Turner Hall Residential Support Team

Param ArtputhanathanParam Artputhanathan - College Head, Turner Hall

After graduating from Monash University, Param decided to stay on in Australia and work in the Higher Education sector where he had previously been active as a student representative and the chairperson of a not for profit that provided student services. After spending a few years in the private sector,  Param joined Monash Residential Services as a member of the Residential Support Team and is now a member of the admissions team at the Residential Village.

Param loves to take long drives and overseas trips with his wife when he's on vacation. During his shorter breaks he would either be trying out a new restaurant, doing some gardening or playing games on his playstation.

Nabila Prata Dos SantosNabila Prata Dos Santos - Deputy College Head, Turner Hall

Nabila is originally from Rio in Brazil and moved to Melbourne in 2012 to begin studying her Bachelor of Laws at Monash. She previously lived in Jackomos Hall for the duration of her studies for 5 years and she loved the Hall spirit more with each passing year. To show her dedication to the community she became a Residential Advisor for a year and a half and then went on to become a Residential Support Assistant for over two years.

She is now thrilled to be the new Deputy College Head at Turner Hall. The role of DCH at Turner provides the perfect opportunity for Nabila to follow her passion and continue to create a fun, inclusive and supportive culture within the hall in order for residents to feel comfortable and at home, away from home.

Nabila is passionate about her law degree and will be undertaking practical legal training this year. She hopes to practice as a solicitor in Melbourne once admitted.

As someone who loves to travel, Nabila has always felt as if she has been a child of the world – born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Brazil and Bahrain, studied in England and then moving to Australia makes her a very international student.

In her free time Nabila enjoys running, horse riding, skiing and reading Jodie Picoult novels. She is extremely excited to contribute further to the Monash community and is looking forward to the coming year.

Turner RSA - MegLaura Gillespie - Residential Support Assistant, Turner Hall

Laura is a third year Science and Arts student, majoring in Mathematics and International Relations. She is originally from Alexandra, in north-eastern Victoria. She moved to Richardson Hall in 2017, and immediately enjoyed the supportive and welcoming environment Monash Residential Services offered. At Richardson Hall she had the wonderful opportunity to become a Residential Advisor,  working in the portfolios of ‘Health & Wellbeing’ and ‘Arts & Culture.’

Laura is extremely excited to be the Residential Support Assistant at Turner Hall. She is passionate about building an inclusive, supportive and respectful environment, and believes that being RSA provides the perfect opportunity to foster these values. She is looking forward to meeting all Turner residents, and helping them to feel at home.

Outside of University life, Laura enjoys travelling, reading and being involved in dance performances. She has been taking dance classes for over 15 years, and has road tripped around Australia including from Melbourne to Darwin. She is also passionate about social justice and environmental issues.

Anshul Ahluwalia - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

All the way from India, Anshul is in his second year of Masters of Data Science and is excited to join the Residential Support Team at Turner. Apart from maneuvering data to make a living, Anshul likes brushing up on his table tennis and snooker skills in the games room. You may also find him playing some really good indie/alternative music now and then. Feel free to talk to him about music and cinematography, the guy loves it. He also enjoys playing soccer with fellow residents and is looking forward to doing more of it this coming year. For his love of travelling and exploring small towns, Anshul has covered a fair bit places in and around Melbourne in the last year and he absolutely loves the place. Always up for a chat, he is really excited to welcome you all at Turner and looks forward to having a great time together.

Ross Buonomo - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Ross is a third year science student majoring in genetics and minoring in molecular biology. He is originally from the regional town Shepparton, he moved to Clayton in 2017 to start studying at Monash University and finally to Turner Hall in 2018. Ross enjoys playing video games and enjoys playing sports such as table tennis and badminton. You can also usually find him in the common room probably too late into the night hanging out with other residents. In 2019, Ross will be returning to Turner Hall as a Residential Advisor and is excited to meet new residents and to help them settle into a new environment.

Liesl Bramberger - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Liesl is a third-year Science student from a very small town in Northern Victoria. She thoroughly enjoys both Microbiology and Immunology. She has lived at Turner for two years now, and is looking forward to her new role as RA in 2019. In her spare time, Liesl enjoys reading books and watching TV shows. She is a Hufflepuff (and proud) and so she is a bit quiet to begin with, but will soon warm up to new people. One of Liesl’s passions is traveling, and one of the next places on her list includes Egypt due to her interest in history. She also loves dogs and spending time with friends.

Rae Bridges - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Rae was born in the UK and moved to Bundaberg, Queensland in 2010. She continued the pattern of moving long distances from home when she moved to Monash to study Psychology at the start of 2018. Turner Hall has been her home away from home while she studies, and her parents travel Australia. In her free time Rae enjoys singing, drawing, and reading. She can often be found in the common room and is always around for a chat. She is very excited for 2019 to continue to develop the Turner Hall community, and to welcome new residents.

George Coe - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

George grew up in the Tasmanian town of Launceston and moved to Turner Hall in 2018 in order to study Engineering and Science. He enjoys playing the trumpet, orchestral and jazz music and have interests in science and mathematics but enjoy learning new things in all areas. While He is no master chef, he does like to try and cook interesting and delicious foods and enjoy running. In addition to this George is always up for a chat and hopes to make Turner Hall the best it can be in 2019!

Hannah DeBhur - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Hannah, often mistaken for Beyoncé, was born in America but grew-up in the land of raspberry drops, aka Ballarat. This will be her second year studying Industrial Design, planning to Master in Environment & Sustainability as sustainable design is her passion. Hannah has a range of interests; she dabbles in stand-up comedy, loves playing sport (umpiring footy, volleyball and futsal), eating vegan food and busting a move on the dancefloor! Hannah loved being a Turner Tiger last year and is keen to continue this year as an RA - hoping get to know as many tigers as possible.

Liam Dempsey - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Liam is a second-year Bachelor of Arts student from nearby Geelong, majoring in Japanese Studies with a minor in International Studies due to his love of Japan and politics. He plans on completing a Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies after finishing his Bachelor's. Above all else, Liam is an all-round nerd and is devoted to many areas of popular culture including movies, video games, anime, manga, and more. He is always down for a geeky chat and is well-versed in giving recommendations. In pursuing this passion, Liam is also an editor-in-chief, writer, and social media coordinator at MyAnimeList.net, the world's largest anime database and community. Liam is eager to do his part in keeping Turner Hall's vibrant spirit alive and is ready to work hard to ensure every resident's stay is the best it can possibly be.

Jasmine Elliot - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Jasmine followed her passion for making a difference to her birth state, Victoria, in 2018 after living in rural Northern Territory and Queensland.  Currently in her second year of medicine (and chasing down existential crises in a Diploma of Liberal Arts - Philosophy). She is also passionate about music, politics, volunteering and learning more about the world around her. When she's not busy studying, you can find Jasmine playing music, watching the ABC or 'procrastibaking.' As Turner Rescomm rep and academic RA, she hopes to contribute to Turner's welcoming atmosphere and engage her residents in university life!

Chelsea Giofrelle - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Chelsea is 19 years old and grew up in the small regional town of Robinvale, Victoria. She is currently in her second year of a double degree in Science/Computer Science and hopes to become a bioinformatician to research genetic diseases. Chelsea loves video games, movies, and reading, but particularly enjoys the Legend of Zelda series and Marvel films. She will rarely say no to an invitation to hang out, whether it’s a trip to Macca’s or just relaxing in the hall. She can often be found studying or chatting in the common room or a wing kitchen, so if you see her don’t be afraid to say hello. Chelsea is excited to be a Residential Advisor for Turner Hall, and is looking forward to having a great year with both new and returning residents.

Shea McNaughton - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Shea is from the country town of Tatura (about half an hour out of Shepparton), in Victoria, and is currently in her second year of a commerce and actuarial science double degree, majoring in accounting and minoring in finance. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, as documented on the many photos around her room. She also enjoys playing futsal as part of the Turner group that regularly plays against others on the field outside the hall. She is very keen to meet the new faces at Turner and enjoy another good year with the amazing community that exists within Turner Hall.

Drew Murphy - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Drew is a second year Arts student majoring in International Relations and Criminology, originating from Thorpdale in Gipplsand. He enjoys all forms of sport, particularly soccer as an avid FC Barcelona and Melbourne City FC fan. Drew enjoys playing sport, involving himself in social soccer and netball, and playing video games with his friends. He is excited to meet his new residents, and use his passion of sport to build social cohesion and fun within Turner Hall

Isabella Somerville - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Originally from Bendigo Isabella loves living in Melbourne and in the vibrant Monash Residential community! Isabella is in her third year of a double degree in Fine Arts and Psychology. She is passionate about all things creative and supporting the LGBTQIA community. In her spare time you can find her hiking, making sculptures and finding all the dogs on campus. Isabella is excited to welcome new and returning residents for a wonderful 2019 into their inclusive and diverse home.

Kelsey Thompson - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Kelsey was born and raised in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia on a farm and graduated from high school in 2017. She will be commencing her second year of Primary Education and Arts, majoring in literary studies and minoring in behavioural studies in 2019. When she’s not socialising with other residents, Kelsey can often be found outside playing netball or futsal. Kelsey is also well known for her obsession with finding the perfect cup of coffee. Kelsey is keen to commence her second year at Turner Hall and is excited to welcome and help all the new and returning residents in 2019.

John Roberts - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

After growing up near the regional Victorian city of Shepparton, John moved to Turner Hall in 2017, where he quickly forged himself a home away from home in Melbourne. Coming into his third year of his bachelors of computer science, you will find him coding until the early hours of the morning, or if he has managed to finish all of his projects, playing board games in the common room with friends. John is very excited to return to Turner in 2019 as a full RA, where he will continue to ensure that all residents feel that Turner Hall is their home.

Nick Rogerson - Resident Advisor, Turner Hall

Nick moved from the regional town of Mildura in 2018 and is in his second year of Engineering at Monash. He grew up playing sports and video games, and he is always ready to have a chat. In his spare time, you can also find Nick watching any tv show or movie he can find on Netflix. Being his first year in Turner, Nick is looking forward to meeting every resident and hopes to ensure that they feel welcome and have a fun time in their home at Turner.