Romy Katz

Motivated to make her three young children’s future a happy one, Romy Katz is a teacher and careers counselor passionate about education, children and social change.

Ms Katz taught and held other positions in a private Melbourne school before going into philanthropy, running the Education Program for Ronald McDonald House Charities. She established her family’s foundation and continues to run it.

In an attempt to fill a need in the community, Ms Katz obtained a graduate certificate in Careers Counselling and volunteered at a community center. Passionate about education, children and social change, in 2013 she was working in all areas of education and philanthropy and decided it was time to combine them.

In 2014, Ms Katz started Agents for Change, a business that runs workshops in schools with an aim to promote social action and empathy, and to help develop Australia’s future changemakers.

Ms Katz is Head of Education, Events and an advisory board member for Kids in Philanthropy. She also runs Hangout for the Homeless, the only family sleep-out that raises funds for youth homelessness. She sits on the AJF, Twelve and Thirteen, and AJAX football club boards, and is an advisor to Next Step, a young adult changemaking incubator.

Ms Katz is a licensed Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Mediator and teaches small groups of children how to become better learners.