid at heart!

Moving to Monash Residential in 2016 was an exciting experience for her because she loves exploring new places and meeting new people. Her dad serves in the Australian Defence Force and has done so for the past 22 years. Therefore as a residential advisor, she is committed into helping all of you settle in to res life and becoming a part of the res family. She can safely say that res will very quickly become your ‘home-away-from-home’ and when you start going home to visit family; you’ll end up referring to res as home! Bring on 2018!

Caroline Yap - Resident Advisor, Peninsula

Caroline is from Singapore and is a 2nd year Nursing and Midwifery student here at Monash. She's really passionate about her course and women's health! She absolutely loves creating new food recipes, playing sports, and meeting new people. Caroline is very excited for the new residents to become part of the Res community, and all the activities the RA committee has in store for them. She's also the social media ambassador for Peninsula Campus, so please smile for her camera!