Richardson Hall Residential Support Team

Khalia BarkerKhalia Barker - College Head, Richardson Hall

Born and raised in Wangaratta in the North East of Victoria, Khalia moved to Richardson Hall and Monash in 2007 to study a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology. 2017 is her 11th Year at Richardson Hall and throughout those 11 years she was a Resident Advisor whilst completing her BSc in 2009, the Residential Support Assistant whilst she completed a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) in 2010 and from 2011 to mid-2015 she fulfilled the role of Deputy College Head before stepping up to take on the role of College Head.

Khalia began her teaching career in 2011 and is still currently teaching full time at a nearby Primary School. Khalia is part of the Ally Network, is a Mental Health First Aid Ambassador and Instructor for the University and has also volunteered for Melbourne Zoo, Lions Club and Interchange Victoria. She enjoys reading, going for walks with her dog Samson, has a passion for travel and a does little bit of art and craft every now and then.

Having been a resident she understands how living on res can increase student experience and therefore enjoys assisting and guiding student leaders and residents at Richardson Hall and MRS to reach their full potential. She is looking forward to working with her Residential Support Team to meet challenges, provide opportunities and build and maintain a community that is both vibrant and social, rewarding and a comfortable home away from home.

Nick StewartNick Stewart - Deputy College Head, Richardson Hall

Nick is originally from Hobart, Tasmania and moved to Melbourne to study years 11 and 12 at De La Salle College Malvern. In 2007 he completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion/Sociology) at Deakin University and is currently undertaking his Masters of Business at Monash University.

Nick has been the Deputy College Head at Richardson Hall since 2015. He is also employed by the University as the Manager, Campus Experience and Major Events, as part of this role his team deliver on campus events such as SummerFest and WinterFest. Nick has been at the University for 7 years and has been fortunate to work with students on many major events and programs throughout the academic year including Open Day, Orientation, campus based events and Graduations. Prior to his time at Monash Nick worked as a community health development officer in local government.

Nick enjoys the opportunity to help offer guidance, support and create a sense of community with residence at Richardson Hall, while continuing to follow his passion of community development in the tertiary sector.

Living with Nick, is his wife Bek who is an art and music teacher and their lively pets Keith (cat) and Gavin (dog).

Melissa NgMelissa Ng - Residential Support Assistant, Richardson Hall

Born in Singapore, Melissa moved to Melbourne in 2012 to pursue her studies. She has been part of the MRS community for the past four years and could not bear to leave after completing her law degree at Monash. Hence, she jumped at the chance of being RSA at first Berwick and now Richardson Hall.  Together with the Richardson RST and its residents, she looks forward to making this year a great one.

Melissa is a real foodie and enjoys cooking, baking, and hunting for new food places to try out. She also loves travelling and exploring the different sights and cultures (and food!) that the world has to offer

Alanah RobertsonAlanah Robertson - Resident Advisor

Alanah spent the first 19 years of her life in the regional town of Albury, located almost halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. After completing Year 12 in 2014 she had a gap year in which she travelled to South East Asia, spending three months in Vietnam teaching English. She subsequently moved to Melbourne in 2016 to begin university, partaking in areas of study such as politics, international relations and Human Rights.

Alanah was lucky enough to be selected for the role of Resident Advisor at Richardson Hall in 2017, and given this opportunity hopes to promote an inclusive environment which not only acknowledges its diversity but embraces and celebrates it.

She enjoys reading, learning and is always willing to participate in a discussion about the world, particularly when that discussion is politically inclined.

Amy DempseyAmy Dempsey - Resident Advisor

Born in 1997, Amy grew up in Ararat, spending most of her time doing gymnastics; whether that was at the gym or simply cartwheeling around the house. Gymnastics has played a significant role in Amy's life, having participated in the sport since she was five and spent the past five years coaching gymnastics.

Amy is currently completing a Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts. With a keen interest in education and health, Amy hopes to support the learning of residents by promoting their health and wellbeing within the hall in 2017.

As part of the RST at Richardson Hall in 2017, Amy is excited to continue to foster the welcoming and accepting environment that thrives within the hall, and to assist residents to ensure that they have a wonderful university experience.

Ashley BarnesAshely Barnes - Resident Advisor

Ashley was born and raised in the Traralgon, a country town in Gippsland. He grew up playing tennis, chess, and hiking at every opportunity he got. Ash has also developed a love of classical music, which began when he started learning the violin in high school.

Since he was a kid, Ashley loved learning about how the universe works. This manifested into an aspiration for a career in science research, specifically in the field of physics. He is currently in his second year of the Bachelor of Science Advanced Research degree at Monash, and hopes to research sustainable energy alternatives after the completion of the course.

After receiving such a warm welcome to the Richo community in his first year, Ashley is looking forward to being an RA in 2017 and helping to ensure that others will also have a fun and memorable experience.

Miriam IssacMiriam Issac - Resident Advisor

Miriam was born and brought up in India where she completed her undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering.

She moved to Melbourne in 2016 to pursue her passion in research. Currently, she is in the second year of her postgraduate research degree in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

In her spare time, she likes to cook, listen to music and swim. She enjoys travelling and exploring cafes and restaurants. She is looking forward to her first year as an RA at Richardson Hall and hopes all the residents at Richardson hall will create memories that last a lifetime.

Parvathi KumarParvathi Kumar - Resident Advisor

Born and raised in Singapore, Parvathi moved to Melbourne in 2015 to undertake her degree in Commerce and Global Studies (International Relations Specialisation). She moved into Richardson Hall in 2015 and has previously been a member of the 2016 O-Week Team and Richardson Hall Society as the International Female Rep.

Parvathi enjoys meeting new people, spending time with her friends, baking and eating. Her vision for Richardson Hall is to maintain a welcoming and inclusive society. She hopes to ensure that all residents are comfortable and enjoying their experience at their new home away from home.

Riley McGoldrickRiley McGoldrick - Resident Advisor

Growing up an hour west of Melbourne, Riley now studies a Bachelor of Science - Advanced (Research). With a keen interest in psychology and everything to do with the brain, Riley hopes to celebrate and study what makes us so unique.
Riley volunteers with a number of different organisations and loves getting involved with as much as he can, meeting new people and having a range of different experiences.

In his time at Richo, Riley hopes to engage with as many people as he possibly can, and create a supportive and loving community.

Susie WestburySusie Westbury - Resident Advisor

Born in Adelaide in 1997, Susie spent her childhood in England and Hong Kong before settling down in Hobart, Tasmania. After completing pre-tertiary schooling, Susie moved to Melbourne to study and pursue a career in Medicine.

In her free time, Susie enjoys Zumba, shower singing, casual cycling and memes.

After thoroughly enjoying her first year at Richardson Hall, Susie is returning in 2017 in the capacity of a Residential Advisor with plans to foster and strengthen Richo's vibrant and inclusive community spirit.

Tom LuitjesTom Luitjes - Resident Advisor

Having grown up in Mildura, Victoria, Tom studies a double degree in Commerce and Arts, majoring respectively in Economics and International Relations.

He competes in Sailing and hockey as well as having an interest in reading.

Now in his second year at Richo, Tom hopes to contribute to the amazing Richardson community by running exciting events and helping to make everyone comfortable in their second home.

Wing Chiu AuWing Chiu (Charlie) Au - Resident Advisor

Charlie was born and raised in Hong Kong. He came to Melbourne to study a Civil Engineering Degree in 2014.

Charlie likes science and enjoys jogging and swimming for health. He also enjoys watching TV series and movies (sci-fi specifically) in his free time. He also likes hanging out with friends for dinners, drinks and road trips.

Charlie is excited about becoming a resident advisor for Richardson Hall community in 2017. He is looking forward to cultivating a supportive and enthusiastic environment for all residents, holding some amazing events to create some unforgettable memories with the Residential Support Team and all of the residents and making new friends while completing study.