Richardson Hall Residential Support Team

Khalia BarkerKhalia Barker - College Head, Richardson Hall

Born and raised in Wangaratta in the North East of Victoria, Khalia moved to Richardson Hall and Monash in 2007 to study a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology. 2017 is her 11th Year at Richardson Hall and throughout those 11 years she was a Resident Advisor whilst completing her BSc in 2009, the Residential Support Assistant whilst she completed a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) in 2010 and from 2011 to mid-2015 she fulfilled the role of Deputy College Head before stepping up to take on the role of College Head.

Khalia began her teaching career in 2011 and is still currently teaching full time at a nearby Primary School. Khalia is part of the Ally Network, is a Mental Health First Aid Ambassador and Instructor for the University and has also volunteered for Melbourne Zoo, Lions Club and Interchange Victoria. She enjoys reading, going for walks with her dog Samson, has a passion for travel and a does little bit of art and craft every now and then.

Having been a resident she understands how living on res can increase student experience and therefore enjoys assisting and guiding student leaders and residents at Richardson Hall and MRS to reach their full potential. She is looking forward to working with her Residential Support Team to meet challenges, provide opportunities and build and maintain a community that is both vibrant and social, rewarding and a comfortable home away from home.

Troy McGee
Troy McGee - Deputy College Head, Richardson Hall

Troy grew up in a small town in Northern Tasmania before moving to Melbourne to start University. Since then, Troy has completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design and Honours Degree. During his degree, Troy was involved within the MRS community in a number of different leadership roles such as Resident Advisor (South East Flats) and Residential Support Assistant (Jackomos Hall). Troy will be commencing as Deputy College Head at Richardson Hall in 2018.

By day, Troy is a PhD Candidate studying communication in Emergency Departments in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. Troy also gives lectures on Industrial Design, and additionally works part-time as a graphic designer within the University.

By night, Troy is a fun-loving Deputy College Head who enjoys reading, sketching and cycling. Troy is a keen ambassador for the sensational city of Melbourne and is excited to contribute to the MRS community and looks forward to facing new challenges in 2018.

Melissa Ng - Residential Support Assistant, Richardson Hall

Born in Singapore, Melissa moved to Melbourne in 2012 to pursue her studies. She has been part of the MRS community for the past four years and could not bear to leave after completing her law degree at Monash. Hence, she jumped at the chance of being RSA at first Berwick and now Richardson Hall.  Together with the Richardson RST and its residents, she looks forward to making this year a great one.

Melissa is a real foodie and enjoys cooking, baking, and hunting for new food places to try out. She also loves travelling and exploring the different sights and cultures (and food!) that the world has to offer

Nia Abraham - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Nia grew up in the busy city of Dubai and after high-school she decided to undertake a Bachelors of Laws (Honors) at Monash University Clayton. In her free time Nia loves to run, dance and draw.

After a very successful and eventful year at Richardson, she is returning as a Resident Advisor to run great events and make the Hall feel like a second home for all the new residents.

Wing Chui (Charlie) Au - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Charlie was born and raised in Hong Kong. He came to Melbourne to study a Civil Engineering Degree in 2014. Charlie likes science and enjoys chilling at the beach. He also enjoys watching TV series and movies (sci-fi specifically) in his free time. He also likes hanging out with friends for food, drinks and road trips. Charlie has wild range of music preferences, from country to punk to rock to pop to rap. Charlie is looking forward to contributing toward the Richardson Hall community as a part of RST in 2018.

He hopes he can cultivate a supportive and enthusiastic environment for all residents and organise some amazing events to create unforgettable memories for the Richardson Hall family.

Jessica Baud - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Jessie was born in Bendigo and has moved around between a lot of different places within regional Victoria. After completing Year 12 at a boarding school in Ballarat in 2016, she moved to Melbourne to study Psychology. Jessie enjoys all things water-related, sleeping in, and chatting with friends.

With a vision for Richardson Hall to be a fun and homely environment, Jessie hopes to ensure that all residents feel comfortable in being themselves and enjoy their time in Richo as much as she did in her first year.

Keely Frost - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Born in 1998 at a hospital in Clayton, Keeley grew up in a country town in Gippsland called Warragul. She loves to travel, read, walk, go op-shopping, watch movies (especially high school musical), collect menus from her favourite restaurants, and nap. In 2018, Keeley will be in her second year of a double degree in Law and Arts, with a dream to work in human rights law and law reform which considers the impact of laws on the individuals and the community.

Keeley hopes to bring this passion for inclusiveness and social justice into her role as a Residential Advisor in 2018, helping to continue to strengthen the compassionate and friendly community that Richardson Hall has strived to build.

Laura Gillespie - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Laura was raised in Alexandra, a rural town in North-east Victoria. Dance has played a significant role in her life, having participated in ballet and jazz since the age of four. Laura enjoys playing music, reading, hiking and swimming. She also enjoys meeting new people, and spending time with her friends. Laura has always been interested in science and its potential to improve people’s lives. She is also passionate about social justice, communication and the social sciences. Laura has pursued these interests by currently studying a double degree in science and arts. Laura has thoroughly enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Richo in 2017.

As part of the 2018 RST, she is looking forward to helping create an inclusive and supportive environment for all. Through work in the area of health and wellbeing, she hopes to ensure all residents feel supported and happy in their new home, and have plenty of opportunities to get involved in Richo life.

Adelaide Hutchins - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Adelaide moved from New Zealand to Australia when she was ten years old. She then lived in rural Western Australia, until moving to Melbourne in 2017. Adelaide studies a double degree in Law and Arts, majoring in International Relations. She is passionate about advocating for social justice, and is politically active as a result. Adelaide fosters this interest through debating and Model United Nations conferences. She also enjoys video games, reading, crafts and good films. Adelaide is excited to be a Residential Advisor in 2018, so that she can continue promoting the inclusive and vibrant community of Richardson Hall.

Miriam Issac - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Miriam was born and brought up in India where she completed her undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering. She moved to Melbourne in 2016 to pursue her passion in research. Currently, she is in the third year of her postgraduate research degree in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

In her spare time, she likes to cook, travel and explore cafes and restaurants around Melbourne. She is very much excited about returning to her third year at Richardson and second year as RA to support the diverse and inclusive community and to create a home away from home.

Tanushree Khurana - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Tanushree was born and raised in India where she completed her schooling. Tanushree moved to Melbourne in 2017 to begin her double degree of Law and Arts at Monash University. In her free time, Tanushree enjoys talking, watching netflix, dancing and eating.

In her time at Richardson as a Resident Advisor, Tanushree hopes to make this community as inclusive as possible. She also hopes to make the Richo experience fun and valuable for everyone by running exciting events.

Benjamin Koh - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Benjamin spent the first 17 years of his life in Malaysia, before moving to a small country town in New South Wales and has now settled into life studying Engineering (Software) at Monash University. In his spare time, Benjamin delights in playing the guitar, video games, and watching Youtube.

Having thoroughly enjoyed his first year at Richardson Hall, he now returns in 2018 a Residential Advisor, with the hopes of engaging with everyone and creating a warm, homely environment. He hopes to continue to contribute and maintain the welcoming atmosphere at Richardson Hall for everyone coming in 2018.

Marcus Lin - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Born and raised in Auckland, across the ditch in New Zealand, Marcus moved to Melbourne in 2017 to study a Bachelor of Science degree. He hopes to complete a double major in physiology and zoology and has an interest in a future in medicine or veterinary sciences. Marcus grew up playing all sorts of sports, including basketball, badminton, athletics and volleyball. All this makes sports and exercise his number one passion. He also enjoys cooking, watch movies and play video games.

Marcus is happy to be chosen for the role of residential advisor at Richardson Hall at 2018 and is excited to be working to make life at Richardson Hall more comfortable and exciting for all residents.

Sam Owa - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

After spending the majority of his prior schooling in Birchip, a rural town in the Mallee region of Victoria, Sam moved to Melbourne to begin his degree in Biomedical Science. Growing up, Sam took an interest in anatomy and immunology, prompting his interest in the study of medicine. Sam enjoys playing sport, watching movies, snacking, and moving to a beat.

Progressing into his second year at Richardson Hall, Sam hopes to help reinforce the supportive and inviting atmosphere within the hall, while maintaining a collective enthusiasm using the plans he hopes to achieve while an RA.

Joshua Raymond - Residential Advisor, Richardson Hall

Joshua loves playing basketball in the summer, going skiing in the winter and laughing with friends all year round. He is from rural North-East Victoria and has learned to love life in the city.

Joshua is going to his second year of university, studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Business Management and Marketing. Joshua would love to see Richardson Hall continue to thrive as an inclusive and welcoming community in 2018, as it did in 2017.