Support for those affected by Afghan crisis

Monash University offers its support to students, staff, alumni and the wider community affected by the extremely concerning crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.  In particular we acknowledge and appreciate the fears and concerns of our students and staff from Afghanistan and those with family and friends in the country.  We are concerned with them for the safety and security of the people in Afghanistan and for the human rights of Afghan citizens.

Monash University supports the freedom and rights of all scholars and students, irrespective of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race and religion.

We are contacting our Afghan students to determine what further support we can provide at this difficult time.

We ask the Australian Government to provide emergency evacuation and humanitarian protection for those at the gravest risk because of their known association with Australia and like nations, and for their public advocacy and education in the support of human rights. We also call on the government to offer Afghan students in Australia permanent protection.

We understand many in our community will be affected by this crisis, and we remind staff and students that University counselling services are available.

To our students and staff affected by this crisis, the Monash community is here to support you.

Students - whether you need mental health support, support accessing and maintaining your studies, or financial assistance, please contact Monash Connect.

You can also access support through these sources:

Staff can contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) on 1300 360 364, or University counselling services on (03) 9905 3020.