Roberts Hall Residential Support Team

Jessica Pimm - College Head (Acting), Roberts Hall

Jess grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and moved to Clyde North with her husband Steve in 2013. Jess has been working at Monash University Clayton for over 10 years, during that time she has managed to complete a diploma of Animal Technology at Box Hill Institute, a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) at Deakin University and her Certificate in Personal Training with the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Jess joined the Monash Residential Services Team midway through 2013 in the front office at Clayton and hasn’t looked back since. She enjoys being active, often taking part in fun runs, plays basketball, enjoys gym and walking with friends. A great personal achievement of hers was completing the Oxfam trail walk in 2014 (100km in 48 hours), quite a challenge!

Travis RobinsonTravis Robinson - Deputy College Head (Acting), Roberts Hall

Travis is originally from the small town of Markwood in North East Victoria but moved to Melbourne in 2013 to study a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) here at Monash. Currently in his 5th Year, he plans to major in mathematics and minor in psychology.

Travis became a Resident Advisor in 2013 with the Sports Programs (Clayton) portfolio within Monash Residential Services, followed by the Community portfolio at Howitt Hall in 2014 and 2015. He has loved every minute of being a part of the MRS family and has found a strong passion for communities that are inclusive and compassionate.
Having spent a few years as a cheese maker, some would say his humour is cheesy, but don't brie-lieve them. Travis is excited to take on his third year as a Deputy College Head (Acting) and call Roberts home. Hope to see you in 2018 as a Bulldog!

Celsey Adams - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

After spending most of her life in Tasmania, Celsey made the jump to Melbourne and is currently in her second year of a Science degree, specialising in Earth sciences. After completing Year 12, she based herself in the UK and backpacked through other parts of Europe during her free time.

Celsey is an enthusiastic outdoorsy person, and you can often find her planning new hiking trips, or wishfully browsing through Webjet. Her other passions include following the indie music scene, mountain biking and exploring the perks and quirks of what Melbourne has to offer.

Celsey will working alongside Liz on the Environment Portfolio for 2018. You can find her in Stairway 2, and will always be down for a chat about literally anything. She is looking forward to welcoming every puppy into the Roberts community!

Sophie Allen - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Sophie is in her second year studying journalism, but is hoping to transfer into Law. She comes from a small town called Modella in West Gippsland. Sophie loves listening to music, singing, travelling, spending time with her friends and horse riding. She is very exciting to be taking on the Rescom Portfolio for Robert’s Hall in 2018. Sophie looks forward to working alongside Liz as the Stairway 1 RAs, and after loving her first year at Roberts Hall is excited to continue her time at the hall in 2018.

Kaylah Fink - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Kaylah is from Maffra, a rural dairy farming town in South Eastern Victoria. Kaylah is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science. She loves to play volleyball and represented Monash at the University Games in 2017. Kaylah also loves being involved in sporting activities and competitions for Roberts Hall.

This year she will work with Beth as an RA for the Sports Portfolio. This will entail organising and running various sporting competitions amongst Roberts residents and being involved in the organisation of MRS wide sporting competitions. Kaylah looks forward to providing support to her fellow residents and is excited to be involved with the Sports Portfolio.

Jaymie Moynihan - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Jaymie hails from the Mornington Peninsula, a collection of suburbs down the south of Victoria. She is in her second year of her Commerce and Global Studies degree, majoring in Commercial Law and International Relations. Jaymie loves playing football and being part of her local CFA back home. Jaymie will be working alongside Tomi as the Academic RAs for Roberts, and is keen for the exciting year ahead!

Bethany Nicholson - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Beth is in her second year of a Science degree, majoring in chemistry and biology subjects. Beth grew up in small beach town called Forster on the Mid North Coast of NSW, about 4 hours north of Sydney. In her spare time she likes going to the beach, socialising, watching movies and playing netball. Beth will be one of the Sports RAs, along with Kaylah, and is very excited to organise sports based activities for her new ressies. Her door is always open and she is always up for a chat with anyone.

Tomi Oladele - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Tomi is from Shepparton, a rural town in North East Victoria, and is currently in his second year studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) specialising in Civil Engineering. Tomi has a strong passion for music, learning to play instruments such as the piano and trumpet (to reasonable standards) and enjoys playing gigs with an alt-pop band in and around his local region.

He is also an avid sports fan, and relishes at the opportunities to play soccer and basketball with mates or for his beloved doggies! Tomi is excited to be working together with Jaymie as one of the two Academic RAs at Roberts this year. With regards to this portfolio, Tomi aims to run events throughout the year that provide residents with a safe and effective studying environment as well as encourage them to make the most out of the many academic opportunities provided by MRS.

Morgan Rycroft - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Morgan is in his second year of Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Finance. Having grown up in New Zealand, Morgan is excited to be back studying in Melbourne for another year. Being the good kiwi that he is, Morgan loves watching rugby and cricket. His favourite meal is his nan’s roast, and favourite past time is golf. Morgan is stoked to be Roberts Hall’s Media and Communication RA this year, and is really excited to get to know you all.

Elizabeth Thurn - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Liz is in her second year at Monash University, studying a Bachelor of Nutritional Sciences. She grew up in a small town just south of Hobart, Tasmania and moved to Melbourne to follow her love for food! Liz can always be found cheering on the pups for all sporting and inter-hall events with enthusiasm.

Liz will be working with Sophie Allen in Stairway 1 for 2018 and is one of the Environmental RAs, alongside Celsey from Stairway 2. For 2018, they will be promoting sustainable ways of living around Roberts Hall, including furthering the Roberts Puppy Patch (veggie garden).

Natasha Ward - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Natasha is a fourth year student studying a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science, from here in Melbourne. She is a bit of a geek, and loves watching Dr. Who and Harry Potter, or trying to catch up on Game of Thrones.

In 2018 Natasha will be the Diversity and Inclusion RA at Roberts. Through this she will be helping to make all residents welcome and included, as well helping to organise a range of events throughout the to acknowledge and celebrate the differences within our community.