Richardson Hall Residential Support Team

Khalia BarkerKhalia Barker - College Head, Richardson Hall

Born and raised in the North East of Victoria, Khalia moved to Richardson Hall and Monash in 2007 to study a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology. 2019 is her 13th Year at Richardson Hall and throughout those 13 years she was a Resident Advisor whilst completing her BSc in 2009, the Residential Support Assistant whilst she completed a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) in 2010 and from 2011 to mid-2015 she fulfilled the role of Deputy College Head before stepping up to take on the role of College Head.

Khalia began her teaching career in 2011 and is still currently teaching full time at a nearby primary school. Khalia is part of the Ally Network, is a Mental Health First Aid Ambassador and instructor for the university, and has previously volunteered for Melbourne Zoo, Lions Club and Interchange Victoria. She enjoys reading, going for walks with her dog Samson, has a passion for travel and a does little bit of art and craft every now and then.

Having been a resident, Khalia understands how living on campus can improve the student experience and enjoys assisting and guiding student leaders and residents at Richardson Hall and Monash Residential Services to reach their full potential. She is looking forward to working with her Residential Support Team to meet challenges, provide opportunities and build and maintain a community that is both vibrant and social, rewarding and a comfortable home away from home.

Troy McGeeTroy McGee - Deputy College Head, Richardson Hall

Troy grew up in a small town in Northern Tasmania before moving to Melbourne to start University. Since then, Troy has completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design and Honours Degree. During his degree, Troy was involved within the MRS community in a number of different leadership roles such as Resident Advisor (South East Flats) and Residential Support Assistant (Jackomos Hall).

By day, Troy is a PhD Candidate studying communication in Emergency Departments in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. Troy also gives lectures on Industrial Design, and additionally works part-time as a graphic designer within the University. By night, Troy is a fun-loving Deputy College Head who enjoys reading, sketching and cycling. Troy is a keen ambassador for the sensational city of Melbourne and is excited to contribute to the MRS community and looks forward to facing new challenges in 2018.

BreeBree Polato - Residential Support Assistant, Richardson Hall

Before embarking on her Monash journey, Bree was an animal fanatic who loved to ride motorbikes around her small rural country town of Leongatha. In 2011 Bree took up residency at Richardson Hall while studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology and Ecology & Conservation Biology. Her ultimate aim is to become a zookeeper or work at a sanctuary for sick/injured native and exotic animals. As you may have already guessed; Bree is incredibly passionate about animals, be it domesticated pets or free living wildlife. In her spare time Bree enjoys volunteering at the Melbourne Zoo, arts and crafts, video games (huge Yoshi fan), motorbike riding and making new friends.

Having been the Residential Support Assistant at Farrer Hall for a number of years, Bree is extremely excited to return to the Richardson Hall community; where her MRS Journey all began!

Cordelia Attenborough - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Cordelia was born in sunny England and has lived all over Australia, and loves all things food and travel. They are currently studying a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on gender studies. Outside of university work their passion is advocating for the LGBTQI+ community. Their background with Queer not-for-profits, mentoring, volunteering and advocacy furthered their interest and desire to make MRS a safe and equal space for Queer youth. Through being an RA and part of the Central Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being team they look forward to fostering community at Richardson and promoting all our diverse residence.

James Empiso - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

James was born in Manila, Philippines where he lived for most of his childhood until he moved to Auckland, New Zealand when he was eight years old. Whilst finishing high school in New Zealand he was intrigued by the prospect of studying overseas and decided to study at Monash University. Growing up he was very passionate about technology as well as reading and writing and decided to undertake a conjoint degree in Engineering and Arts, hoping to specialise in Mechatronics Engineering and to major in Literary Studies. Some of James’ hobbies include playing video games and social sports, listening to music, and cooking, and he is very excited to uphold the values of Richardson Hall as an RA.

Laura Gillespie - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Laura was raised in Alexandra, a rural town in North-Eastern Victoria. She loves to dance, play music, read, travel, swim and spend time with friends. Laura is in her  third year of a double degree in science and arts. She has always been interested in science and its potential to improve people’s lives, and is passionate about social justice, environmental issues and inclusiveness. Laura has thoroughly enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Richo. She hopes to ensure all residents feel supported and happy in their new home, and have plenty of opportunities to get involved in Richo life.

Kavi Hathurusinghe - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

After spending the majority of his prior schooling in Bendigo, a rural town in Victoria, Kavi moved to Monash last year. He enjoys playing sport, watching movies, snacking, and laughing with friends all year round. Progressing into his second year at Richardson Hall, Kavi hopes to help reinforce the supportive and inviting atmosphere within the hall, while hoping to make life at Richardson comfortable and exciting for all residents.

Tom McCormack - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Tom flew the coop at the beginning of 2017 to begin studying Biomedical Science at Monash. Now entering the third year of his degree and second year at Richardson Hall, Tom is an easy going person who in his down time loves to play guitar, watch The Simpsons, enjoy the company of his friends and most importantly, nap. Having thoroughly enjoyed his first year at Richardson, Tom now returns in 2019 as a Resident Advisor and aims to continue on the supportive, diverse and homely environment that Richardson is, as well as providing an exciting experience for all incoming residents!

Nic Meier - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Born in Sydney, raised in Cairns, and now living in Melbourne; Nic studies at Monash University, where he is enrolled in an Arts degree and majoring in International Relations. He has a passion for music and music production, as well as movies, reading, and video games. His vision for MRS is one of inclusiveness, friendliness, and understanding. As a Residential Advisor for Richardson Hall, Nic returns from his first year of halls residency to help further the legacy of RAs by taking up the mantle himself.

Tarryn Miles - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Tarryn was born and raised in Molong, New South Wales; a small country town near the slightly larger rural city of Orange. She has been enjoying the big city life and likes to explore the amazing food, events and culture that Melbourne is famous for. She also loves gardening, watching Netflix, taking walks around campus and spending time with her friends. She is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Science and hopes to pursue further studies in law when she is finished. Tarryn is excited to see the new residents of 2019 and hopes to help everyone have a great time while they’re here and make lifelong friends!

Georgina Myerscough - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Georgina was born and raised in the tropical weather of Darwin, Northern Territory. After a gap year in 2017, Georgina moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Nutrition Science at Monash University. Her passions include any form of food, sustainability, outdoor adventures, travelling and a good book. When at home you’ll find her by the ocean, in the pool with a mango or roaming the local markets camera in hand. Returning as a residential advisor, Georgina can’t wait to engage with all residents to build a vibrant, comfortable and safe home away from home in 2019.

Daniel Parker - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Daniel was born and raised in the NSW country town of Albury. Growing up he played a lot of sport including AFL, soccer and cricket. He moved to Melbourne to study at university and is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash. In his spare time Daniel enjoys playing guitar, going for a run and kicking a footy with mates. Daniel is hoping to continue to build on the great community that he enjoyed in his first year at Monash. He is excited to meet all new incoming residents and is looking forward to another great year at Richardson!

Sahil Shahzadpuri - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Sahil Shahzadpuri was born and raised in Hong Kong to an Indian family. Sahil identifies himself as a third-culture citizen, as he has numerous cultural identities. Sahil is studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education (Honours) at Monash University. Additionally, Sahil invests time into self studying aviation, as Sahil has a huge passion for aviation. Sahil’s passions include aviation, education, education management and fashion. Sahil has a very cheerful attitude and loves to have a good laugh whenever he can! Sahil is a firm believer that laughter and joy is a key factor to living a healthy and positive life.

Dani Stephens - Resident Advisor, Richardson Hall

Dani was born in Tassie and raised in the sunny state of Queensland, before reluctantly leaving behind the best beaches in the world to move to Monash to study a Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine. Dani spends her free time with friends, playing table tennis, playing basketball and being a die-hard Collingwood supporter. In the future she hopes to become an orthopaedic surgeon and conquer the world, among other things, and she is very excited to be a part of the 2019 Richardson RST, and is looking forward to a fun and wholesome year.

Lucy Tsuchida - Residential Advisor, Richardson Hall

Lucy was born in 1999 in South Gippsland and moved to Melbourne for school. She went to school near the beach and moved to Clayton study Science – Global Challenges. She is really passionate about people and understanding the issues which affect those around her as well as those far away. She believes it is really important to take as many opportunities offered to you and to get involved in everything. As a 2019 Resident Advisor, she hopes to create an environment at Richardson where people feel comfortable to get involved in. She is excited lead with her enthusiasm and energy.