Turner Hall Residential Support Team

Param ArtputhanathanParam Artputhanathan - College Head, Turner Hall

After graduating from Monash University, Param decided to stay on in Australia and work in the Higher Education sector where he had previously been active as a student representative and the chairperson of a not for profit that provided student services. After spending a few years in the private sector,  Param joined Monash Residential Services as a member of the Residential Support Team and is now a member of the admissions team at the Residential Village.

Param loves to take long drives and overseas trips with his wife when he's on vacation. During his shorter breaks he would either be trying out a new restaurant, doing some gardening or playing games on his playstation.

Nabila Prata Dos SantosNabila Prata Dos Santos - Deputy College Head, Turner Hall

Nabila is originally from Rio in Brazil and moved to Melbourne in 2012 to begin studying her Bachelor of Laws at Monash. She previously lived in Jackomos Hall for the duration of her studies for 5 years and she loved the Hall spirit more with each passing year. To show her dedication to the community she became a Residential Advisor for a year and a half and then went on to become a Residential Support Assistant for over two years.

She is now thrilled to be the new Deputy College Head at Turner Hall. The role of DCH at Turner provides the perfect opportunity for Nabila to follow her passion and continue to create a fun, inclusive and supportive culture within the hall in order for residents to feel comfortable and at home, away from home.

Nabila is passionate about her law degree and will be undertaking practical legal training this year. She hopes to practice as a solicitor in Melbourne once admitted.

As someone who loves to travel, Nabila has always felt as if she has been a child of the world – born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Brazil and Bahrain, studied in England and then moving to Australia makes her a very international student.

In her free time Nabila enjoys running, horse riding, skiing and reading Jodie Picoult novels. She is extremely excited to contribute further to the Monash community and is looking forward to the coming year.

Meg Randolph - Residential Support Assistant, Turner Hall

Meg is currently a PhD candidate working within the field of border criminology. Following the completion of her bachelor degree in criminology and criminal justice at the University of New South Wales in Sydney in 2016 she moved to Monash in 2017 to pursue her honours year. She was a resident at Jackomos Hall in 2017 and had the amazing opportunity to be a Residential Advisor in 2018.

Meg is originally from the Northern Beaches in Sydney and is the eldest of three. She is a coffee enthusiast and enjoys going to the beach early in the morning for a coffee. She also loves spending time with friends and family.

Following her incredible experience as an RA in Jackomos Hall she is very excited about the opportunity of being the Resident Support Assistant at Turner Hall. Meg is looking forward to working with an amazing team and meeting each and every one of Turner Hall’s residents in 2019.

Jessica Bennett - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Jess moved from the (semi) country town of Albury into Turner in 2016 to pursue her dream of studying Law/Arts, and has loved every moment since. Jess grew up enjoying fishing, camping, surfing and hiking with her family, and now loves to explore local beaches and towns when she is not working or procrastinating another essay. Jess is passionate about social justice and education, and loves to not only talk about these things but anything that others are passionate about. She is very excited for 2018 and looks forward to strengthening the great community spirit of Turner Hall!

Georgia Brough - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Georgia is a 19-year-old, 2nd year Law and Global Studies student from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. In her spare time, she likes to swim, go to the beach, spend time with friends, travel, play video games, read and watch TV shows. She has also been involved with the Australian Scouting community for the last 10 years. Georgia first came to Turner Hall in 2017 and is one of the Academic Residential Advisers in Turner in 2018. She is looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone and developing a fun, inclusive and respectful community in Turner Hall in 2018.

Dalton Browne - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall / Central Sports RA

Dalton is originally from the South Coast of NSW and has moved to culture capital of Melbourne to study Emergency Health and Paramedicine. He is currently beginning his second year. Outside of Uni, Dalton is an active member of the local hockey club and enjoys gaming and travelling. Before coming to Monash, Dalton was backpacking around Asia, before deciding on his course. Dalton is looking forward to his first year as an RA and encouraging others to participate in numerous sporting events throughout the year. He also aims to create a social and inclusive environment for both new and returning residents.

Elizabeth Chai - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Elizabeth, mostly known as Liz, is studying her second year of Electrical Engineering and Science, majoring in Physiology and minoring in Computational Science. She plans to combine her degrees to eventually engineer electrical and medical technology. She is passionate about learning, volunteering and giving back to the community.

Originating from bright and sunny Queensland, she enjoys swimming, badminton and walks on the beach. In her spare time, she likes baking, playing the piano and ukulele, working on fun projects and being a part of the Monash Engineering Students' Society.  She is excited to get to know new and returning residents, as well as foster a fun and engaging environment at Turner Hall.

Clara Diederichsen - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Clara was born and raised in Germany and first moved to Melbourne in 2015, where she initially joined the MRS Berwick community.

She later on joined Turner Hall when it opened in October 2015. She has been an RA since the start of 2016 and will be thrilled to join the RSTO as Environmental RA in 2018.

In mid-2018 Clara will progress into her fourth year of studying Electrical Engineering. She loves her field of studies but is also very interested in branching out into the different fields of study at Monash University. In her free time, Clara enjoys reading, exercising, cooking, working on miscellaneous projects as well as being part of the Monash German Club.

Satya Hallewas - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

After travelling around Australia for most of her younger life, Satya has attended many different schools ranging from Steiner to public to home-schooling; she completed her year 12 at Templestowe college in Victoria in 2016, moving into Turner Hall into 2017 after he mother moved to remote Western Australia, a place that she regularly returns to.

Satya has spent extensive time, both living and working in remote communities. Satya came to Monash to study a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Doctor of Medicine. Ever since she can remember becoming a doctor has always been Satya’s dream, thus priming her for her Academic portfolio, in which she hopes to greatly improve the academic environment within the hall. She aims to make the hall more conducive to productive and effective work habits, as well as making sure the hall remains fun and enjoyable. Satya looks forward to being able to welcome both returning and new residents to the wonderful community that is Turner Hall.

Eniola Ibraheem - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Eniola or ‘ENNY’ preferably hails from Nigeria and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work. He’s has been an active volunteer at various Monash University factions. He previously held a position on Monash Postgraduate Committee as the MPA Clayton campus liaison. He is a very enthusiastic and passionate soul willing to contribute to his community and make it as exciting as possible. He aspires to make Turner Hall a more respectful community that is inclusive, diverse and a suitable place for its residents to call home.

Lachlan Jacob - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Lachlan is a second year computer science student who lived at Turner last year. He was born and raised in Warragul and enjoyed living somewhere new last year. He enjoys guitar, running and sport and is always up for a chat.

Lachlan is looking forward to making 2018 an awesome year at Turner Hall. He is very much excited to meet all the new residents and help them settle in.

Kyle Jacobsen - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Kyle moved to Monash University from the regional Victorian city of Bendigo in 2017 to study medicine. As Environment and Charity residential advisor, he hopes to help others make the transition to university life and provide a welcoming and connected living environment within Turner Hall.

Outside of the university, Kyle enjoys anything to do with sports, playing music, video games, and travelling. On weekends, you may find him sneaking into the city to sporting events, or spending his evening's gaming with friends (after the study is done of course).

Kyle is excited to be a part of Turner Hall’s resident advisor team in 2018 and to help others strike a healthy life/study balance, and to settle in at a ‘home away from home’.

Stephanie Meachen - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Steph is a final year Health Sciences/Social Work student, originally from sunny North Queensland, who found herself at Monash after living in beautiful Albury (New South Wales) for two years. Falling in love with the MRS community while at Farrer Hall, Steph became the MRS Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing RA for 2015/2016, as well as being part of the Farrer Hall Orientation Team, and being part of ResComm. Steph moved to Turner Hall as a part of their RST in July 2016 and loves being one of the Turner Tigers.

In 2018 Steph is excited to plan a range of events and competitions for residents and to create a positive community within Turner Hall during her final year. Steph is passionate about making a change in the community and often spends time volunteering, a passion she wishes to pass on to other residents. Steph loves baby animals, playing the guitar, and making puns in her spare time. If you see her around, she's always up for a chat, coffee or brunch; and she's happy to answer any questions you might have. Steph is looking forward to spending 2018 in Turner, and is excited to get to know you all!

Louis Panozzo - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Louis was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, graduating high school in 2015 and becoming a member of the Faculty of Arts in 2016. He is now in his third year of an arts degree, majoring in journalism, with a minor in theatre.

When he's not chatting with his fellow Ressie, Louis' interests include Soccer, being an avid supporter of Chelsea Fc from an early age. He is also a massive film buff and television buff, with aspirations to work in media after he's finished at Monash. Other interests include Netflix marathons, Shakespearean literature, and an unhealthy obsession with Ryan Reynolds. If ever required, Louis can be found staring at a mirror fixing his hair, or pining for a good cup of coffee. Above all else, Louis is always ready to help his fellow residents in whatever capacity he can.

Being a new Turner Tiger in 2018, Louis is keen to meet every resident he can, and hopes to be a part of the amazing residential community. He is always ready to help, and is looking forward to an exceptional year.

Maddie Pearson - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Maddie is a final year student studying primary and secondary inclusive education. Originally from a small coastal town near Geelong, Maddie moved to Melbourne in 2015 to begin her studies. This is her second year being an RA and loves being a familiar face around the hall. She is looking forward to  focusing on supporting on student wellbeing in 2018. When Maddie is not studying she is often working with local high schools as a mentor or working within the Faculty of Education to run events for students.

Maddie is really excited to be within the Turner Hall community again, and is looking forward to spending time with all the residents. Turner is a really inclusive community where everyone is welcome, which makes for a really exciting year ahead.

John Roberts - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

After growing up near the regional Victorian city of Shepparton, John moved to Turner Hall in 2017, where he quickly forged himself a home away from home in Melbourne.

Coming into his second year of his bachelors of computer science, you will find him coding until the early hours of the morning, or if he has managed to finish all of his projects, playing board games in the common room with friends.

John is very excited to return to Turner in 2018 as an RA, where he will strive to ensure that all residents feel that Turner Hall is their home.

Paldeep Singh - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall / Central Entrepreneurship RA

Hey everyone! I’m from Singapore, and I do Arts/Science. Planning to major in psychology and some sort of other science? My hobbies include playing bass, playing the piano, video games, TV show marathons and playing futsal. I’m a bit of a metal head (though I pretty much listen to all genres of music!).

Before Turner, I lived in Briggs for three years and figured Turner would be a good change of pace. I’m quite introverted, but if we have similar interests, you may not be able to stop me from talking. See you all around and hope you’re ready for orientation!