A new field of vision

Professor Paul Bonnington
Professor Paul Bonnington

Researchers can examine a working brain, see how storms destroy buildings and explore mars using Monash University’s new CAVE2 hybrid reality environment.

The $1.8 million CAVE2, which is among the world’s most advanced visualisation facilities, has a circular video wall of 80 46-inch, 3-D LCD panels with an 84 million-pixel display system.

Ultra-high resolution TVscreens and surround sound combine to create mind-blowing 3-D images.

Based at the New Horizons Centre at Monash University’s Clayton campus, where Monash and CSIRO staff collaborate, CAVE2 enables researchers to view 2-D or 3-D images of any project, from medical procedures and engineering to archaeology and protein mapping.

The resolution matches human visual acuity and gives viewers extraordinary spatial awareness. They can see and manipulate images, walking through and around a subject to observe it from all angles.

The CAVE was developed at the University of Illinois Electronic Visualisation Laboratory. CAVE2 is the second and largest facility.

Since late 2013 it has helped such projects as brain research into Huntington’s disease. And the possibilities are endless.

“CAVE2 will transform the way our scientists and researchers interact with their data,” Monash eResearch Centre Director Professor Paul Bonnington said.

*CAVE2™ is a trademark of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

Visit the CAVE2 website for more information.