Welcome new graduates

Congratulations on completing your studies at Monash University and welcome to the University’s global community of more than 400,000 alumni. We are confident that the skills and experiences you acquired at Monash will have prepared you for an exciting future.

This is a great achievement. As a graduate you continue to be an important member of Monash University.

We offer alumni a range of benefits including networking opportunities, professional development and career services. We also help you stay connected with University news and events via our Alumni eNews and regular faculty updates.

To ensure you receive this information please update your details when you move or change jobs. Visit our alumni portal and follow the instructions to activate your login. Once you are set up, you can check and confirm your contact details as well as choose your communication preferences.

Now that your have graduated from Monash, we'd love you to tell us about your experience as a student and what the future holds for you. You should have already received a letter and emails with a link to the Australian Graduate Survey and your custom login details. The information collected is extremely important to Monash. Your prompt response is much appreciated as it will help us to continue to enhance the student learning experience and employability of Monash graduates.

Find more information about our alumni program via our website.