Stevan Premutico

Stevan Premutico

Mr Stevan Premutico is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of me&u, the company behind an innovative app to order food and drinks in venues.

Growing up in a family who ran their own restaurant, a love of hospitality is in Mr Premutico’s blood and he is also one of Australia’s leading technology entrepreneurs.  Combining his deep roots and hospitality experience, with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from Monash University, he understands the transformative power of technology for good.  In 2007, in the middle of the global financial crisis, Mr Premutico jotted down the idea for online restaurant booking platform Dimmi on the back of a napkin and went on to revolutionise the Aussie restaurant industry.  Dimmi was acknowledged in the BRW Top 100 in 2014, the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 (Australia) in 2014 and the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 (Asia) in 2014.

In 2015, his first startup was acquired by one of the great tech businesses of our time, TripAdvisor.  Dimmi was the perfect text book start-up story - started in a garage, ran out of money, took on the big Goliath, won the battle, and was eventually sold to a large technology company.  But the true story is one of grit, passion and a true entrepreneurial spirit to make an impact in the world.  Mr Premutico is an entrepreneur, a passionate technology investor, sits on the board of other Australian start-ups and strongly believes that the world (and our businesses) would be in a better place if we all acted a bit more like founders and a bit less like chief executive officers.  He believes that life is short and that we should ‘do stuff that we love and stuff that makes a difference’.

Mr Premutico’s goal for a better future is unwavering and now his latest venture of me&u is set to change the way we order and pay.  The story of me&u is the story of a community working together to build a brighter future for the hospitality industry and deliver a more social guest experience.  The idea for me&u came to while Mr Premutico was standing in line at a bar.  Like the rest of us, he would rather spend more time socialising and enjoying a beer with his mates than waiting in the queue.

In December 2019, Merivale’s Justin Hemmes & Tyro threw their weight behind me&u.  He also has the support of William Easton, Cliff Rosenberg, Jason Pellegrino and Mike Abbott.  More than 500 venues have already joined the movement including Merivale, Solotel, Rockpool, The Portsea Hotel and The Opera Bar.