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A founding principal of the University is to be relevant, not only to its students and staff, but also to wider society.

With that in mind, Monash University is developing a comprehensive strategy to accelerate the power of its students, researchers and alumni to have an impact on the world.

Monash Enterprise, led by newly appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor Ken Sloan, will seek to identify and implement new ways for the University to develop external partnership and engagement opportunities for maximum impact.

The University already has a significant track record of forming partnerships with industry, government and other institutional partners to support game-changing innovation, leadership and research.

Monash Enterprise will build on this success, providing an opportunity for the University to cement these partnerships and develop others that tackle known and emerging global challenges. This will require discussions with the University’s far reaching base of alumni, who can best help identify opportunities for innovation and connection.

The strategy, due out in late 2017, will also accelerate the creation of programs that will have the most tangible benefits for people, the economy and society – from ground-breaking scientific research to the commercialisation of new technologies, to political and cultural leadership across different sectors and countries.

Celebrating our alumni globally

Congratulations to the following alumni who received alumni awards this past year (and many others who were shortlisted):

  • Nicole Iseppi 
    • 2017 Lawyer Monthly Magazine, International Women In Law Awards, Global Energy Lawyer of the Year.
    • 2017 Global 100 publication, Global Energy Adviser/Lawyer of the Year.
  • Vikram Vishal 
    • 2017 Indian National Science Academy Young Scientist Award, India.
  • Jacki Robb 
    • 2016 Australia China Alumni Awards, Australian Ambassador’s Alumni Award for Women in Leadership.
  • Kimberley Cole 
    • 2016 finalist, Telstra Business Women’s Awards (Telstra Business Woman in Asia Award), Australia.
  • Fahd Pahdepi 
    • 2017 Alumni Awards (Indonesia), Outstanding Young Alumni Award.
  • Yu-jen (Jason) Hsu 
    • 2017 Australia Taiwan Alumni Awards, Australia-Taiwan Young Alumni Award.
  • Harprem Doowa 
    • 2017 Australian Alumni Awards (Thailand), Alumni Entrepreneurial Award.

Introducing Monash Talent

Monash Talent is a full-service recruitment solution for employers. As a service offered by the University, we have unrivalled access to students and graduates of one of the world’s top 100 universities, recognised specifically for the employability of its graduates.

Monash Talent’s difference is a specific focus on providing high-quality graduates, with flexible hiring options so employers can hire with confidence. The process is quick, simple and effective.

Monash Talent

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