Studying at Monash gives you access to more than just a qualification – more and more employers are demanding diverse experiences from graduates and living at MRS is your doorway to a world of experiences.

Volunteer Resident Advisor, Orientation Team and Hall Society

MRS offers a range of opportunities to engage with and support our Residential Community. The common trend among all MRS volunteers is that they want to give back to the community that gave so much to them. Your RSTO will promote these opportunities at key times of the year so keep a look out and put your hand up – it will give you invaluable experience and help make MRS a better place for everyone.

Clubs and Societies

Each Monash campus has a wide range of Clubs and Societies that you can join. Not only are these a great way to connect with people with similar interests, they are all student lead and have a range of committee positions that are available each year. Being a club committee member is a great way to contribute to your hobby or interest and also gives you invaluable leadership experience.


Monash University offers a range of scholarships – it may be too late to apply for some of these this year, but it is good to keep the application dates in mind for next year. You can find a list of all Monash Scholarships here.

Through Monash Scholarships, MRS offers a range of scholarships, some to help you with the cost of living and others to encourage and develop you as a leader.

You can find out all about them here.

Career Connect

Sometimes you just need some work – Career Connect can help you with this. They have lots of useful information and can provide you with feedback on your resume and provide interview practice. Learn all about them here.


Finally, Volunteering at Monash have range of volunteering opportunities available. You can find out about them here.