Monash Life 2015

Image of a group of people

Creating change

If you wander into sensiLab you would be forgiven for thinking that your favourite science fiction novel had come to life.

Image of Thom Woodroofe

Oxford diplomat

Previously a mover and shaker in youth politics, Rhodes scholar Thom Woodroofe is basically a fully fledged diplomat at 26.

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Supporting students

Monash will offer more scholarships than ever before thanks to the positive response to our Alumni Outreach Campaign.

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The art of comics

Influenced by legendary cartoonists like Tintin creator, Hergé, Bruce Mutard has forged his own successful career in comics.

Image of Sue Fennessy

In New York

Eight talented students have spent eight days in the city that never sleeps as part of the University’s first Global Discovery Program.

Image of Michael Nunan

Global focus

During his degree Michael Nunan faced a career crisis when he realised he no longer dreamed of being a community pharmacist.

Image of Sir John Monash

Monash honoured

The University’s namesake Sir John Monash has been honoured with a significant sculpture at the Monash Clayton campus.

Image of Elaine Rodrigo

The right choice

Dr Elaine Rodrigo might be an accountant today if it hadn’t been for an inspiring marketing lecture in her first week at Monash.

Image of Nghia Ho

Taking flight

Post-work activities are a welcome distraction. For Nghia Ho a passion for side projects helped him find his true calling.