Advance Awards 2020

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Congratulations to alumnus, Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk, who was awarded the Sustainability Award at the 2020 Advance Awards.

Dr Kolodziejczyk is Chief Scientist at Fortescue Metals Group Ltd./Managing Director of Scientists in Residence Ltd. His work addresses health, energy and climate change issues by innovating new technologies.

Monash University would also like to acknowledge the six other alumni who were finalists this year, across several different categories.

About the awards

The Advance Awards recognise the work of remarkable Australians making an extraordinary impact on the global stage in industry sectors that are of particular importance to Australia. The Awards are the only of their kind to recognise the contributions of the one million Australians living abroad, and those who have returned home.

This year 37 Australians were finalists across 12 categories, with seven being Monash alumni.

Yasmin Allen, Chair at Advance said: “It’s critical that our expatriate community remains strongly connected to Australia while they live and work overseas. The Advance Awards shine a spotlight on these high achievers and provide a wonderful opportunity to share their important work with all Australians.

“Sharing the stories of our global Australians at the cutting edge of their chosen field, gives us all hope. It reminds us that Australians can and will continue to lead, with the determination and imagination needed to solve global problems and create inspiring new opportunities.”