Hong Kong

The Global Leaders Group in Hong Kong believe strongly that personal circumstances should not restrict individual ambition or ability. The top priority of this small group of Hong Kong based leading alumni is to establish a new comprehensive scholarship to enable a bright but disadvantaged student from  Hong Kong to undertake a life-changing educational experience at Monash University in Melbourne.

Kristy Lin
The inaugural Hong Kong Alumni scholarship was awarded to Kristy Lin pictured here with Mr Malcolm Chin (L) and Mr Wai-Kwong Seck (R).

We thank the following donors for their generous support of the Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship:

  • Mr Sam Farrands  BEc 1987 LLB 1989
  • Mr Graham Allan BEc 1976 LLB(Hons) 1978
  • Mr Malcolm Chin BCom 1996 LLB 1997
  • Mr Danny Chung MBA 1994
  • Ms Geraldine Johns-Putra BEc 1995 LLB(Hons) 1997
  • Mr Fred Leung Ka Fai BBusSys(Hons) 1996
  • Mr Simon Mc Connell LLM 1997
  • Mr Joseph Chan Wing Cheung Bsc 1987 MEc 1989
  • Mr Beau Kuok Khoon Chen BEc 1976
  • Mr Wai-Kwong Seck BEc(Hons) 1978
  • Ms Lye Kean Seck BSc(Hons) 1979 DipEd 1980
  • Mr James Shipton LLB(hons) 1996
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Kevin Zervos SC BSc 1975 LLB 1977
  • One anonymous donor