Meet Dr Sylvia Yazid

Dr Sylvia Yazid

I have always had a passion and research interest in policy analysis, human rights, democratisation, labour migration, actor analysis and NGOs. Throughout my career these interests have driven my involvement in speaking at seminars, participating and speaking in focus group discussions conducted by governmental and non-governmental institutions, and writing articles in mass media.

As a result of the outstanding education I received at Monash, I’ve been able to do what I enjoy doing most, and that is lecturing at Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia. My work also encompasses research at the Parahyangan Centre for International Studies.

Originally, I completed my bachelor’s degree in political science through the Department of International Relations – part of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences – at Parahyangan Catholic University in 1998. From there, I gained my master’s degree in public policy and management from the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University in 2003. Following that, in 2011 I undertook a PhD at the Monash Faculty of Arts’ School of Political and Social Inquiry.

The advanced and critical thinking-led education I received at Monash positioned me favourably in the international market, and in 2017 I was privileged to receive an Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) from the Australian government. My proposal was about the economic and social empowerment of women domestic violence survivors.

My team of researchers conducted financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshops targeting domestic violence survivors in Majalaya, in Bandung district, West Java. We trained women from four villages at the local community post called Bale Istri, which means a shelter for wives. The training, funded by the Alumni Grant Scheme, was conducted by the SAPA Institute in cooperation with the Center of Excellence – Small and Medium Enterprises Development at Parahyangan Catholic University, where I also work as a lecturer.

The purpose of this training was to provide leadership skills and foster young women entrepreneurs. Our work is impactful and sustainable, and we’re building their confidence to become socially and economically empowered.

It’s incredibly rewarding to see the positive and lasting change in these young women – especially young mothers – we’ve trained. And I’m thankful to my father, who encouraged me to start an educational journey with Monash more than 13 years ago.

My best piece of advice to young students and alumni is to enjoy all the experiences, both on and off campus. And in the workplace, always reflect on your experiences to better yourself.