Ms Regina Levine

Ms Regina Levine, originally born in the USSR, immigrating to Australia in 1980 as a refugee, is a proud Australian entrepreneur, technology and design specialist, philanthropist and lover of the Arts.

She studied a Bachelor of Business Information Systems at Monash University with a scholarship, and after graduating in 1992, Ms Levine spent over 15 years in SAP IT Consulting and Project Management to Corporates both directly and through leading IT consultancies such as Accenture, PWC, CSC and SAP. She has worked in global team leadership roles on major projects both in Australia and overseas.

She is currently the Co-Founder of ‘ImpactPay’, a social venture Fintech start-up developing a technology platform and smart digital wallet payment solution which through the collective power of micro-giving; enables Australians to support the causes of their choosing with each payment or transaction, using a world-first debit card. Applying her strong skillset in both IT and design, and seeking to innovate through technology, this venture serves to revolutionise and drive real social change to ‘Tap & Give’ with each transaction.

Outside of IT, her reputation for adopting a project management, problem-solving approach, accompanied by a creative nature, has culminated in a long history of Property Development and Interior Design projects.

In addition to her business activities, which are at the core of social enterprise, Ms Levine is also immersed in a range of other philanthropic projects. She is a Board member of the Australian Ballet Ambassador program where she works closely with the management and leadership team along with other board members, focused on growing the passion and continued following of The Australian Ballet.

Now, a wife and mother of three children, and deeply grateful for the opportunities this country has afforded her, she is sensitive to the challenges faced by children when confronted by adversities. Being passionate about giving back, Ms. Levine is also the CEO of her family’s private ancillary fund – the Rockwell Foundation, driving projects centred around children’s wellbeing.

Ultimately, Ms Levine’s successes in all facets of life have come from her intellectual firepower, thirst for learning and her desire to find ways to help other people to achieve their own goals and ambitions.