Monash alumnus and redT energy CEO Scott McGregor talks about his collaboration with Monash

We met with Monash alumnus Scott McGregor, CEO of redT energy to learn about his Monash journey and what inspired his collaboration with Monash University. Officially launched last month, redT's energy storage infrastructure is one of the core components of the microgrid located within Monash’s Clayton campus. The Monash microgrid is Australia’s largest behind-the-meter commercial energy storage system and is a major part of the university’s commitment to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030.

This onsite microgrid will help Monash eliminate its dependence on coal-fired energy sources, and is versatile enough to receive and store energy from various renewable energy sources. The microgrid is permanently located on the Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building rooftop.

A Bachelor of Economics graduate, Scott’s connection to Monash has a long history and with the launch of redT energy’s world-first hybrid energy storage system, his contributions has grown into an enterprising partnership and a shared ambition to create a sustainable future.

Watch the interview to learn more about Scott’s journey and redT energy’s enterprising partnership with Monash University.

Scott and his father Warren McGregor

Scott and his father Warren McGregor