South East Flats Residential Support Team

SEF College Head - SimonSimon Kupec - College Head, South East Flats

Simon grew up in Glenelg, a coastal suburb of Adelaide. After obtaining an Honours Degree in Law from the University of Adelaide, and following his admission as barrister and solicitor in 2008, Simon tried his hand at a range of legal roles before finding a niche in the criminal investigations field.

In mid-2018, he relocated states to join the Monash community as manager of the Safer Community Unit. Through this role, and despite his relatively short time at Monash, Simon has developed a passion for enriching and strengthening the Monash community.

He is an avid cyclist, hiker, kayaker, climber and traveller. Being new to Victoria, in his spare time Simon enjoys seeing and experiencing all this state has to offer (including the novelty of snow in winter). He enjoys coffee, and appreciates having 46 coffee outlets to choose from on campus (fact!).

Simon is thrilled to be leading the residential support team at SEF, and is excited to get to know each of his residents. He is proud to be part of a remarkable three-tier community—Monash, MRS and SEF—that is renowned for its vibrancy, warmth, inclusiveness and support. Together with the other members of the residential support team, Simon looks forward to guiding SEF residents in achieving their personal and academic goals, and to making 2019 their best and most memorable year yet.

Amalia Cantillon South East Flats Deputy College HeadAmalia Cantillon - Deputy College Head, South East Flats

Originally from Tasmania, Amalia lived in Gippsland before moving to Monash in 2015. She is currently completing her Masters in Architecture (at Caulfield campus), and will be taking a partial intermission during 2019 to work at Monash Residential Services as Project Coordinator. She plans to further her studies; focusing on Management, Sustainability and Leadership, and hopes that this will bring her a step closer to her goal of eventually working as a project or construction manager. Her hobbies include: travelling, playing sport and she is particularly passionate about swimming.

Amalia first lived in Howitt Hall, before relocating to Turner hall in 2016 to become a Resident Advisor, holding a Community and Events portfolio. In 2017 she moved back to Howitt to continue the same portfolio. In 2018 she then moved to South East Flats as the Residential Support Assistant. Amalia holds a strong passion for community engagement and has loved her experience at Monash Residential Services so far. She is thrilled to take on the role of Deputy College Head at South East Flats for 2019.

Rishav Chakraborty - Resident Advisor, South East Flats

Rishav is from Gurgaon, a small city in India. He is in the third year of a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Economics and Marketing and has lived his entire university life at Briggs Hall. Rishav has relocated to South East Flats for a new experience in 2019. He can often be found playing pool or table-tennis, binge-watching movies or in the gym, and would be more than happy if you joined him. Rishav is looking forward to contributing to the South East Flat community through his rich experience as an international student and is excited to be a part of such a friendly and inclusive community!

Mitchell Eves - Resident Advisor, South East Flats

Born in Campbelltown, New South Wales; Mitchell moved to Hong Kong when he was just one month old and lived there until he was 18. At which point he came back to Australia to study Science at Monash University. This will be his third year at both Monash and South East Flats. Mitchell can often be seen wearing an assortment of different ‘joke shirts’ and in his free time likes to play Pokémon go and other games. He is looking forward to meeting all the new residents in 2019.

Adelaide Hutchins - Resident Advisor, South East Flats

Adelaide was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when she was ten years old. She then lived in rural Western Australia, before moving to Melbourne in 2017. She is in her third year of a double degree in Law and Arts, majoring in International Relations. She spent her first two years at Richardson Hall and has now transferred to South East Flats to experience a different community and learn new things. She is passionate about advocating for social justice, and a fair go for people of all backgrounds. As a Central RA, Adelaide hopes to promote an inclusive and caring community through the Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing committee.

Glyn Kendall - Resident Advisor, South East Flats

Glyn is from an old gold mining town called Ballarat in regional Victoria. He is currently in his third year of an Engineering and Science double degree, specialising in Software Engineering and majoring in Computational Science. Having spent the last two years living on campus at Roberts Hall, Glyn is excited to join the South East Flats community as an RA. An avid hockey player, Glyn has played for both Monash and his home town state league side; WestVic. When he isn’t playing hockey, he is most likely on the field umpiring, studying or at the gym.

Nick Lawson - Resident Advisor, South East Flats

Nick is originally from a small beach town on the South-Eastern coast of Victoria. He left paradise for Clayton in 2018 to pursue his career goals at Monash. This year he will be commencing his second year in a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) – Global Challenges. It will also be his second year at South East Flats. Nick had an amazing experience at South East Flats in 2018 and hopes that he and the other RAs can ensure that 2019 is just as good or even better! He can’t wait to meet you all and to introduce you to the inclusive community that is South East Flats.

Sarmad Nikakhter - Resident Advisor, South East Flats

Born near the Himalayan mountains in the North of Pakistan, Sarmad moved to a small country called Botswana located in Southern Africa when he was 5 years old. It was here that he developed his love for music and dance as well as a passion for sports, languages and exploring wildlife. He moved to Melbourne in 2018 to study a Bachelor of Secondary Education/Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics. Having enjoyed his time living at MRS he now returns with the hopes of engaging with everyone and creating a warm, homely environment for all the residents at South East Flats.

Harriet Young - Resident Advisor, South East Flats

Harriet grew up in regional Victoria, about 150 km from Melbourne. She finished high school in 2017 and started her double degree in Science and Arts the year after. She majors in Genetics and French. This is her second year at South East Flats and her first year as a Resident Advisor. Harriet loves seeing movies and going to concerts, even though she can’t see over the crowd. When she isn't busy studying, Harriet spends her free time cooking and visiting new places in Melbourne. She is very excited to meet everyone and looks forward to running plenty of new events at South East Flats!