Ian Carson, AM

Ian Carson’s SecondBite, co-founded with his wife, revolutionised Australia and created a new sector – the rescue of fresh food on a national scale. The couple was named Schwab Global Social Entrepreneur of The Year in 2015 and awarded Orders of Australia, as well as many other awards, thanks to their work.

Using a unique model, SecondBite rescues fresh food from growers, processors, markets and retailers, and provides meals to the needy. This year, the organisation will provide more than 25 million meals for the needy. Partnerships with major retailers across the country have enabled SecondBite to rescue enough food for around 90 million meals since its inception. Mr Carson raised more than $26 million for the company over a decade. Food banks and nonprofits from around the world seek advice from SecondBite as to how to scale their operations.

Mr Carson has a lifelong record of working to change society, serving as President of the State Liberal Party, being involved in Federal politics and fundraising and establishing foundations to support the disadvantaged.

As a founder of international consulting firm PPB Advisory, Mr Carson has been central in establishing offices across Australia and Singapore. The firm is engaged by leading corporations and Federal and state governments as trusted advisers on complex financial matters, governance reviews and strategy and strategy implementation. Mr Carson has led PPB through multiple mergers, driving innovation, cultural change and diversity.