Richardson Hall Residential Support Team

Khalia BarkerKhalia Barker - College Head

Born and raised in the North East of Victoria, Khalia moved to Richardson Hall and Monash in 2007 to complete a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology at Clayton before then completing her Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) at the Peninsula Campus. 2021 brings Khalia to a total of 15 years at Richardson Hall where she has fulfilled all leadership roles including Resident Advisor, Residential Support Assistant and Deputy College Head before becoming the College Head in mid 2015.

Khalia currently teaches full time at a nearby primary school, is part of the Ally Network and is a Mental Health First Aid Ambassador who also regularly presents Mental Health First Aid as an accredited instructor. She enjoys reading, volunteering, going for walks with her dog Samson, has a passion for travel and a does little bit of art and craft every now and then.

Having been a resident, Khalia understands how living on campus can improve the student experience and enjoys assisting and guiding student leaders and residents to reach their full potential. She enjoys working with the Richardson Residential Support Team to build and maintain a community that is both vibrant and social, rewarding and a comfortable home away from home.

Jess Pimm - College Head Photograph of Jess, Roberts Hall College Head

Jess grew up in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and moved to Clyde North with her husband Steve in 2013. Jess and Steve have two daughters named Lacie and Mila. Lacie arrived 2 days before Christmas in 2016 and Mila was born on Labour day in 2019.

Jess has been working at Monash University Clayton for over 10 years, during that time she has managed to complete a diploma of Animal Technology at Box Hill Institute, a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) at Deakin University and her Certificate in Personal Training with the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Jess joined the Monash Residential Services Team midway through 2013 in the front office at Clayton and hasn’t looked back since. She enjoys being active, often taking part in fun runs, plays basketball and enjoys walking with friends. A great personal achievement of hers was completing the Oxfam trail walk in 2014 (100km in 48 hours), quite a challenge!

Photograph of Nick, Richardson Hall Deputy College HeadNick van Agtmaal - Deputy College Head

Nick is originally from country Victoria, and first moved to Clayton to study a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering double degree. Whilst studying Nick spent a number of years at Roberts Hall, Howitt Hall, Briggs Hall and abroad in Denmark - so has experienced life as a resident, RA, RSA and exchange student

Currently working as a Civil Engineer in Melbourne, Nick has enjoyed getting into the detail of both large and small local infrastructure projects. Nick is passionate about personal and professional development opportunities, and has worked or volunteered in various positions from student career services, to student-industry representation and sitting on the board of a young professionals industry group.

Like all Melbournians, Nick has a love of all things coffee and can also be found running or baking to pass the time. He is looking forward to 2021 and helping foster a vibrant community for all at Richardson Hall.

Photi Orfanidis - Deputy College Head Photograph of Photi, Roberts Hall Deputy College Head

Photi (pronouns: he/him/his) was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. As someone who has lived in Eltham for most of his life, he is more used to trees than roads and is confused when there are footpaths on both sides of a street. A proud dog dad, you can find Photi cuddling his puppy Harley or saying “who’s a good boy?” during his free time.

During his normal 9-5, Photi works at Monash University in Strategic Marketing and Communications. There, he leads exciting projects such as artificial and virtual reality initiatives and digital marketing transformation.

Photi also has a keen interest in advancing equality and human rights, and volunteers with various not for profit organisations. In his second year as DCH, he is excited to continue ensuring that all residents have a fun, rewarding - and above all, a safe experience whilst at Monash.

Photograph of Giovana, Richardson Hall RSAGiovana Teles - Residential Support Assistant

Giovana (pronouns: she/her/hers) was born and raised in Brazil. She has bachelor's degrees in Psychological Sciences and Nutrition Science, and is currently working towards her postgraduate medical degree. She hopes to specialize in adult psychiatry.

Gio is fluent in Portuguese, and is keen to learn Spanish and Russian - so if you know any of those languages, don't hesitate to start a conversation with her! She enjoys coffee, sci-fi movies, ethnic food and dystopian novels.

She is looking forward to her second year as the Residential Support Assistant at Richardson Hall. She can't wait to meet her new residents, and to make 2021 an unforgettable year!

Jasmine Mead - Residential Support Assistant Photograph of Jasmine, Roberts Hall RSA

Jasmine (pronouns: she/her/hers) is an International Relations graduate from Warragul who moved to Monash in 2018 in the second year of her degree. She loves being around people, volunteering with UN Youth, and is always happy to have a chat even if she has a job application due that night. Jasmine has multiple passions ranging from hiking to theatre and has never shied away from taking up challenges and opportunities, especially for travel.

Jasmine has lived on campus for two years at Deakin Hall and is looking forward to her second year as the Residential Support Assistant in 2021. She is excited to work with student leaders within the hall to help cultivate a positive and inclusive community. She is keen to support new residents’ transition to university life and living independently and ensure they enjoy their time living on campus.

Phoebe Atkinson-Bunn - Resident Advisor

Phoebe was born in Melbourne and raised in Allendale and Ballarat. She is studying a bachelor of primary and secondary education with a secondary discipline in business management. Phoebe is always happy to have a good cup of tea and a chat. Her hobbies include embroidery, singing, board games, gardening, cooking and just generally being social. As a Residential Advisor, Phoebe is excited to foster the warm and inclusive atmosphere that makes Richo such an amazing place to live and can't wait to meet you all.

Arianna Wright - Resident Advisor

Arianna (she/her) is commencing her second year of a double degree in Science and Global Studies, specialising in Environmental Science and Human Rights. She is also looking forward to starting a diploma of Spanish. Arianna, who was born in London but raised on the Gold Coast, Queensland, is outgoing and enthusiastic, and always ready to give a helping hand. Her favourite pastimes are relaxing on the beach, hanging out with friends, running, and reading. Arianna is passionate about giving you the best experience possible in your new home.

Daniel Chee Ern Beh - Resident Advisor

Daniel hails from the island of Penang in Malaysia, and moved here in 2020 to pursue a double degree of law and biomedical science (yeah, quirky combination).  He is part of a pair of fraternal twins and sadly, is half a head shorter than his younger twin. Daniel loves sports and is a super basketball and soccer nerd (even though he might not be very good at them). Normally, you will catch Daniel at the basketball/squash courts but 2020 has been somewhat inconvenient to do that. He is super excited to be a Resident Advisor in 2021 and can't wait to welcome everyone into the Richo family! He's also more than happy to debate and brainwash residents about the wonders of Malaysian food (although his cooking begs to differ).

Erin Constable - Resident Advisor

Erin was born in Sydney and has lived all around Australia before moving to Richardson Hall in 2020. She is studying a double degree of Media Communications and Business, hoping to become a journalist in the future. Erin loves looking after her many plants, working out with her friends, spending time in the common room and writing news articles in her spare time. She will always be down to watch the netball and will be found outside whenever the sun is out. Erin is looking forward to 2021 and can't wait to meet everyone and to see Richardson thrive!

Oskar Henderson - Resident Advisor

Oskar is a returning RA in 2021. After moving home during 2020, Oskar is excited to get back on res and reignite the brimming social and supportive environment that it provides. Oskar studies a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce double degree and is always willing to have a chat about his course and academics more generally. Oskar is an avid sports follower and you'll often find him camped out in the Proj watching some kind of game, match or race. Oskar's focus for 2021 is to be a leader in the hall and create an entertaining and meaningful experience for all residents.

Mariam Madiha - Resident Advisor

Mariam is an international student from Bangalore, India who currently studies Law and Arts, majoring in International Relations and Human Rights. She is extremely passionate about her degree and is always keen to have a chat about topics relating to it. In her free time, Mariam enjoys playing the guitar or ukulele, experimenting with new recipes, and having a chat with friends. Her favourite part about Richo is the dynamic community. She loves learning (or rather, attempting to learn) new languages and more about different cultures. Given her family is back home, Richo is her family in Melbourne and she looks forward to you being a part of it!

Alexander Pearson - Resident Advisor

Alex was born and raised in Tasmania. He moved to Melbourne in 2017 for university studies here at Monash. Alex studies a Bachelor’s of Engineering (Chemical) and Bachelor’s of Commerce. During his free time, Alex likes to play hockey, explore the city and hang out with his friends. Alex has a friendly personality and loves to get to know other people. He appreciates a conversation over a zooper dooper no matter what the season is. Alex is very excited to be part of the residential support team as an RA and hopes for an awesome year at Richo.

Cian Rodriguez - Residential Advisor

Cian was born in Darwin, Australia, and at a young age moved westward to Perth. Having spent the majority of his childhood in Perth, he loves a good beach and sunset. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering, with plans to specialise in mechatronics. Cian is also learning Spanish, and would love to practice his skills with you. He spends his free time playing soccer and cycling. Cian can’t wait to jump into 2021, hopefully with the worst of the pandemic behind us, to help you make lifelong friends and ensure you enjoy every minute at Richo.

Bhavya Mahesh Singapuri - Residential Advisor

Bhavya is an international student at Monash University. He was born and brought up in Surat, India and moved to Melbourne in 2017. He is currently in his final year of  Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.). Bhavya has been at MRS for over three years and absolutely loves the culture here. The diversity at MRS has taught him a lot about other cultures. In his free time, Bhavya enjoys playing football, pool and cricket. He is also a big Formula 1 enthusiast. He closely follows this sport even though the time zones don’t always favour him. Bhavya is looking forward to 2021 and hopes to foster a friendly and inclusive community here at Richardson Hall.

Alexandra Tatham - Residential Advisor

Alex was born and raised in a country town that can only be described as vaguely near Ballarat, with a dog, 3 horses, and a couple of siblings too. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, with electives in French and Maths. Alex loves to practise and teach Taekwondo, bake, drink tea with friends and most importantly, nap. She is excited to return to Richo to be a Residential Advisor again in 2021, and create a happy, inclusive and productive (well, it’s a goal) environment for all of the new residents.

Ben McShane - Resident Advisor

Born and raised in Launceston, Tasmania, Ben is currently undertaking his 3rd year of a Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce in 2021. In his free time, he loves playing all kinds of sports, including running, basketball, table tennis and is very excited to play football for the Monash Blues this year. When not playing sport, Ben enjoys spending time with friends, playing games, going on adventures and watching movies and TV shows. He’s very keen to welcome all the new residents in 2021, and as one of the Sports RAs, is really looking forward to organising some fun sporting activities.

Georgia Slattery - Resident Advisor

Georgia grew up in the small regional town of Macedon, north-west of Melbourne. She is in her second year of her Bachelor of Science, but is not sure of what to major in. She loves spending time with friends, reading, shopping, going on walks and listening to music. In 2020, Georgia joined the MRS community and loved every minute of it and in 2021 she will be the sport and wellbeing RA and she cannot wait to organise fun events for all residents at the Hall! Georgia is super excited for 2021 and cannot wait to meet so many new residents!

Jacqueline Greer - Resident Advisor

Jacqui is from Ocean Grove, a town on the coast in Victoria and loves to surf and run with her dog along the beach. She studies engineering and is extremely passionate about finding eco-friendly solutions in order to create more sustainable societies. Outside of studying, Jacqui spends her time in the games room playing table tennis or on the soccer field. From dance parties, to dinnertime, sport competitions and chill movies, Jacqui loves being apart of it all. She can’t wait to meet all the new residents and make them feel as home as she does at MRS.

Keshav Seshadri - Resident Advisor

Keshav hails from Bangalore, a city in India and he is currently in his fourth year of his Engineering degree, specializing in Software Engineering. He loves playing soccer; in fact, you can find him on the field on most days of the week. He also loves a good boogie on the dance floor and you can always find him wherever there's music. Keshav is one of the Sports RAs and is excited to organise and be a part of the sport activities along with the new residents.

Lincoln Ingravalle  - Resident Advisor

Lincoln comes from Traralgon in Gippsland, Eastern Victoria. He is studying a Bachelor of Global Studies, majoring in International Relations with a minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. He has a passion for coffee and appreciates a good chat. Lincoln is a big fan of the Western Bulldogs AFL team and is always keen to watch a game. In his spare time, he enjoys reading a good book, playing a board game or two and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He is extremely excited to celebrate the amazing community at MRS in 2021.