Gerard Gan

Gerald Gan

Mr Gerard Gan is a Consulting Director of Mulgrave Consulting Group, a strategy and advisory consulting house that operates in Asia Pacific.  He has a 20 year career spanning across Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand in both private and public sectors.  This encompassed the consulting, manufacturing, mining, construction, transport and energy industries.

Prior to forming the consultancy, Mr Gan worked as an Information Technology Director in the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and Head of Business Improvement of Auckland Transport.  He was involved with various information technology transformations that resulted in more efficient ways of engaging with government processes.  These converted state services to yield more transparent processes, better customer satisfaction, and further enhancing public confidence as well as strengthening the licence to operate for the state.  In the private sector, Mr Gan made headway with business, systems and process transformations that resulted in $20M average savings per year.  His passion to grow people and teams have also resulted in changing cultural narratives in various organisations.

Mr Gan devotes himself with mentoring and have mentored with the Monash Women in IT program, as well as in the Engineers Australia and the Project Management Institute.  During the COVID-19 lockdown, Mr Gan and his team developed the Spring Back to Work Program that connected people who had been in between roles with meaningful pro-bono consulting or groupwork.  This was aimed to ensure that people continued to hone their skills, have a sense of belonging, a sense of achievement as well as to prevent feelings of isolation.  The program also acted as a warmup for mums on maternity looking to gradually reintegrate into the workforce.

Mr Gan holds a Master of Business Systems, Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management and Bachelor of Engineering from Monash University.  Additionally, he also holds a Master of Business Administration and is a practising Chartered Professional Engineer.  In his advisory role, he continues to work towards bringing more diversity into the leadership of Australian public and private sectors.