We Met at Monash

Across the Monash University alumni community, graduates tell stories of friendships, romances or business collaborations sparked during their Monash study days. How has your Monash connection changed your life? Read about alumni who met at Monash and went on to form relationships that have continued beyond their study days.

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Image of a woman and man
Priscila Edhita Gouw and Jonathan Kairupan

Priscila Edhita Gouw (BBus(Acc) 2005, MAppFin 2007) and Jonathan Kairupan (BIS 2005, MIT(MinorThesis) 2007)

They couldn't be any more different. Priscila thrived living in the city while Jonathan was content with the suburbs. One learned to balance numbers while the other developed computer programs.

One loved playing the piano and shopping with friends while the other collected comic books and bought a digital SLR. One enjoyed sushi takeaway at Uzu while the other devoured Seng Hing dishes.  But Priscila and Jonathan both happened to take classes in Caulfield campus.

In 2004 they met at a student club both were involved in, and began a relationship in 2005.

While they loved to hang out at Starbucks and go to movies, a relationship between a business student and a research student meant both spent much of their time together in the library and several times stayed late in any one of the many 24-hour postgraduate lounges spread across the campus.

They're now married and blessed with two daughters (2009 and 2011). Jonathan works in IT, beginning in analytics consulting and later focusing on project management and operations.

Priscila enjoyed a few years as a full-time wife and mother before returning as a corporate financial analyst.  Jonathan is now an Indonesian global contact for Monash Alumni and wishes to listen to great stories from his fellow graduates.

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Kristie Kou Ee-Wen and Tan Youg Lee

Kristie Kou Ee-Wen (BA(Comms) 2003) and Tan Youg Lee (James) (BComp 2003)

"James was spending his last semester there when I first stepped into Gippy (Monash Gippsland) in 2002, as we fondly remember that place as. I moved into westhouse 35 and was all ready to spend a year at a new place and to start making new friends! James moved in shortly after I did next to my room - we were housemates to begin with.

"We instantly clicked when we first spoke to each other, and from then on we often looked forward to seeing each other after classes. We would drive to Morwell and Traralgon together for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, dinner, supper - any excuse to be able to spend time with each other!

"We explored the vicinity near us and just love Gippy, a small town it is, but full of vitality and beautiful nature! The occasional passing of kangaroos outside the place we lived made us love our experience living there more than ever.

"We met in 2002 and it's been over 8 years and we never forget how we first met. We have a beautiful boy now named Jayden and he is 2.5 years old! We would love to bring our boy to where we first met and share the beautiful place and moments with him."

David (BSc(Hons) 1977, DipEd 1978) and Wendy (BSc 1975) Lloyd

David and Wendy Lloyd have shared an appreciation of wine since they met as Monash students. "We didn't have any money but we used to enjoy drinking wine, and David started a wine-tasting club at Monash when he was a student," Wendy said. After they married, the couple experimented by making their own wine. In 1980, they obtained a liquor licence to sell the wine they produced as 'garagistes' – a French term that describes small, often exclusive, backyard wine producers.

During the 80s, Wendy worked as a teacher while David divided his time between teaching and wine industry consulting. In 1995, they moved from the backyard to the country when they bought eight acres of vines on 20 acres of land at Red Hill on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Eldridge Estate was run down when the Lloyds bought it, but it is now internationally recognised and renowned for its excellent pinot noir. Read more about David and Wendy

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Alexander Richard Olls and Kelly Hawkins

Alexander Richard Olls (BA 2010) and Kelly Hawkins (BA 2010, BA(Hons) 2011)

"Alex and I met at university and were friends through most of it. In my third year I had a horrible break up with a guy. I felt so lost, alone and just plain sad all the time.

"During that time I was invited to a wedding and there was no way in hell that I would be going alone. So I called the only guy I felt I could trust and that was Alex.

"Thankfully, I didn’t need to ask him twice. That night he was such a gentleman and I enjoyed every moment with him. As the evening continued we fell for each other even though I refused to admit it.

"He asked me out and still a little shaken about starting another relationship, I said no. He continued to ask me out for two months. Finally, I said yes and I have not regretted it since."

Shane Jackson (MBBS(Hons) 2010 and Emma Gleadhill (BA(Hons) 2011, BVA 2011)

"Emma and I met in the most romantic of circumstances - at an O-Week party at the Nott! I had previously met some of her friends during Host Scheme camp, and they brought her along on the night and introduced me. Clearly it was love at first sight, because we're still together and are celebrating five years together in two weeks time!"

Image of a man and woman at their wedding
Patrick and Stacey on their wedding day. Photographer: Sean Callinan

Patrick McCormick (BA 2008, BSc 2008, BSc(Hons) 2008) and Stacey Parkinson (BSc 2008, BSc(Hons) 2008)

Stacey and Patrick met on Ecology Camp in February 2003. Stacey was just starting second year, and Patrick was into his third year. Stacey first noticed Patrick when he kept continually asking lecturers questions before lunch.

Patrick tried to convince Stacey to sleep on the trampoline under the stars – a romantic gesture but Stacey did not take the hint.

From passing notes and chatting at university over the year, Stacey and Pat only saw each other infrequently by the end of 2003. It was with the next uni camp, marine biology at Queenscliff in early 2004 that they became closer.

They began to hang out more, and Patrick considered asking Stacey out but didn’t want to wreck the friendship. It was on their third uni camp, an Australian Vegetation trip to Dunkeld in the Grampians that they first kissed – on 14 April 2004. They were married on 5 March 2010.

Dagmar Wemmering (BPrimEd 2008) and staff member Dr Amy Cutter-MacKenzie

"I graduated from Monash Frankston (Penninsula campus) as a Primary Teacher. While I was there I formed a friendship with Amy Cutter MacKenzie. As I felt that students needed to spend more time in the classroom I contacted Amy and we have been able to coordinate students to come out to our school, Red Hill Consolidated. The students from Monash were able to take Grade 6 and 4 children through a series of lessons about the importance and value of our environment. They did this through discussion and fun activities.

"Whilst I was a Grade 6 teacher, I was on a coastal camp with my students, which was the same time as Monash students were on camp at the same place. Fortunately we were again able to coordinate some fantastic marine and coastal activities with the help of Amy and Harry Briedahl. We will continue to use Monash students in our school as I feel university students need more face to face contact with children and it is great to my students to be exposed to a variety of different learning styles.

"I have also been encouraged by Amy and Harry to further my studies, which I plan to."

Image of married couple
Michael and Aimee on their wedding day at Monash Clayton.

Michael Grace (BSc 2007) and Aimee Grace (nee Walters) (BSc 2007)

"I met Michael in some student accommodation just before O-week in my first year (2004).

"We found out we were both doing a science degree and had half our classes together, which made for lots of time studying together.

"I also joined one of the clubs on campus, 'Student Life' because Michael was involved; thus more time to spend together.

"We were dating by Easter that year and then got married at the Monash Clayton Religious Centre while we were still studying, in January 2006.

"We now have two beautiful children and are so glad God brought us together at Monash!"