Roberts Hall Residential Support Team

Roberts Deputy College Head - Will DuddyWill Duddy - College Head, Roberts Hall

Will grew up in the South Australian town of Mt Gambier before coming to Monash to study Chemical Engineering in 2011. Since then he has graduated from Chemical Engineering and is now pursuing a Master in Secondary Education, which he will complete in 2019.

A former resident of Howitt Hall, Will has always been passionate about the MRS community. During his extended time at MRS he has held multiple leadership roles, most recently as Deputy College Head at Jackomos Hall and now as DCH at Roberts Hall. When not occupied with work or study, Will enjoys playing and umpiring hockey for Monash University Hockey Club, going to the gym and playing board games or computer games.

Roberts Hall DCH (Acting) - Melissa NGMelissa Ng - Deputy College Head, Roberts Hall

Melissa grew up in Singapore and moved to Melbourne in 2012 to pursue her studies. In 2013, Melissa moved into MRS as a resident and has called MRS home since – she now lives here with her husband, Timothy, and son, Liam.
Having been a resident as well as a Resident Advisor, Melissa has firsthand experience of residential life, the programs and support systems that MRS has in place. Having personally benefitted from the residential program at MRS, Melissa strives to impart onto current and future residents the same inclusive, social, and respectful experience she has experienced.
Outside of MRS, Melissa works as a lawyer in general practice and enjoys exploring the outdoors, travelling, and spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking.

Olivia Brunskill - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Olivia is from a small country town in Victoria called Cobram. She made the move to Melbourne in 2018 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Science and is in her second year. In her spare time, Olivia likes going to the beach, being active, socialising, watching movies and reading. She also likes getting involved with sporting activities and competitions at Roberts Hall. Olivia will be a Sports RA at Roberts in 2019 along with Jack and Keshav. She is super excited about getting to organise sport-based fun events and activities. Olivia is looking forward to the year ahead and hopes you are too!

Teagan Clarke - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Teagan is in her second year of studying science with a major in astrophysics. She was born and grew up in the regional Victorian town of Bendigo. Teagan enjoys training karate which she has been passionate about for over ten years and also loves participating in outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Teagan’s favourite animal is an owl, but she has a huge appreciation for all wildlife and the natural world. Teagan has absolutely loved her time at Roberts so far and is very excited to be an RA in 2019. Teagan will be taking on the environment portfolio and is keen to encourage Roberts residents to become more environmentally conscious.

Zoe Dowling - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Zoe Dowling will be in 2nd year studying Arts/Science at Monash in 2019, majoring in Physiology and International Studies/Human Rights. She moved from Hobart at the start of 2018 after having a gap year and travelling through Oceania, Europe and Asia. Zoe loves being outdoors, going to music festivals, travelling, trail running, having a laugh with mates and getting down for a good boogie. She is super excited to be an RA for 2019 and can’t wait to help as much as she can, help support new residents and meet heaps of cool new people.

Emily Green - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Originally from the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Emily moved to Melbourne last year. She is currently in her second year of Medicine and loving it. Emily has a love for dance, which led her to join the Monash Cheer and Dance club in 2018 where she was fortunate enough to represent Australia at the inaugural World University Cheerleading Championships! This year she will be working with Sushant as the Stairway 1 RAs and will also be one of the Community Potfolio RAs along with Zoë. Emily is excited to welcome both new and returning residents to the Roberts community in 2019 and is up for a chat at anytime!

Sushant Powar - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Sushant hails from Kolhapur, one of the historic cities of India, and is currently in his fifth year of Mechanical Engineering. Sushant moved to Melbourne in 2018 and believes that moving to Roberts is one of the main things that allowed him to fully embrace his new environment. The chance to establish new friendships now and in the future has been key to truly enjoying his time here in Australia. Sushant loves watching cricket in his spare time, chatting with friends and being involved in social events on campus. He is incredibly excited to work alongside Morgan as Academic RA.

Meg Ruyters - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Meg is from Traralgon, a rural town in South Eastern Victoria. She is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Science, majoring in Psychology. In her spare time, Meg loves to play soccer, read and spend time with her friends. She is super excited to be taking on the ResComm Portfolio for Roberts Hall in 2019 and looks forward to welcoming every new face into the Roberts community!

Morgan Rycroft - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Morgan is a third-year student, studying Engineering and Finance. He moved into Roberts halfway through 2017 and originally comes from Christchurch, New Zealand. He relocated to Melbourne to attend Monash University. Apart from spending his time studying, Morgan spends his free time playing badminton, tennis, or working out at the gym. Having been an RA for 2018, he will stay on for one semester more in 2019, as he is planning on going on exchange to Canada in second semester. He will be one of two academic RAs in Roberts and the only RA in stairway 7.

Keshav Seshandri - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Keshav hails from Bangalore, a city in India and he is currently in his second year of his Engineering degree, specializing in Software Engineering. He loves playing soccer; in fact, you can find him on the field on most days of the week. He also loves a good session of Call of Duty and will always be down for a game, at any time of the day. Keshav is one of the Sports RAs, along with Jack and Olivia, and is excited to organize and be a part of the sport activities along with the new residents.

Jack Slater - Resident Advisor, Roberts Hall

Jack is a 4th year engineering and science student, specialising in Mechanical Engineering and majoring in Physiology. He was born in Kalgoorlie WA, and has spent his entire life moving from place to place, from New Zealand, to Canada, to a small island of the coast of the Northern Territory called Groote Eylandt. His family currently lives in Tasmania and he frequently goes home to enjoy hiking and camping. Jack has lived at Roberts hall for 3 years, and has loved every second of it. He loves meeting new people and is determined to provide the residents of Roberts with a memorable year, where they feel at home and supported.