Mr Daniel McKenna

Mr Dan McKenna was a member of Monash University’s inaugural Architecture class in 2008. During his time at the University, he travelled overseas with the university and participated in an award-winning design studio that travelled across regional Victoria. He has has maintained close ties with the University since graduation, taking up various teaching roles with a focus on sustainability and visual communication.

Mr McKenna began his professional career with Breathe Architecture, a design practice with a strong focus on sustainable urbanisation. There he led a range of projects across the country, winning multiple awards, including the 2016 NSW Australian Institute of Architecture Award for Residential Architecture (Alterations and Additions) for his Double Life House. He also initiated the groundbreaking Commons and Nightingale 1 housing projects.

Mr McKenna was an instrumental part of the team that delivered Nightingale 1, which has accrued numerous awards over the past year. Most notably, the project received a Premier’s Design Award, the Victorian Institute of Architects’ awards for sustainability and multi-residential architecture, and national awards for sustainable architecture and residential architecture (multiple housing).

The Nightingale model aims to lead a much-needed housing revolution in our cities by providing multi-residential buildings that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. All Nightingale buildings are carbon neutral in operations, built with full financial transparency, and are sold at cost to owner-occupiers via an open ballot system. Nightingale focuses on creating housing not driven by profit, but driven by the needs of residents.

Mr McKenna joined the newly founded Nightingale Housing team in 2017, and leads all new project inception. Part of his role is to work closely with project architects, helping them deliver carbon neutral housing below market rate. He also works closely with development managers to rebuild financial models, enabling significant savings to be passed on to purchasers.

He has had work published in various publications across Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Japan. He holds a Bachelor of Architectural Design, and Masters of Architecture, both from Monash.

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