Mr Jordan Muir

Mr Jordan Muir is the Co-founder of Aussie Farmers Direct.

More than ten years ago, Mr Muir was one of three young Australians who started a milk round in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs with a view to bringing the milkman back. At the time, Mr Muir and his colleagues William Scott and Shane Hodskiss would have had trouble believing that the business would later grow to one of Australia’s largest online food retailers that delivered Australian food staples to more than 130,000 homes across Australia each week.

Mr Muir is, in the most simple sense, a do-er; a man with an active mind who does not sit still, which is why Aussie Farmers Direct has grown so rapidly – as a business it has not sat still for a moment.

One of Muir’s key roles at Aussie Farmers Direct is to oversee the digital side of the business where he has worked to turn Aussie Farmers Direct into one of Australia’s largest online retailers.

As part of Mr Muir’s unwavering focus on customer service, he is constantly looking for information technology solutions to make customers lives easier by taking the promises of technology and applying them to everyday situations.

Mr Muir’s approach to information technology is ‘well if we’ve put a man on the moon then I think we can achieve this task’ which has seen him succeed in the online retail industry, but as Mr Muir attests ‘you can’t run an IT business without good people’.

Mr Muir brings to the Aussie Farmers Direct business an acute business nous and a down to earth authenticity that has seen him bring Australian farmers closer to the consumer in a bid to fundamentally change the way we source food in this country.

Along with his success at Aussie Farmers Direct, Mr Muir also founded an app company during the early stages of the app eco system, later selling the business to a New Zealand based publically listed company.

Most recently Mr Muir, along with the existing Get Wines management team, personally invested in Australia’s leading online wine retailer Get Wines Direct. Since applying his online retail expertise

Muir has seen Get Wines Direct customer numbers increase by more than 21% as part of a remarkable growth period for the 13-year-old pioneering online business.

Mr Muir graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing.