Ms Jane Garvey

Jane grew up in Ballarat and attended school at Loreto Abbey Marys Mount. She then went on to Monash University where she studied English, History and Ancient History before becoming a teacher in both country Victoria and Melbourne.

Jane particularly enjoyed teaching english, literature, history and classical studies. She enrolled in Monash’s Master of Educational Studies after ten years of teaching and became deeply interested in issues surrounding gender in coeducation and single sex education during her work with Dr Shirley Sampson, a pioneer in writing about sex roles in education in Australia.

She taught at Canterbury Girls’ High School before she was appointed Vice Principal at Blackburn High School in 1993. In 2004 she became Principal of Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, and stayed in this role until her retirement in 2013.

Jane has a strong interest in supporting young people to realise their intellectual, educational, economic and social potential and seeing them take on leadership roles in Australian society. She began working with students in leadership roles whilst at Canterbury Girls’ and enjoys seeing young people develop confidence and a strong moral compass to guide them through society.

As a school principal, Jane valued opportunities to visit schools around the world, travelling with colleagues to the United Kingdom, Finland, South Africa and the United States.

Since retiring, she has travelled extensively with her husband, indulging in photography as part of the experience. She enjoys cooking for family and friends and dabbling in woodwork and painting.